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Friday, March 28, 2003
The day gets worse...the ultimate April Fools joke comes early

The lovely person who drops our checks off to us came by and handed me mine. I rip it open with glee check the amount and it is correct. I stand up and say to my supervisor "CAN I GO TO THE BANK?" He said..."Sure...go for it!" So I jump into the Rav and rush down to the bank and stand in line and get up to the teller and he makes a comment about Harry Potter because I am wearing my Harry Potter sweatshirt we chit chat and then he says hold on for a second. So he goes over and confers with his supervisor or someone who thinks he's important and says to me..."We can't accept this because it is post dated" Well, Monday is a state it can't be the date...he says "It's because they post dated your check APRIL 1st." AHHHH bite me. It would have to be right before a three day weekend and on a Month where I am a little short on funds. DAMN THE MAN. Thank you very much state of california for screwing me out of my pay for the month of March for four days. Evil bastards. Now I am going to have to borrow money from myself (my savings account). I don't find this to be a humorous April Fools joke...not in the least.

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Ok...this is sad

But I have just checked all my email accounts (including work ones) and have no good mail. I never get good email...except that email I got early from Tess who is having a no good, very bad morning.

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My office is all nice and tidy now

Just in case you were wondering. I am having a sucky friday. I am here basically by myself. Don't think though, that when they bring the checks by that I am not going to bolt to the bank on my break...cause I sooo will. I need the money to be in the account today anyway...but the line at the bank will be hella long because it is friday and the last day of the month. Oh well. I have Monday off...Cesar Chavez day...we are one of the few people who actually get the damn day will sooo suck though. I am sooo not looking forward to it...

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I should be

I should be cleaning my office right now. Everyone else now has all these sparkling clean offices except me. Damnation. I am going to do it.

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Thursday, March 27, 2003
Congratulations on your grandspawn guessed is time for my weekly tv review of Angel and Survivor.

I was sorry to see Roger go. He can be bossy...but he has an ethic and I enjoy it. It is too bad that the others didn't see it my way. Anyway...the merger went pretty much as I am sure we all figured...happy on the outside...backstabbing plans on the inside. Rob is really starting to get on my nerves...I love how he is assuming that he is going to make it to the final three. As much as I hate heidi...I hope the final three are all women...just to get their goat. Regarding the immunity challenge: 1. I can't believe Roger didn't at least hold out for some food. 2. I hope Christy learned her lesson about letting someone else have the immunity necklace. Basically for her it was a lose lose situation in that she lost immunity and had to share her spagetti.

I write this review bittersweetly as this has to be my favorite show on tv right now...yet the wb is waffling on whether or not to renew it still. It isn't looking good...but:

I can't believe that Gun didn't know he was being set up...I could smell it coming a mile away. Anyway...I think that we all pretty much know he and electricity girl hooked up and that is a shame because I rather enjoyed him with Fred...but now Fred and Westly can have a relationship and not just pent-up feelings. Anyway...I have made my feelings known that I don't much care for the whole Conner/Cordy thing...and I don't. However this whole demon spawn thing is captivating (speaking of captivating does anyone remember that episode of angel where Westly and Doyle I think break down the door of these old people's house and yell out SHOW US YOUR DEMON SPAWN? That was a great one). I was sure that Lorne was going to get it from Cordy at the end when he was off doing his spell to get his empathic mojo back. I was sure of it...I didn't want to watch because I LOVE Lorne (btw if you would like to see Lorne without his makeup on go to Andy Hallet's website) but I was so happy to see that Angel and the gang were there, I nearly leapt of of the couch. I can't wait until next week.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Something I hate

I don't know why but I hate it when trucks drive around with no tailgate....or worse yet...their tailgates down. Why?

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New Look

I will try to work on a graphic for it...may be a couple weeks though...I am not sure if I like it or not.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Ask and ye shall receive...

I am shamelessly stealing an idea from cherry2000. Go ahead...ask me anything. You can ask me in the comments system or email and I will answer it...this offer is good only for one week. I will not divulge any personal information though nor will I post naked pictures...but other than that...go ahead and ask.....anything...well almost.

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Monday, March 24, 2003
The wonders of iTune

I took every Slaughter cd I own...created a playlist with them in iTunes...and now I am waiting for my Amy's Slaughter Mix cd to burn. It rocks to be able to only carry one cd instead of five cds. What? You want my playlist??? Ok:

1. Sbabaco 2. Get Use To It 3. Bad Groove 4. Unknown Destination 5. Burnin' Bridges 6. Do Ya Know 7. Live Like There's No Tomorrow 8. Desperately 9. Trailer Park Boogie 10. Rocky Mountain Way 11. Searchin' 12. Hard Times 13. Outta My Head 14. On My Own 15. I'm Gone 16. Shufflin' ***

***I own all the cds that these songs come :P~~~~~~~~~~~

PS. Will probably be throwing together a little slaughter page...nothing like use to be...much smaller scale.

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San Simeon, Oscars, and More

***San Simeon/Hearst's Castle***
The evening tour for Hearst's Castle was great. I loved seeing all the people dressed up in 1930's garb. I was only disappointed in that we didn't get to see anything new really. I have only been on tours one and two...and saw nothing new. The pools at night are even more awesome than during the day.

I don't have much to say about the oscar's except that I was very disappointed that Renes Zellwegger or Diane Lane didn't win the Best Actress...I was also disappointed that Richard Gere wasn't nominated for Best Supporting Actor in either Chicago or Unfaithful because he was awesome in both.

***Roxy's Bath***
I gave Roxy a bath this weekend. She hated it. What's new about that? Not much, except she smells so much better.

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