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Saturday, April 19, 2003
Not myself

If you know me, you probably have noticed that I have not been acting myself lately. I am not as peppy...I often seem lost in thought...just not acting right. It may even be reflected in my writings here...although I am not a good judge of my own writing. So I would need to refer to you my three constant readers to tell me that.

Anyway...I have been admittedly mopey. Admittedly in a funk. I know exactly what has been causing it but hoped against hope that by ignoring it the "situation" causing my lackluster would change. Avoidance, after all, is my specialty. Unfortunately the "situation" has come to pass that point of no return. The point that means that there is an inevitability of what is going to happen will indeed happen. If I am being esoteric...I mean to be because I still can hardly bring myself to say it without becoming extremely saddened.

What is it? It isn't the end of the world or one is mortally injured, chronically sick or anything like's just that BFM is moving. Not just across town or to another nearby town...but out of state...way out of Las Vegas to be exact. Part of me feels completely selfish about the whole thing. I want BFM to stay in the be close enough for me to have lunch be close enough to dine with, just to watch ANGEL and drool over David Boreanaz with. However...she (and I for that matter) has always wanted to move to Las Vegas. It is a great place...and I can see why she should would want is soo much cheaper to live in Clark County than it is to live in this county. The money she would have for a tiny little house here would buy her and her family a huge ass house there. Plus LAS VEGAS...what a great excuse to go!!!! I know it is what she wants...and I am HAPPY for her...but sad too. I always feel guilty when I sneak in the thought in my head that I don't really want her to go...even though to do that would deprive her of something she wants very badly. Today I was sitting in a movie today thinking in my head...this may be the last time we are able to see a movie together for a while. These are thoughts I don't like are thoughts I hate having and I wish they would go away.

Oh big whoo you are probably thinking. Yes it is a big whoo. We have never lived more than 15 miles apart. We have been best friends since 1987...she probably knows me better than I know myself. We are often mistaken for sisters because we are very close. We don't look anything alike but there is the closeness that good friends share that I think many associate with family. I think that if we were sisters we wouldn't be as close as we are because there is always that competition that siblings have that we do not. So yes...I am not acting myself...bite me.

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Friday, April 18, 2003

Now I have a craving for chocolate.
And I am glad to hear that Tommy Lee was cleared of the boy's drowing. After following the case closely because of morbid curiousity I don't think it was his fault the boy drowned either.

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Assorted Notes Continued and musing about a chocolate gift

I just remembered that I nearly forgot my brother and sisternlaw's anniversery (it is April 21st). I am usually not one to forget things like I am going to have to think up a cool gift sooner than later...damn. I blame it on the time change. Not really...but I feel the need to blame it on someone that is not me.
Speaking of my sisterinlaw she sent me a card via snailmail for no reason....this is something I was grateful for...I LOVE cards. Especially cards for no reason. This one shows two dogs looking at a dryer filled with cats and the one dog says to the other "you won't believe how soft and fluffy they come out!" It is great.
I LOVE THE least I love the police here on the campus where I work. They are really really cool. Seriously. They also listen to complaints by citizens and take them seriously. Case in point: (first a little background information here...I work at a university on an ex-military installation that isn't completely ex with the at work there are several...police forces around that have juristiction: University Police, Military Police, Nearby City 1 Police, Nearby City 2 police, County Sherrif and of course CHP.) There has been a LOT of road recontruction and revamping...because these streets are old and placed in a way only a military would understand. Anyway...this one particular thoroughfair has been redone and is going through several stages of recontruction...during the first stage they changed the angle of the turn...I complained to the campus police about it because it was an extremely sharp turn and the old posted speed limit was too fast (and I like to speed)...they kindly listened and told me they would contact the proper authority to express my concern (it isn't on university land). A week later the speed limit had been changed. Then most recently they opened up the full new intersection...and people, not use to the full intersection where turning right in front of cars going upwards of 45 mph because they never use to be coming from that direction. I mentioned that this was dangerous...and again they told me they would pass my complaint on to the proper authority and today I got this email: Congratulations! You did it again. Last night on patrol I saw that yield signs were posted at the Imjin Parkway/Imjin Road intersection. Hopefully the signs will help. See what I can't not love our police!!!!
I just realized today...that while I am on the phone I really hate being called ma'am, hon and/or darlin'. Amy is just fine...which is why I answer the phone Technology Support Services this is AMY...otherwise I would answer the phone Technology Support Services this is ma'am, hon or darling, please pick one.
Today I have a headache and an upset tummy...the tummy is probably because I had OJ this morning...the headache is from sucky life stress.
Last night as I was drifting off to the sweet salvation of slumberworld...Roxy...who was sound asleep in her "spot" on my bed bolted up and started barking. Anyone who owns a beagle or knows someone who owns a beagle...knows the shrillness of a beagle aroo bark...well it is worse when they are heart was pumping so freakin' hard I had trouble going back to sleep.
I am a creature of habit. I just noticed that everytime I use the facilities here at work I always go in the same stall (we have four stalls and 7 women who work in the mostly the bathroom is empty and I have my pick). I will even admit that sometimes if I go into the lavatory and someone is in my stall of preference I will actually leave and go back later...hoping against hope that my stall will be free. I think I might be a freak.
My supervisor just handed me a candy bar and told me not to eat it. Now I am suspicious of it. It does have SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS on it..but it is HERSHEY's MILK CHOCOLATE WITH I am still suspicious. Is he worried I will ruin its spongebob squarepantsness by eating it because I do collect Spongebob Squarepants stuff. Is he worried that it has gone bad? Did he posion it and we are all suppose to eat our posioned SBSP candy bars together? Am I suppose to save it incase there is a terror threat and put it in my ER Care packages that we all have stashed in our desks...why oh why did he tempt me with a little yummy treat and then tell me NOT to eat it. I am not going to eat it...mostly because when people give me direction...I tend to take them well...maybe it is some sort of prove my worthyness of some greater prize?!

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Thursday, April 17, 2003

It was the damn recap episode so no one was voted off. I actually hate the stupid recap I can't remember what happened. Duh.

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Assorted Notes

Not much is going on here...earlier this afternoon I was placed on a web quest by TESS for pictures of Andrew Kavovit not on his website preferably with a beard that ARE NOT screenshots from Andersonville...I must say...defeatedly...I have NOTHING to show for my websearches...sad but true. I HATE FAILURE.

If you find one...visit TESS and leave the URL in her comments box.
Other than that not much is going on...I have been down lately...for reasons I will disclose later...probably either tomorrow or Saturday.
BENWAY is procrastinating. Join the club.
I am excited that EA is working on a new sims expansion pack called SIMS SUPERSTAR...I wonder how long it will take for them to release a MAC VERSION of the software.
MATRON found a cool online language translator so I wrote my sister in law a message in FRENCH. We'll see how well it works.
Survivor is on tonight. Yipee.

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I got your demon jihad right here

Angel. Yes- I am updating a little early....I finally figured out a semi-easy way to switch settings from the wireless network at work to dialup here at I thought I would go ahead and update. So...shiny happy conner is driving me insane. Truthfully shiny happy everyone was making me crazy...then it all gelled. I figured out a couple of minutes before FRED what caused her to be able to "see" Jasmine. BLOOD. Interesting because BLOOD is what angel needs to live off it fascinated me. But was I the only one crying fowl when "wesley" kidnapped shiny happy conner to turn him in to normal broody son of angel conner...I just knew that it wasn't going to work on conner. why? Because just like Cordelia gave "birth" to Jasmine, conner supposedly fathered "Jasmine" so theoretically shouldn't conner already have Jasmine blood. I am done with JASMINE...can we please move on now?

Well that is going to be all on the Roxy is sitting on my feet rapidly destuffing her newest toy...and I want to clean up the stuffing before she spreads it all over!!!!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
Another Picture from the ord

Here is another picture from the ord. I am not photoshopping this one to death. I am just presenting it to you. I love these old buildings...and i love to take pictures of them.

Other than that not much has been going on here. Work has been so quiet because my cube mate is in VEGAS (lucky girl) so it has been quiet...just me and the phones. On the upside my turn around rate on workorders has been greatly reduced...because it has been slow the workorders I do take less time. Yipee for me.
The Rav goes back to the stereo shop tomorrow to finally have the slave stereo taken out. They left it in because they didn't have the part to cover the hole...because it is really a cubby that goes I ordered it from Toyota and it will be installed tomorrow afternoon...yipee. A cubby for me to store stuff in. Hopefully this one will be big enough to hold my cell phone.
I am looking forward to meeting Tim McGraw...he will probably be the most famous person I have ever met. I have met some other people...but I am sure he is the most famous. Too bad I wasn't able to win backstage passes to meet Bon Jovi. I probably would have busted into tears...or hysterics. Sometimes they are close.
Roxy has become a little theif again. She has been stealing socks and underwear from the laundry basket (or the bedroom before they make it into the blanket) and taking them outside and hoarding them in Coty's house. We think it is her way of being close to us when we aren't home and she is in the backyard with Coty. Either way I would rather not have my socks covered in doggy spit and hair- even if it is Roxy spit and hair. I am beginning to think she is taking after wynona rider more and more...Maybe Roxy Carmichael Quicksilver wasn't the name to give her afterall.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Today during lunch BFM (winner of Tim McGraw tickets and backstage passes) had to go to the radio station to pick up our tickets for the show. They had here there for twenty minutes recording promos. Hee. I can't wait to hear one.
Not much is going on today. I have been pretty busy at work since no one else is here. So I will leave you with these things of interest:

***Blogs of Interest***
TESS found a cute puppy picture.
BentGuy hears a disturbing conversation in the doctor's office elevator.
Jodiverse hates it when conditioners don't smell as good as the shampoo.

***Weird News***
Good news for the residents of Rolling Hills Estates in California. They can now legally cheat on their spouses.
Beware of Bunny muggings.
Harry Potter actor makes children cry...guess you should be careful what part you take.

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Monday, April 14, 2003
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!

I went to lunch today and happen to be meeting BFM (best friend Misty) at the Bagel Bakery for lunch. I pull in and see that her car is already in the lot and I can see her inside at the cash register. I get out of the Rav and she is motioning to me to hurry up hurry up hurry up. I though maybe she was short on cash (we have a long standing lunch arrangement that the first person there buys both lunches and the other person reimburses when she arrives) so I hustle it in there. As soon as I step in:

BFM:" What are you doing May 6th?"

ME: **Dumbfounded and confused look**(thinking- Am I on Candid Camera? What is going on? Why is BFM so excited?)

BFM:"I'll tell you what you are doing! You are going to see Tim McGraw. You just won tickets." (BEAT/PAUSE)

ME:**Still slightly comfused and trying to take in what she just said**

BFM:"NOT only are you gonna see Tim McGraw but you are going backstage to meet him....that letter you wrote. You won. We won."

ME:**Unintelligible squeal of delight so loud that everyone there heard**

It is a great day indeed...I can't believe it.

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A Day in the life of an Amy

6:30am Wake up to Alarm. Hit snooze button and wish it was the weekend.

6:37am (why does my snooze button only snooze for 7 minutes?) Get up turn on tv for background noise...usually on CNN or WGN. Wake up Roxy...convince her it is time to get up (sometimes this is harder said than done because she loves to sleep...but I know she's a little dog and probably has to pee). Depending on the weather...I will either let Roxy play in the yard or gate her into the kitchen when she is done.

6:40am Shower.

6:50am Let Roxy in if she is outside...decide if I feel like an actual breakfast. If yes...get down Cheerios or eat leftover from dinner. If no...go get dressed.

7:00am Dress, watch tv (usually either Cnn or Beyond or Cartoons depending on my mood) or read (usually a magazine like MacAddict, Cosmo, Wired or Readers Digest).

7:20am Brush teeth, brush hair...apply makeup if I feel the need to wear any.

Must leave no later than 7:40am or will be late for work.

7:59am Scream into parking lot at work. Gather belongings (laptop, apple or banana, bottle of h2o, purse, make sure I have my keys so I don't lock myself out again).

8:00am Log into computer, log into phone call center, log into trouble ticket system. Open unassigned trouble tickets. If complete assign to appropriate technician or self. If not complete, place ticket in pending and request additional information from clients. I then do a quick read of my favorite blogs, and so begins a day of computer support, technician ticket management, ect. I try to take a break around 10:00 if i remember. I usually don't remember though.

12:55pm log out of phone, log out of trouble ticket system and any other systems I happen to be in.

1:00pm. Take lunch

2:00pm Return from lunch, relog into phone, relog into trouble ticket system, recheck favorite blogs.

5:00pm Log out of phone log, log out of admin programs, log off of computer (or lock it depending on day)

5:20pm arrive home, say hello to Roxy.

6:00pm eat dinner

6:15-10:00 variable

10:30pm get ready for bed, turn on Tv...settle in to do it all over the next day.

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Sunday, April 13, 2003
Bon Jovi

There are not enough words that I can think of to describe the greatness that was the Bon Jovi concert last night. It was, by far, the best show I have ever been to in my entire life. The seats were perfect- not to far, not on the floor so I was able to actually see them...but not so far up that they looked like ants. I have been a bon jovi fan since I was knee high to a grasshopper (ok cut the jokes that I am now only shoulder high to one) but amazingly enough I have never ever seen them live before...they ROCK. I can't even describe how great the concert was. If you have questions it would probably be easier for me to feel free to email me or leave me a shout out. Thanks.

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