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Friday, March 07, 2003
Crazy girl sings, crazy girl has crazy dream, recaps of Survivor and Angel, etc

***Crazy Girl Sings***
I am pretty sure that those people who see me driving along probably think I am crazy. Why? Because I tend to have my car stereo up fairly loud, and I tend to be not singing...howling along to whatever I listen to. Full on howling. Of course I would be mortified if anyone, besides the choice few I feel comfortable letting hear me, actually heard me. I am positive I would probably scare most small children and have several neighborhoods of dogs howling along with me. Yet it doesn't stop me from belting out whatever I happen to be listening to at the top of my lungs (as long as the windows are up). Even more crazy? My eclectic taste of music. I could be listening to anything from Metallica and Slaughter to Toby Keith Tim McGraw (oh come on...he's HOT), to the ONCE MORE WITH FEELING episode of Buffy to the soundtracks of CHICAGO or LES MISERABLES- to the radio stations (one country and one rock) where I even sing.

What is even worse is that my CD Player is a TOYOTA brand CD player that SUCKS bigtime because it totally skips. It started this right after (conveniently) my warranty expired. So what my tax money is going into is a rockin' soundsystem for the RAV and an alarm and possibly keyless entry. We'll see about that...I don't necessarly want Keyless brother is insisting I need it.

***Crazy Girl Has a Crazy Dream***
It was actually more of a horrific dream. But last night I dreamed it was the apocolypse and Buffy was there trying to find Angeleus and get rid of him once and for all...and Angeleus disembowled Buffy. Then, as I was dreaming mind you, I thought, oh well I guess it IS the final season of Buffy now that she is really dead. Of course it doesn't make any sense because why would a vampire disembowl it's victim? At least I didn't dream that my tire flew off my car...I have been having that dream in different incarnations all week.

Am I the only one who doesn't think that Angel is really Angeleus? I am not convinced that he is souless. I am, however, convinced that Cordy is EVIL.

Ok...can we say that this season's Survivor has me up in arms. This whole boys vs. girls thing is ridiculous. The boy's team spends a good portion of it's time thinking about the cute girls. The girl's team also spends most of its time thinking about the cute girls. And the one cute girl, Heidi...I am sooo ready for her to go. Every other word out of her mouth is about how she is one of the cute girls...and how the older girls have more fat to burn and yadda yadda yadda. It is horrible. I initially was rooting for the I am rooting for the boys.

I love doing it. LOVE it. I am working on two blankets. One is a baby blanket for a coworker that just found out she is pregnant...hopefully this will give me enough time to finish it. The other is my "charity" blanket. It is made for the Visiting Nurses, who give it to wheelchair bound people. There all that needs to be done is it needs to be approximately 28X34...the rest they don't care about. Which is cool because I can experiment with design and color.

Well...I guess that is all for now. I don't really know what I will be doing this weekend since Hearst Castle evening tours were full...I will tell you all on monday.

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Thursday, March 06, 2003
Things to look forward to

I love to have things to look forward to.

So far this year:
1. Getting my car fixed. It goes into the shop on Monday.
2. Going to visit Hearst Castle and go on the evening tour...I have tickets for March 22nd. I was hoping to go March 8th though.
3. Bon Jovi in April. I haven't seen Bon Jovi live...ever. So I am hoping the mint I paid for tickets doesn't mean disappointment.
4. Annual trip to Vegas...will either be in May or September.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2003
So what's with the quiet girl in the corner?

I have talked about this before, in my previous blog, but I feel the need to talk about (ok, write about) it again.

I grew up in a house where I received mixed messages over the validity of what I had to say. My parents (whom I both love...don't get me wrong there) may not have outright told me that my opinions didn't matter, or that what I had to say didn't count towards anything...but I felt that way. Part of it had to do with my father's need to be the center of every conversation. The other, related to that, was the fact that my father consistantly talked over me, and when your a child this makes you think that your thoughts/ideas don't matter. Around my father, this still ocassionally happens. To his credit he is getting better about it, just as I am getting better about not taking it personally when it does happen. After observing several people...I have come to two possible reasons my father does this... One being that it is a man thing...not that all men do it...but a majority do. Two that it has to do with people his age.

I believe that this caused me to internalize my thoughts instead of verbalizing them. Because of this, I tend to do a heck of a lot more listening then speaking. I think that because of this people get the wrong impression of me:

1. They think I am a snob.
2. They think I am rude.
3. They think I don't have an opinion.
4. They think I don't care or I don't have feelings.

This couldn't be farther from the truth. Those that know me well, know that I am extremely opinionated. Many people are also surprised to find out what these opinions are when they know me. I don't know why...but they are.

I also do not want people thinking I am rude or snobbish...I don't think I am. Really. I am not. Also...I do care...and I do have feelings (I am a human...not a block of ice). Take from me, the quiet girl, who often stands in the back of the room because she doesn't want attention. She doesn't want attention because she, probably feels that she doesn't deserve it...or that she may be rejected or laughed at because she is different...because I have always worried that both would happen. I am the quiet girl in the corner...who you might consider to be different.

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I am loving MAC OS X more and more. I am such a nerd.

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OK, I admit it...

I admit it fully here that I have been a bit of a grump lately. I have been. Luckily most of you people don't have to put up with me on a daily basis. I am sorry for my grumpage....and I will try my best to be of a sunnier disposition.

So the guy who hit me? Remember? Here read this to jog your memory. Well his insurance adjuster claims guy came out and looked at my car. I am a little worried because the damage doesn't look that is mostly the suspension that is the problem. Anyway...he took a whole bunch of pictures of my car from every angle possible...including inside my car...I don't understand the purpose of that- except maybe to prove that I take care or don't take care of my car. He also measured the heighth of my Rav...I don't understand what that was about's not like it's been lifted or anything they are the same size tires that have always been on it. Anyway...the guy even took a digital picture of my odometer...and it is one of those digital that means that it won't come out. He was perfectly nice about the whole thing...he wanted me to point out dents and scratches and such. I am getting it fixed so there. I mean the guy ran a red light an hit me for goodness sakes....he even admitted to it to the police, his insurance and my let's just dispense with all the bs. I just want my beautiful car to be beautiful again.

Speaking of beautiful, when I refinanced my car the stupid idiots forgot to include my personalized plates...dummies. Oh well...I had BK2RLTY but I wanted to change them now I will have normal everyday plates...until I get my new ones...BAD GRUV (for those not in the know it is a Slaughter song that I really really love).

My dear Roxy decided to become a klepto again while I was gone. She stole all kinds of stuff and tore them to bits...mainly things like socks, underwear, combs, etc. I think it was because I was gone, I really do. I dunno why because I always come back and show her special attention and such...she is such a funny little doggy. She is deathly afraid of...the ironing board. Can you believe that? Of all things to be afraid of. Also, on garbage night a box was placed in the chair to go out to the recycling and she freaked out. She doesn't like it when her environment changes too much I guess. I don't know why that is. You think that box would have excited was a mammoth sized (but empty) milk bone box. Oh well...silly dog barked and growled at it and then hit behind a chair on the opposite side of the room until it was removed.

All is well at work. Because of state budget cuts however, I will not be getting moved up from foundation to career because that would involve giving me some money as well. That sucks. They are lucky I like what I do for the most part.

1. I hope benway (whom has assisted me a lot with my blog) is feeling better.

2. I hope Tessfinds the appropriate condiments for the appropriate food.

3. I hope that you all have a great day.

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Monday, March 03, 2003
I am a goddess

Ok not really but I am damn smart. A while back I installed some software on my machine. I immediately loss the ability to read the links on Tess's Blog. I figured I could live with it though. So then, I had trouble reading my personal email on the webviewer. this sucked..but then my webviewer changed and I was able to read my email again. Then suddenly after trying to update to my stopped working. I would get this weird error message. I don't know why but this software suddenly stopped letting me post using blogger. So...I uninstalled it and have emailed the company asking them if they have any we'll see what happens...but I was frustrated for the better part of a week because of it. Damnation.

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Weird Blog Problems

As you may or may not have figured out...I have been having a problem, with what I thought was my blog. But I think it is on my webbrowser at work. Weird things happen. It started a long time ago when suddenly I could no longer read the blogroll on Tess's blog. Then I would have the occasional problem with the ocassional website. Now, suddenly on that machine I can no longer post to my blog. I do not know what the problem is...but I am tempted to save my bookmarks and reinstall my webbrowser...I wonder if it will work. I hate to do it because on my computer at work it is set up with all these different levels of permissions...and I can't remember my local admin account password but I accidently stumbled upon the uber tech password by accident. So I guess I will try it later this afternoon. We'll see if that works.
I am still driving around on my gimpy car because I can't get her into the shop until March 10th. I am going to call the rental car place though and get a rental car this weekend...they can bite me if they won't pay for the two days extra considering that I have been driving around with the fear that my tire will suddenly crumble or come off (bad suspension you know).
The stupid car accident hasn't helped with the wonderful case of the blues I have been suffering from. Gee thanks for that Mr. Blue Saturn 2LS driver. The only solice I take is that your car was more damaged than mine...and it was your fault. Call me vindictive.
Speaking of the accident...I have learned three very valuable lessons about this whole ordeal:
1. Even if you think you aren't hurt go to the doctor, especially if the accident isn't your fault.
2. Wait a good three to five minutes after a light has turned green before going into the middle of the matter how many fingers you get.
3. Never ever loan your car to your parents, because they come extremely grinchy when it comes to returning the favor and would rather have you drive to Santa Cruz on a crooked wheel then let you borrow one of their precious vehicles, even though they are not in use (either of them).

That's all for now.

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