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Friday, April 11, 2003
A new hobby, Vin Diesil again, and other stuff

I work at an University. It is built on an old military base that actually has some functioning military (mostly reserves offices) as well as a whole slew of old military buildings. I have been meaning to take pictures of these buildings...not because of their fantastic architecture (they are military afterall) but because a lot of them have these fantastic paintings on them:

If you click on the picture you will be taken to one the full-sized original that hasn't been photoshopped to death.

I know I am always going on and on about how much TESS rocks. Because, well frankly, she does. But today, I was about to leave work for lunch and I log into my personal email here at work and what to my wondering eyes should appear...but two Diesel pictures...yummy. Now that is a damn good start to a weekend!!!! If this isn't she talks about lesbians.
I finally signed up for an AOL instant messanger account. Feel free to IM me if you see me name?Why it's badgruv of course!!!
At work they are testing this new wireless security software. This means now I have to actually log into the wireless on my iBook when before I just turned in on and there be internet. It is annoying...because it is in it's testing stages, I am now getting things like IP Address conflicts and my network drives now disconnect on me...which can be irritating when in the middle of file transfers. Oh well...I get paid to be irritated.
Reminder...if you get QVC, tomorrow night at 8:30 pm pacific time you can check out part of a Bon Jovi concert that yours truly will be attending. I am greatly looking forward.

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A Bad Start and Survivor it a bad sign that you wake up for the second day in a row and the first three words out of your mouth are: Fuck! I'm Late!!!!??? Why for two days in a row???...because there is some little house elf or gremlin who is out to get me and has been turning my alarm off!!! Damn Them. I was sure that I turned my alarm on yesterday when this happened. My backup alarm (ROXY) has been sleeping in her bed in the kitchen that failsafe failed.
SURVIVOR. My people pulled the coup of all coups. I was SO glad to see DEENA go. She was so cocky...the cocky leaders are always surprised when they are voted off. You know she is going to be the bitter member of the jury. DEENA's biggest mistake was not eating the worm...I am sure she knows that now. She should have learned from Christy...when you are that close to don't give it take it because you never know when it will be your head on the block. Deena proved that. She was SOOO cocky that she just let Matthew go for the worm and didn't even try. She had to go. I was sure she would make it all the way to the final two though because no one seemed to think her a threat. I see the amazonians are finally wising up. I just can't wait for Rob and Heidi to go- them for more personal reasons.
Bon Jovi...tomorrow. If you want to get a taste of the show I will be at...half an hour of it will broadcast live on QVC at 8:30 pm Pacific...I am sure you will also have to hear them try to pitch to you Bon Jovi stuff...but come by and take a probably won't see me though.

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Thursday, April 10, 2003
Angel and other stuff

I decided that it gets to be too much when I reveiw Angel and Survivor in the same I am breaking them up.

Angel...what to say, except that it was excruciatingly predictable last night. I mean...the ultimate evil being an extreme beauty, being treated like a nearly living god...calling her self a power that was...and only a chosen few can see the true JASMINE as a rotting corpse (the really ugly side of evil)? When that guy in the crowd started yelling it's a monster, it must die I immediately said..."she must be really ugly and only he can see her so far." I hate it when I am right like that. There weren't any really great one liners this time either. Hmmm...maybe I was just tired. And Angel...Mr. Brood...wearing a white and yellow striped shirt? Pahleeze! Blatent.

Also was I the only one a little creeped out by the gang being all *shiny happy people holding hands*ish? It was creepy...especially on Conner.
I am beginning to thing my email isn't working as I haven't gotten very many recently. Hmmm...maybe I will test it later. Maybe not.
Tess rocks....she left me a little present in her Blog.
So...I leave you with the eternal question:

Hello? Is there Anybody In There? Just Nod if you can here floyd

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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
For Lunch today...

My Lunch Date.

In my dreams.

Sorry Tess...I just had to borrow him today.

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Wrong Side of the Bed?

Perhaps it is because I didn't sleep well last night. Perhaps it is the weather and I am suffering from a wicked case of spring fever. Perhaps it's the moon. Perhaps I just have a damn good reason to be perturbed!!!! It seems as if someone has stolen my happy and I have become kin to the Angry Gumball of the Extra Chewing Gum commercials...whatever the case I am not in the best of moods, and for this I am sorry. Or not.

Anyway...I have been at work for all of an hour and eleven minutes. I have been sooo irritated though that I am ready to go home. For the Day.

I think I would find it rude that if a person share a cube (ok it is a really big rectangular service desk cube type thing...and there are two of us in it) and when one person is on a support call and the other person insists on screaming over the top of phone call worker to people down the hall...when it would just take a couple of seconds to get down the hall. Also...chewing loudly next to the person is nearly as bad as chewing in a person's ear...not quite but nearly.

But maybe...just maybe it's just me.

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Word has it Greg shipped out sunday.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

What do you think??? It isn't an actual plate looks a little different...but here is where you can make one of your own.

Acme License Plate Maker

It promises at least slight amusement.

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Any one remember how the commercial goes?

I'm an angry gum ball...So something and high strung....

any clues anyone??? It isn't for me, it is for a friend.

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Monday, April 07, 2003
You ever have...

You ever have one of those days where something (don't ask because I won't tell-flat out...somethings are just too personal, ya know) happens that makes you want to just hide away from society for the rest of your life...or at least a week or so??? Oh least Roxy still loves me.

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ACK! or More tales from Tech Support

I really really really hate it when someone calls me for computer help and then spend the whole time chewing in my is just plain rude.

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Daylight Savings Time

I am one of those rare people who actually have less time adjusting to this time change than the one in the the time this one rolls around my body is ready for it and I adjust to it easily just like my father. My mother and brother both adjust easier to the other time change.
Speaking of my sister in law just purchased an ibook. This is cool and she is very excited. I am excited for her...I remember the day I got my first iBook ( I am currently on my second...I get them as a perk of my other one was replaced recently because it was considered too old...hmmm....I don't own them, I don't pay for them but I get to use them. Yipee). I am still learning the ins-and-outs of learning OS X. Speaking of which, if anyone here happens to use os x and can point me in the direction of some great beginner level sites about using Terminal I would be very appreciative.
Not much else is going on here really. I am looking forward to seeing Bon Jovi on will be a late and long day/night for me and I don't expect to be back until early Sunday considering what time the show is letting out...and how far away it is...but it will be a lot of fun. I have never ever seen Bon Jovi live and I am greatly looking forward to it.
By the way...the ABOUT is finally on it and check it out.
This weekend I figured out how to change the background colors of the onscreen guide for the satelite. Hmmm...I don't know why I am so proud of myself but I am. I then snuck in to my the main tv and changed the background color on that guide. Let's see how long it takes them to figure it out.
We apparently have nobody (read student assistants or their supervisor) to watch over the switchboard to day while our usual switchboard operator goes to guess who gets who gets to fill in during his lunch? ME!!!! Oh well...I actually like doing it because it means I get an hour off the helpdesk for a full hour I don't have to worry about other people's problems...just making sure that I transfer the callers to the right should be so great. Ah...I just got a call because the customer accidently forwarded all her calls to voicemail and couldn't figure out how to unforward the calls. These telephone calls are all because we can't afford to hire someone to replace the telephone support person who worked here but then retired to move away. It sucks because I have had to pick up a lot of the telephone questions quickly...but I can now tell you that it is #3 to deactivate your SAC2VM feature on your lucent phones here on campus.

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Sunday, April 06, 2003

You know those annoying horns that they sell at parades and such...they are usually blue or red. One of the little kids across the street has one and he is driving me crazy with it...I seems as if he has been blowing it constantly for the last two hours or so. ACK.

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Cordless Phones

Never ever ever buy a Uniden Cordless phone...I got one for Christmas and the battery is already completely dead and won't recharge. GRRR.

I saw the movie THE CORE last was pretty good considering it was Armeggedon to the middle of the earth. Aaron Eckardt was fabulous...and had really good hair...but he is no Vin Diesel.

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