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Friday, March 21, 2003

BADGRUV is here. (not the email address...the licenseplate....hehehehe)
Have a great weekend...don't know if I will be able to update this I will be off in San Simeon and then to an oscar and oscars...who can ask for anything more.

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It pays to shop around

I need a part for my Rav4. It is the cubby that goes where the old slave cd player is.

Salinas Toyota would not take my order for the part over the phone and they were charging $6.95.

Seaside Toyota would take my order over the phone and it is $5.30 plus they are much closer to work so it will be easier for me to pick up the part.

Can you guess who I will be getting my cubby from?

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I am going to go to the dmv during my lunch to try to take care of will depend how busy they are though.

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Thursday, March 20, 2003
I don't know if any of you are familiar with Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo, but James Lipton interviews actors about the trade and is done with an audience of students from acting school. He goes through the PIVOT Interview with them, asking them a series of 10 questions that his mentor Pivot often asked his interviewees. I thought it might be fun to go through these questions for you. Feel free to snag them and use them yourself if you want.

1. What is your favorite word?

I have several but among them are lugubrious, esoteric, feck and supercalafragalisticexpialedosious

2. What is your least favorite word?


3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

Being around others who are on the same creative wavelength. Being around the product of creativity...whether that be music or a movie or just someone doodling.

4. What turns you off?

Being around negative people or people who only seem to know the words "No" or "I can't" instead of "why not".

5. What is your favorite curse word?

Fuck me

6. What sound or noise do you love?

Music!! Really I love music and I love to hear music and see people enjoying to hear music.

7. What sound or noise do you hate?

Other than the word NO, I would have to say I really really hate the sound of the damn fan that is above my head at the office at work. I really really hate it. Did I mention how much I hate it??? Also I hate it when you are driving along in traffic and you are next to a car and you can't hear your own music for theirs...because while yes I love music, I don't love being forced to listen to someone else's

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Writing for a magazine or screenplays or books...writing of some sort anyway... a newspaper even.

9. What profession other than your own would you not want to attempt?

Doctor. Nurse. Anyone caring for sickened people...I really just don't have what it takes...and I come from a family of nurses.

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates?

We made a mistake, you have to go back.

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This makes me proud

This ruling by The House makes me proud...I especially like the part about it being voluntary. I see NO problem with reciting the pledge...If you don't feel comfortable saying under god...then don't say that part...or don't say it at all. That is why we have religious FREEDOM.
Also was just asked by our public information officer if I would talk to the press about the loss of 4 people from our department due to deployment...I said yes...we'll see what happens.

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Survivor and Angel...the weekly TV POST

I must say that I am enjoying Survivor much more now that they have mixed up the teams a bit. There is less emphasis on the boy vs girl and which guy wanted to hook up with which makes it funner to watch. I am glad that Christy seems to be bonding well with her new tribe (tambaqui) and I think it is great that they are really working to incorporate her into the tribe much more than the all women tribe did. I hope their welcoming of her is sincere and that she will not be the next to go from that tribe. I also think it is too bad that Jaburu chose to vote off Shawna rather than Matt. I think that even though Matt is the main provider right now, he also poses a fairly large threat because he is such a strong player.

Right now if Tambaqui had to go to tribal council I am sure that Christy would be voted off, even though my personal preference would be Heidi, only because I don't like her and I don't think she is as physically strong as Christy.

Right now if Jabaru had to go to tribal council I am fairly sure that Alex would be voted off, even though my personal preference on that team would be Deena because I feel her leadership is posing a threat or Matt because I feel he is one of the stronger members of Jabaru.

OK, that was one great episode of Angel. First off, I must say that I was sure that Cordy wasn't really pregnant but that she somehow was holding Angel's soul in her stomach because I was convinced (and still am) that Cordy isn't really Cordy but someone I will for now call EVILCORDY. I was really impressed with the way the whole Angel vs Angeleus was handled...I enjoyed Angeleus and Faith having to see Angel's daily fight against Angeleus. I really enjoyed the hand to hand combat between Angel and Angeleus. It was well done. I also really enjoyed how Willow came to help save Faith and Angel and now Willow and Faith are going back to Sunnydale. Over all I would say that this is one of the better episodes. However, I am still not thrilled with the whole EVILCORDY being pregnant with Conner's baby...however, remember way back to the prophecy that "The father would kill the son"...well maybe it had NOTHING to do with Angel killing Conner but of Conner killing his son. Hmmm....just something to think about.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003
Boldly going no where

I couldn't think of a great that is what you all get today.

***Bus Accident***
So I got the paper work to fill out for the bus accident...looks easy enough. Also got the estimate to fix my dad's truck...$1125...not too bad considering the entire grill needs to be replaced. It is also leaking freon from the a/c. He is much more ok with it now that we recovered the sign that flew off the was still sitting by the side of the road so we went and picked it up. I just hope that the bus company doesn't try messing with us too badly. I still can't believe it happened...I mean first of all in February a guy runs a red light in Anaheim and hits me as I am leaving to drive 7 hours home. Luckily the car was OK to drive. If the Rav hadn't been so loaded down with all our luggage we would have probably flipped. Then not even a month later I am driving my dad's truck because I am having a new cd player put into mine and this huge (12 foot) advertisement comes flying off the transit bus and hitting the front grill of the truck and then going underneth it...what are the chances???? Anyone want to let me borrow their car to see what kind of damage I can do? Just kidding.

I am still waiting to hear from the DMV on my new license plates...I can't wait for BAD GRUV too come in...heehehee. I am still a little pissed at Toyota though because they forgot to transfer my BK2RLTY plates over. Oh well. At least now I will get to keep the BK2RLTY plates without paying a fee.

Tonight both of my favorite shows are on so I will do my usual Friday TV show update tomorrow instead.

***First CD Played in my CD PLAYER***
Someone asked if Slaughter was the first CD to be played in my new cd player that is in the Rav...ummm no. Actually it was AC/DC's Back in Black...because the Rav is black you see. Anyway...have I mentioned how much I am loving the keyless entry???? Am loving it fully. I was talked into getting it by my brother and the stereo man because it was only a little bit more with alarm I had installed, and I love it. It is so convenient. Oh...and my cd player??? It is so cool that I can get that XM satellite radio if I want to pay extra...I am still considering will depends. Anyone have any experience with that?

***Speaking of loving fully***
Have I mentioned how much I hope that Chicago wins for best picture? I really do!!! It was a terrific movie. I loved it. My all time favorite movie is still Almost Famous...but that one is a close third or fourth. Don't forget the academy awards are on Sunday...hee...sound like a pizza dinner to me.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Up for a name change?

I am thinking it is about time to change my name...from plain old amy to calamity amy. Between the accident in southern california, the accident yesterday, and various other not so harmful but still embarassing fumbles I am thinking it is a good idea to change my name. The people at work have all claimed that they will not let me borrow their cars or even park next to me because calamities tend to come in threes. I hope to god not.
Other than that I am not sure what else to write about today. I have been working. You really can't tell it is spring break with the amount of calls we have been getting in. It is actually nice and keeps me fairly busy. Better than having to invent things to look up and research on the net.
I am in a holding pattern of excitement so to speak. I am looking forward to Saturday because I'll be trying out the evening tour at Hearst's Castle. In April I am looking forward to seeing Bon Jovi live for the first time ever...I had to go ...I have wanted to see them since I was in junior high. is a plus that THE GOOGOO DOLLS are opening. That will be fun. May be going to the Asparagas Festivalup in Stockton too. Should be a fun time. The annual VEGAS trip looks like it will most likely be May after all and not September. I just hope I can save enough by then. Hee.

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Monday, March 17, 2003
You can tell I'm not Irish

I have NO luck I am, minding my own business...driving back to work from my is windy as the dickens...and I am following the transit bus...and am a good two carlengths from the back of it...when the damn advertisement from the side of the transit bus rips off comes flying towards me. I brake (not too hard...but hard enough) but the blasted sign hits the front grill of my dad's Silverado...then goes underneth. The only damage I can that the chevy emblem on the grill has been torn off and there is a scratch on the visor thingy that wraps around the front of the hood...but he is still going to blame me...there was nothing that I could do...***WAH!!!*** I already called the bus company and they are sending me a form and I have to get estimates and dad loves his truck...and he is one of those people who are quick to blame...I hope he doesn't blame me...I may really be crying by the end of the day.

My boss heard me calling the bus company and made a cross with his fingers and said..."stay are bad luck recently" He is true. I am just worried my dad is gonna flip when I tell him about the truck he was nice enough to lend me.

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Assorted Notes and News

***The RAV***
The Rav is beautiful more ugly dents and scratches due to the is driving straight- no longer pulling and I have a nice new tire, rim, and is great. Did I drive the Rav to work today? No. Why? Because it is currently having a great cd player, alarm and keyless entry installed. My present to myself. I am instead driving my dad's silverado...luckily today is his RDO (regular day off...every other Monday is a day off...they work weird hours).

I saw the movie Laurel Canyon on Saturday. It was ok. Frances McDormand's character is very believable and authentic. I didn't care for Kate Beckinsale's character...but then again...why would I...I think she was purposely made unlikeable. It was ok..not great...but I have seen much worse. For those who don't know what Laurel Canyon is about, Frances McDormand plays a rock n roll record producer whose son (christian bale) and fiance (kate beckinsale) come to live in her house on Laurel Canyon (after graduating from Harvard) believing her to be gone at the time...her son doesn't relate well with his mother's wild and loose ways...and is surprised when his future wife gets along so well with her. It was rated R for Sexuality, violence, and scenes with drug use. Yet the theater was filled with people between the ages of 60-90. The lady next to my friend slept through the whole movie. Seriously. Slept. Full on sleeping.

***What I am reading***
I am approximate 5 chapters into Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed by Patricia Cornwell. For those not familiar with the book it is non fiction and is written by a mystery writer ( famous for the a series of crime novels featuring character Kay Scarpetta) who was doing some research in England for a novel and became aquainted with details of the Jack the Ripper case...and believes she has solved the case that has gone unsolved...I tell is a fascinating read...and the most interesting thing is that to me anyway...her case that she has built up against Walter Sickert is convincing...we'll see how the book continues though. It is a fascinating and quick read though so far. I am enjoying it.

***Ancient English Mummys***
As many know...I am fascinated by this kind of I thought I would share:
3000 year old mummies found in Scotland.

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