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Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Running Outta Time

I still have so much to do today for the vacation that starts tomorrow. I have to finish packing (I'm about 1/2 done there)...I have to get my hair cut...I have to clean out the car...I have to wash the car windows so we can see...I have to go to the bank....I have to go to the post office...I have to go to my sisternlaw/brothers and pick up their luggage. I have to go to my best friends and pick up her luggage...I have more to do too but I can't think of it because I am stressed.

So far I have been told that I am not allowed to:
1. Bring any of my own cds...because my cds suck. Yet BFM who has similar tastes was told to bring as many cds as she wants. It's my freaking car.
2. I am not allowed to fart in the car (hey it is my car...shouldn't I be allowed to fart in it if I want too?) that is only two things...but is my car...I still say I should be allowed to fart or listen to my music...or fart along to my music...if I want to.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Here I am again

I am back again. I have posted two entries I wrote over the weekend but never got around to actually publishing. It is a wonderful thing to be able to do that. Am starting to feel less blue...and surprise the sun has been out more the last couple of days. Begining to think I may have SAD. Not sure though because there were other factors that made me blue...hmmm, I am not really sure.
Am getting a much needed hair cut on Wednesday. It is much needed as my current do has lost all sense of shape. I am trying to grow my hair out from a couple of years of entirely too short hair....but I need to get a trim. I am hoping I don't come away with anything like a mullet or worse. The bad thing is that I do not even know what to tell the person except that I want bangs, some shape and texture but I don't want it too short and I don't want a mullet. That is all I can say...So who knows what I will end up with. I am also trying a new stylist.
Am still looking forward to my vacation and find the time to run all the errands and complete all the tasks that I need to have done before I go on vacation. I need to finish laundry so I can finish packing, I need to clean out car as mine is the one being taken. I need to wash the car because no one wants to go on vacation in a dirty car.
Hope all my usual friends are having a good time out there.
Be sure to visit Greg's Deployment blog: Operation Away from Home.

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Sunday February 16th, 2003

Today was a lazy day. I went for a visit to my brother and sister in law. We had a lot of good talking...and planning for the vacation we will be taking to Disneyland. It will be a lot of fun.
Roxy seems to be better- although she never really acted sick, except for seeing the diahrea I can't even tell...she has never lost her appetite or her playfulness. This is a good thing I guess. I am still worried...but she seems to be getting better. I hope that this is true. She is currently, as I am writing this sound asleep in the it is fairly late.
Not much else has been happening. I am currently trying to motivate my self to pack for my vacation. This is hard however, since the washing machine has broken and I need clean laundry to put into my suitcase. Father has looked at washing machine and pronounced it dead. New one has been ordered at great expense and am now waiting for it to be delivered tomorrow.

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Saturday Feb. 15th, 2003

I am still feeling blue and it is for multiple reasons. They aren't something I really want to go into here...but suffice it to say...I know what they are.
BFM and I went to see CHICAGO today. We always like to see at least the top Oscar contender if we haven't seen it already. It was quite dazzling. The costuming was wonderous, the casting was surprising yet completely worked. I was very impressed with the singing. There was only one thing that would have made it better and that would have been if the two little old ladies behind us weren't there. They talked the whole damn time...which distracted me from time to time. Here are some samples of their conversations:

Before the movie started:
Old Lady One: I am sure glad that you saw that this movie was playing...because it was either this or Kangaroo Jack.
Old Lady Two: Well We could have seen TLOTR: Two Towers.
Old Lady One: No no you can't see that unless you have seen the first one. You haven't seen the first one.

A Few of the Random comments they made during the movie:
Why does it have to be so loud?

Oh jeez this movie was suppose to be so good, I haven't seen nothing good about it!!!

OH MY! Look at her pillows!!! (this was in reference to Queen Latifa;s rack)

Well, this was $5.50 down the drain (that is the senior price...we had to pay $9.00 each),..what a waste of money.

I don't understand what is happening.

I could go on and on, but I won't....this went on during the first 3/4ths of the which point they finally got up and left. Thank god. At least I got to watch the end without the running commentary from the old lady brigade.

I originally wanted to go to dinner at this place we spied out in Pacific Grove. It is a pizza by the time we were ready to eat I drove us on over (because Saturday is the day that BFM and I eat the dinner meal together). Unfortunately the place must be really really good because it is so small there wasn't one table left. The current patron's mocked me with their delicious looking pizza slices. Then we drove by this really good Mexican Place we've eaten at two or three times since discovering it. It was stuffed to the gills too. So then we drove back into Monterey and looked at this other pizza place...stuffed to the gills. Then to Carmel Valley to this expensive but great pizza place (we had hankering ok) and they had a 20 minute wait just for a table. So we left there and moved back to our first original place back in Pacific Grove but along the way found a different pizza place but they were closed...but across the way was a different place so we ended up eating there. It was pretty good too...and the place was pretty quiet.

Then after I went home last night I decided that I was going to watch signs. So I did and it was a little scary...especially considering that I was watching it from bed with out the protection of my fierce (not really) beagle because she was banished to the kitchen. Roxy has had the most retched diaharea since thursday...the vet prescribed her some medication, and a diet of plain rice...she is now just starting to get better today. I hope this getting better trend continues because it was starting to get a little scary. But anyway...I watched signs and the part that freaked me out is when they are in the house and it is all boarded up (so they think) and they are in the family room and they can hear the creatures on the porch moving around the house and they can see movement between the boards on the windows and they can track the movement of them around their house by the windchimes...that part was scary for me and then right after the movie was over I hit mute on my tv and suddenly I hear all these windchimes outside and we don't have must be one of the other neighbors and I didn't notice because I tend to go to sleep watching the television....and it shuts itself I probably have never really heard them before.
Right at the very end of signs- there was some screeching and yelling going on down the street (this was after the windchime fiasco)...then the zooming away of two cars...I am not sure what that was all about....but needless to say I ended up staying up much later than I intended.

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