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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
This blog has a new home...come join us at:

You should be automatically redirected to my new place. Please update your links. Thank you.

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BADGROOVE has a new home: You should be redirected.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Blogging it forward

I have never participated in a BLOG IT FORWARD at least not that I remember....but I understand the concept..and actually do tend to call attention to people who write entries that I like or that intrigue me, on a fairly regular basis. Since both Chris and SEB are taking part...I thought I would throw in my three cents worth.

But I just thought of something...There are some bloggers who I recently started reading...but have not made it to my Favorites list yet...only because of that major change here at badgroove that will be happening (very soon my friends...very very soon) I wanted to share these bloggers with you that I have stumbled upon recently and why I enjoy them:

Stupid Evil Bastard: As far as I can tell Les is not stupid nor evil...but I love his blog. He is opinionated (good) and he talks about recent events and his opinions on them. He will be making it to my favorites list as soon as possible. I lurk there daily.

Pete Beck: He shares the same opinion I do about the evil little girls who sell cookies...and is a fascinating read. Check him out and say hi from Amy @badgroove.

Yvonne: She speaks her mind and isn't bashful about it...and that is why I love reading her blog.

So there you have my three newest reads that I adore but that haven't been made it to my list of daily reads yet. ENJOY.

posted by Amy on 3/10/2004 06:28:00 PM | link

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The Difference between Men and Women?

File this under: Amy is spending too much time thinking in the bathroom at work again.

I was contemplating bathrooms today...while-surprise -I was in the one here at work and a thought came to me. Why is it ok for men to urinate standing shoulder to shoulder with other men? Do they ever not want others to see that? I realize that women aren't built to be able to perform this task standing up (at least not well)...but why don't we then- just have a line o' toilets against the wall for use...much the way urinals are? I am not saying I want this...because frankly- I would rather be enclosed in my little tomb of bathroom privacy...but what I want to know is why men DON'T desire this privacy in a public restroom? Or do you men desire it...but tough luck, you are faced with the urinals on the wall? Or perhaps were the urinals placed there to keep men from urinating on the wall in a desperate situation?

Any and all comments are more than welcome.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Leaving in a little car

Ok...I am going to try something I have seen others do:

I am going to be going on a road trip this weekend. If you would like a postcard from my journey email me your snail mail address at:


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Another Here's Your Sign Award

This one goes to the woman who tries to pass a fake million dollar bill off at a walmart. Some people really are too stupid to breath.

posted by Amy on 3/09/2004 06:50:00 PM | link

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Monday, March 08, 2004
Email Stamps...revisited

Over at Pete's, I guest-posted this past weekend THIS about a article regarding email stamps as a way to control spam.

We are having an interesting discussion/debate over it in the comments section. I am curious as to what you all think of having to buy "stamps" for email ...with the assumption that it would cut down on spam.

Update: Pete has a new post regarding this topic - and, in true Pete fashion, has done the math to help clear up the idea about spam as a marketing tool. The more that I am reading about this topic...the more I am learning. For instance, I never once considered how much (or in this case how little) email spam cost, let alone thought about the fact that it actually hinders network services as a whole. I am finding this dialogue a facinating one.

posted by Amy on 3/08/2004 06:32:00 PM | link

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Ahhhh...(that is a sigh of relief)

Today has been a hectic day...the first training session went well...and then when I came back upstairs to work...all hell had broken loose. Our authentication server decided it wanted a personal holiday. Damnation. So we all ran around about that for awhile notifying the engineering group and trying to conjole them into believing that the system was still not performing correctly besides what they wanted to believe. Then I rushed off to lunch and then back directly into training. The second session went even better than the first session...which was GREAT!!! I came back up here to find that we were still having authentication problems but the Boss was able to talk to the engineering group and get it ironed out.

It is HOT out there...whoowee type of hot. I LOVE IT!

I have been having trouble sleeping for awhile...and then it dawned on me what is going body knows that the time change is coming up and is preparing for it. This is actually my favorite time change because my body adjusts to it much easier that the one in october. My father is the same way. My mother and brother are the opposite of us. Weird huh?

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