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Friday, April 25, 2003
This weekend

I may or may not update this weekend. This should not be news. Now that my beloved iBook is happy with dialin I have been updating from home a lot more. I pray one day, I too will have high speed internet connection at home...cable modem? DSL? Whatever...I hate 56K.

Oh...and ROXY CARMICHAEL QUICKSILVER...the bested beagle baby in the world turns ONE on SUNDAY.

Roxy as a baby puppy.

Roxy at 2 Months

Roxy at 7 months.

Yes these are all pictures of the same dog...amazing how her coloration has changed as she's matured isn't it?

Isn't she adorable.

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The inner bitch

My inner bitch is sneaky. She often sneaks out when I am least expecting her and makes a muss of things and I have to clean up in her aftermath. She can be mean, after all isn't that what a bitch is? She has even made a couple of people cry....or at least feel really bad about themselves...but they deserved it.

I have a confession though...sometimes I wish I was more like my inner bitch all the time because she can really kick ass.

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Thankfully I was wrong

Greg "Dutch" has not left for the big sandbox yet.

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My thoughts have changes BIGTIME on SURVIVOR

Ok...I watched Survivor last night and I have pretty much decided to change my opinion of one of the people. The person is...ROB. Before I didn't really like ROB. I thought ROB talked to much smack, I thought he was conniving, etc. I still think this...however...I was watching it with BFM and she said..."IF you think about it...the person who is best at playing the game of SURIVIVOR is ROB." and then it dawned on isn't really a popularity contest...or is who will wil a million dollars and right now ROB is looking like a pretty darn good candidate for it.

In the reward challenge...I think that JENNA should not have held it against Christy about the whole letter home thing. Everyone treated CHRISTY like a bitch, however:
1. Christy didn't eat any food...she saved her money.
2. Christy allowed Jeff to auction off another letter...if it had been me...I would have said NO- sorry. I paid too much for my letter and Jenna didn't share any of her food with me.

I am not a big fan of JENNA right now. I think that JENNA and HEIDI need to be separated...meaning that one needs voted off very soon...or one of them will win.

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Thursday, April 24, 2003
I'm good at catching furries

Angel was good. I enjoyed the witty lobster-creature. I found him funny actually. Conner is getting uber evil and I keep hearing the prophecy of "the father will kill the son" playing over and over from a season or two ago. I am actually hoping that it happens. I am hoping Jasmine goes soon too because I am so sick of her. Especially now that she is projecting herself through her followers. It's creepy...just plain creepy when a 12 year old boy talks like a grown woman. Or it's just life. Take your pick. Survivor tomorrow.

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I Promise

I promise ye royal readers two things:
1. I will try my darnedest NOT to quote Bon Jovi lyrics for the rest of the week.
2. I will give my ANGEL review tomorrow afternoon.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Lyrics for TESS

Tess...I thought of this...just for you....specifically the bolded part *wink*. I present some bad medicine

I need a respirator cause I'm running out of breath

You're an all night generator wrapped is stockings and a dress

When you find your medicine you take what you can get

Cause if there's something better baby well thay haven't found it yet

----Bon Jovi

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Sometimes you just wanna yell YOU'RE A FECKING IDIOT

I like my job. I don't love it...I dont' live for it...but I like it. The hours are good, there's no dress code, the people I work with are cool for the most part, and I enjoy helping people. I have gotten many compliments on my phone mannerisms and my "upbeat" personality and they are often mentioned on preformance reviews...I even won BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE award last year.

I have learned two things working here:
1. Some people just do not get technology...which is fine. My mom is like that. My dad is NOT like that.
2. Alot of people who fall under #1 are rude...or maybe they have never worked in Customer Service jobs...

Today I had someone come up to me and start yelling at me...never a good way to start off the conversation with the person trying to help you. Then they argued with me...these are fine...I get this sometimes...and I can always keep my cool. She was particularly irritating though and would ask me the same question over and over and I would give her the answer...rephrasing it each time so hopefully she would understand me...this went on and on and on. She continued to yell the whole time. Wrote down what I said...then told me that it I wasn't answering her question. I think mostly I wasn't giving her the answer she was wanting to hear (which was: here let me do your homework for you). My supervisor came in on it and I watched her yell at him...he is so good about handling people like this. He explained it to her one more time and then said if you need further help you will have to go to the tutoring center...she called him a savior...she all but spit in my face. Sometimes I just want to scream....

But I don't.

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Black Jelly Bean Heaven

I am the only one of most of the people I know who enjoy the black (licorice) flavored jelly beans. They are my FAVORITE. So if you don't like the black them in a little baggy like my friends do (or sometime times the creative save them in plastic eggs) and send em on my way.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Kamikaze Squirrels

Well I am about to go home...wish me luck. And pray for the Kamikaze squirrels that invariably dart out in front of me on the drive home.
[Am I the only one who thinks KAMIKAZE SQUIRRELS would be a cool band name?]

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File Under Idiot Drivers

Many people in this area drive like idiots. Today one of these idiots pulled out in front of me and I slammed on the brakes and ended up skidding a fair amount. It scared the beejeebez outta me. Seriously...I am now completely beejeebez-less. It reminded me of the two other times I came seriously close to a major traffic accident...once would have been completely my fault (I'm the idiot in this story) and the other was completely NOT my fault.

The first happened when I wasn't even a licensed driver yet, but I was pretty damn close. My mother was letting me drive her to the here I am driving a 4 week old car that my parents just bought...but I had been driving for at least 6 months and was pretty good...I am at an intersection and the light turns green...we are all in the left turn lane...the car in front of my proceeds into the intersection and I follow...the next thing I know I hear skidding tires and my mom yelling OH SHIT (any my mom rarely cusses and enjoys telling me that I have the mouth of a sailor) and I look over my shoulder and a car had blown the red light and came within a foot of hitting the rear quarter panel.

The next incident...(my fault) happened approximately 1996. I was driving home from classes at the university and I wasn't paying attention. When realization dawned on me, I was heading rapidly towards rear-ending a small red dodge truck with a woman and a child in it sitting at a red light. I slammed on my brakes but realized that wasn't going to be enough. I couldn't go to the left of the truck because that was a lane full of cars as it was to the right...and off the road (mind you I am in a very low to the ground Chevy Lumina Euro Sedan (a 1990- as seen in Days of Thunder). I could hear the brush hitting the undercarriage of the car and the sides...and then I noticed the lovely metal light pole coming rapidly towards me. I stopped luckily literally inches from the pole. I was probably beejeebez-less for a week with that one. Luckily the car was no worse for the wear and I could see the little girl in the red dodge truck looking at me like "What the heck did she do that for." All I could think of was "Thank god I didn't hit them."

And while I am on the amusing stories about near misses in antadote about the accident I had in know that one where the car ran the red light and hit my Rav4. I was pissed when it happened because I was on my way home. I had just left the damn Mickey and Friends parking structure of Disneyland and was preparing myself for a 7 hour ride home...when boom. I remember pulling outta the way of the intersection and cussing a freaking blue streak. My brother later got into the Rav to move it further out of the way and when he went to get in it took him every bit of strength he had to be able to release the parking break. My brother installs garage doors and openers for a living and has more strength in this hand than I do in both my arms (something he likes to tease me about) can you tell how pissed I was?!? He said that I am lucky I didn't break the parking break setting it that tight.

Also...when I first jumped outta the Rav I wanted to see what damage was done. For some reason I thought he hit me further back and I saw a license plate on the ground. According to my sister in law I said "Oh!" and picked it up. I remember picking it up because I originally thought it was mine. Apparently my brother thought by the way I snapped up the plate that I was gonna throw it at the guy or something (I assure you that I was not...I was pissed because I thought it was my plate- which was the time with BK2RLTY...they are now BADGRUV). gotta love them.

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Monday, April 21, 2003
Crazy girl sings revisited

Read the original crazy girl sings post for reference.
Since I saw Bon Jovi on April 12th, I have been listening to Crossroads in my car (mostly because that was the only one of my bon jovi cds in the right cd case). The problem with this is that I am compelled to howl along and I know and love nearly every song on this cd. The new cd player doesn't help matters because it doesn't skip and the sound quality is awesome. I probably look like I am screaming at someone or myself...but no, I am really just singing (howling ok, howling). Today I got some really weird looks as I was driving to my lunch destination of choice...then I realized that one of them was my his work truck with his workmate. **blush** I am sure I will hear about it tonight at some point...I am just glad I had my cell phone turned off...that way I didn't have to hear about it right then...sometimes it is a good thing when I forget to charge my phone.
Wanna buy me a present? I would love you forever if you bought me one of these:

It is a mere $4480.00 I love it though.
Forgot to mention earlier that BFM and I went to see the new Adam Sandler movie ANGER MANAGEMENT. It was great. I love adam sandler movies. I have not seen one I didn't like yet...have you ever noticed he tends to use certain actors repeatedly for parts...I would tell you who but I can't remember their real names...BFM and I have names for them though and we know who we mean though.
Speaking of BFM, she is becoming a local star, having recorded her radio station promo for the contest she won...(read about it to jog your memory). She is embarassed because she doesn't talk like this in real life "Just me and Tim honey...whoohooo". Everyone has heard and brings it up...I heard it is pretty funny. She is always winning something. I wish I had luck like that.
*** is nearly time to leave has taken me forever to write this post...I can't believe people expect me to actually work at work...what is with that? I am just here for the high speed internet connection...just kidding...kinda.

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Someday, I'll Be Saturday Night

Hey, man I'm alive I'm takin' each day and night at a time

Yeah I'm down, but I know I'll get by

Hey hey hey hey, man gotta live my life

I'm gonna pick up all the pieces and what's left of my pride

I'm feelin' like a Monday, but someday I'll be Saturday night
----bon jovi

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Post Easter Post was everyone's Easter?!? Good? I hope so. Mine was pretty good. My most challenging aspect of the day was keeping dear Roxy out of the plates of food placed at her level on the coffee table. She may be classified as a scent hound...but I think her true classification should be chow hound. Seriously. She will eat anything...the other day she even ate lettuce because it fell on the floor while we were making a salad.
BFM gave me an easter present...its ORANGE COUNTY on DVD. She is a great friend because that movie is like my second or third favorite movie...(ALMOST FAMOUS being my first) and it is hard to find for some reason.
Somehow...while trying to fix my permalinks I fubared up the commenting system and could not for the life of me figure out how to fix I have a new commenting system...hopefully it works faster than the old one.
And thanks TESS for the comment regarding the last post that you posted in the old commenting system...I did see that.

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