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Friday, February 14, 2003
The Blueness continues...

I may be strangely gone for three or four days....just to let ya'll know....But I will be back soon...I promise...before I go to disneyland....hopefully.

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It's a blue day

I have been feeling blue for the last couple of days. I am not sure what it is...I might be menstral or something...or it might be the rainy weather (I live for my sun-shiney days)...but I am just overly blue. Just to forwarn all three of you who read this :)
So I watched SURVIVOR last night and I have some scathing comments. First of all...the team of men are excruciatinly too cocky...they need to be brought down several notches...luckily they lost the immunity challenge so that was a good helps, but I have never in my life heard such a group of chauvenists in my life. The girl team needs to get their arses in gear and build a structure....something so they don't sleep on the ground. They also need to incorporate the deaf girl...I think her name is Christy, a little more. They could be more aware of her disablity and make sure she understands what is going on before they just up and leave camp and leave her that is my take on the show so far.
I didn't get to see ER because I went to bed early, most likely due to the blue spell I am under...or maybe I was just tired from my trip to Walmart...which I hate going to be the place is the root of all things evil.

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Thursday, February 13, 2003
God Love A Duck
Don't ya just love it when you just get home and it has been a really really long day and you no sooner step your freakin' foot in the door and someone is in your face yelling at you. This happened to me last night. I come home after a long day of fun only to have it squashed before I even get completely in the house, by getting yelled at severely for things that I didn't do but should of, things I shouldn't have done but did, and things I am not even sure I should have done quite yet seeing as I still had my keys firmly gripped in hand and bad tucked up under my arm and was in the process of dragging my right foot into the door.

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Lincoln's Birthday By Golly

I took the day off mostly because my best friend had it. We decided to go see a movie and ended up seeing How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. It was a good movie...I really enjoyed it...and ended up laughing my head off at it. Ended up eating at Chevy's and it was really really good. The last time we ate there we were both just not in the mood or something and it wasn't that good....but this time it was delicious. Yummy.

Then I went to my favorite mall and bought some bras (not for me...for a get well's weird I know...but you would have to understand the situation...). Then I went and delivered the bras...they were much appreciated.

Then I watched Angel. All I have to say about that is I don't think Cordy ever came back from #1. Cordy never slept with Conner and #2 Cordy is the evil that the evil rock head beast answers too...but it really isn't Cordy...I think it's evil glorycordy is the root of all badness. Hmmm. Weird. Also saw that BIRDS of PREY is back next week. I like that show...I hope it gets picked up.

Then I watched Celebrity Mole and was vindicated in that the mole was indeed Frederique. Ha!!!! I knew it. I didn't even pick up on ANY of those stupid MOLE clues that they inject into the show was purely on guess.

Then I went home to a dog who missed me. She settled right down for her night time slumber on my bed and I decided that I watch way too much television.

PS. Thanks to the movie I saw yesterday, I have a new word stuck in my head...BULLSHIT.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Off Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will not be at work. I am taking a vacation day because my friend BFM has the day off and I would like to spend it doing something we are going to go to a movie (her choice) and dinner (my choice). I will update on thursday with what we did...

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Monday, February 10, 2003

Here are some quotes....all are from the same guess the movie:

"You may never shit again Harry."

"One minute you're pruning the plum trees, the next minute you're throwing penis' on the floor"

If you guess get...I dunno...a pat on the back or something.

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Last night, Roxy, who tends to sleep on my bed, decided last night to sleep up by my head. It was joy to wake up in the night with a paw in my neck. I think she's been getting cold at night, so tonight, I will get her another blanket and try wrapping her up in it...we'll see how long this lasts. She woke up at 2:00am and needed to get a drink and go to the bathroom but because it was windy the rustling freaked her out. So at 2:00 am she AROOOROOROOed and barked and came running into the house like her tail was lit on fire.
In other news, my brother, sister in law, best friend and myself will be heading to disneyland (I AM NOT A WENCH TESS!!!!) at the end of this month...but fear not...we are now in the midsts of planning a trip to VEGAS for the beginning of September.
Work has finally started to slow down....yippee.

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Sunday, February 09, 2003
Dinner Tonight


Yummy :)

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Conversation Overheard at Walmart

Daughter: Mom, mom, can we please get these razors? They are really good...they are the kind they use at Juvie.


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