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Friday, March 14, 2003
Today Bites

Why? Because I work at a university and I am the only one here the day before spring break and I knew I should have called in sick...seriously thought about it even but I let my morals and my work ethic get in my way...and came in is all sunny out (soon to be raining according to the weatherman) and I just do not want to BE HERE. That is all for may not here from me until depends on how bored I get.

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My Rav is suppose to be done today...I am hoping it is done by or around noon...otherwise I am going to have a dickens of a time getting it.
Am feeling slightly nauseated today. Not sure what that is about. Hope I am not coming down with anything.
Give some love to shakey as he was let go without notice. This is horrible...and one of my worst fears.
Give some love to Tess too...she is freezing up there in Alaska...and because of it we got a buncha wind last was scary.
The band Slaughter should update their page. I mean really. Seriously.

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Tv Update

Ok, I have given up on my theory that Angel is just pretending to be Angeleus...why? Cuz he just turned Faith all GRRRRy. And here comes Willow next week to save the world (or at least Los Angeles?)? I dunno...should she be using her magic at all?

Thank god that the tribes have been broken up and reassigned...the boy vs girl thing was getting ridiculously bad. I was sick of all the boys talking about the girls and all the girls talking about which of their own tribe members qualified for "cute girl" status. AND I have never seen anyone so vigourously wash their boobs in my life. But now that things a mixed up a little I hope that Heidi gets voted out in a timely fashion (ie before the merge). It would crack me up if Shawna wins the million...I hope that she does.

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Thursday, March 13, 2003
Tess Loves My Art

And out of boredom...I started playing with photoshop...and Tess loves the output.

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Politically Incorrect

Ok...I am going to be politically incorrect here...but I read a blog that I have to say there have been times that I have agreed with it. It started off where PaperGirl claimed that she thought that after we got rid of all smoking in public, the next move should be to eradicate children from public places. I must say I agree...and can they start with the mall and walmart and then slowly extend to other places? I know it's terrible...ok..can we at least start with the bratty children who run all over the store.

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User Name and Passwords...

I just figured out that I have at least 15 user id/ passwords for different things that I use on a daily basis. Here they are:

Work email, Admin email, meeting, admin meeting, secureshell, trouble ticket admin, trouble ticket personal queue, phone database, my main personal email, ebay email, mailing list email, secondary email, blogging, domain for my computer at work, plus I have to log into my phone at work with a password...oh and my voicemail password for work and my voice mail password for my cell phone so that is really 18. I may have to go mad.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Why do you blog?

About half an hour ago or so I found a post on wil wheaton's blog about a student writing a thesis on why people blog. I just wanted to share with you my answer to why I blog.

I blog for three reason. One is for myself. It is cathartic to me to be able to rant about things that make me angry, or whine and complain, or be sad and blue. To just get it out. This is my main reason for blogging. The second is for the chosen few. Those are the people with whom I actually know...and have known me before the blog....some in person, some a way of keeping in touch. So they know what is going in my life...what I am doing (no matter how boring...I mean seriously...earlier today I wrote about my love of a freshly sharpened pencil for goodness sake). I dare say the people who read my blog know me better than certain family members. The third reason is because I have made some great friends. People whom I previously did not know have stumbled upon my blog...or I have stumbled onto their blog...and have made some great new friends.

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Elizabeth Smart was found ALIVE

Click here for more information on the SLC, UT teen who was found alive earlier today, after being abducted June 5th, 2002 from her bedroom at gunpoint.

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I have a writing implement fetish. I love pens...I covet pens...but I must say that there is something to be said about a freshly sharpened pencil.

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More accident frustrations
I am not happy that the stupid rental car people took $150 deposit out of my checking account because I require a rental car while my car is in the shop. The accident wasn't my fault and I am certainly not going to take off to Mexico with their precious Chevy Malibu. They should have taken the money from the guy who ran the red light and hit me.

On top of all that the other party's insurance tried to send me a check for the repairs to my car...shorting it by nearly $200. Plus I will get my money for the tow truck!!!! And his adjuster is neglecting my friend's phone calls...her doctor is sending her to 12 sessions of physical therapy because of the accident...and he just wants not to deal with it. She just wants to know she will be reimbursed for me...she doesn't have a ton of money to front for the accident. She is stressed out...and I don't blame her. I am sure the stress is adding to the injury.

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Add this to pet peeves

It really really bothers me when people drive like idiots...especially when their ignorance of the traffic laws cause them to act like asses.

Case in point. I was driving around the other day when there was an obvious power outage. Traffic signals were affected by this outage. In the state of CA this means that you treat the intersections as 4-way stops. I had an ass of a man behind me that would honk at me violently every time I came to one of these interections (there had to be at least six of them) because I would treat it as a four way stop. What a complete jerk. I hope he got a ticket.

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Monday, March 10, 2003
Oh and by the way
Somehow this weekend I ended up in Santa was unexpected and fun!!!!

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There is something gratifying when I grab my bills and pay them...and find money left over...for fun stuff :)

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The Rental Car Debacle

Saturday morning I went to pick up the rental car I will be driving while my car is in the shop. My mother dropped me off and I soon found out that they lost my reservation for a midsize car. They didn't have any midsize car. My choices where: 1. A Geo Metro with no power steering 2. A Chevy Impala 3. Dodge Ram Truck or 4. A minivan.

I wouldn't be caught dead in either the metro or the I was originally going to pick the Dodge but it was I picked the Impala. Oy Vay. It was like trying to navigate a fishing boat through the streets. I immediately hated it. I drove it home. Then to my friend's house. On our way to get into it at her house the alarm started going off. This was not a good thing because they didn't give me any sort of keychain alarm thingy. So I drove it right back to the rental place...this time friend in tow.

"Oh...there is a trick to the car...but I don't know what it is...if you can wait for a second I can ask the guy in the garage." Normally I would have said yes...but I didn't want the car anyway so I asked if I could have something else.

"All we have left is the minivan...hmmmm I guess I could call the one on the other side of town...let me see what they have...yes they have a Chevy Malibu..." She proceeds to call them to make sure that it isn't going out. So I have twenty minutes left to drive across town to walk in 5 minutes before they close (at noon) and trade in the evil yacht sized impala for a smaller cousin the Chevy Malibu. After driving around my Rav4 for three years...(or on days when it was being serviced driving either of my parent's vehicles- a chevy silverado or a Nissan XTerra) I feel that my ass is about two inches from the road. It is weird to be driving around in a car....Oh well.

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