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Friday, May 02, 2003

I am still not sure what I will be doing this weekend. Was going to go to an outdoor country music festival...but now they are saying it is going to rain that might not be too much fun. I will let you know what happens...but I hope everyone out there in blogland has a good one.

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It is soooo blasted quiet today at work. I hate complete and utter boredom...luckily if I finish all my work like a good little Amy I can do whatever I I am going to play THE SIMS UNLEASHED. I tell you...these pets are driving me mad. I want a turtle.

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Survivor and Taken Outta Context

I am sure you can all guess how disappointed I was that Christy got knocked out of Survivor so early when all she wanted was to make the final four. Unfortunately she went into tribal council too cocky. Unfortunately Rob choose to stab her in the back and not Jenna. I was shocked when Jenna gave Heidi her immunity necklace. It was a weird thing to do...especially when I was sure that they pretty much knew that Christy was going to be voted out. I don't blame Christy for being so will make for an interesting reunion show. Also Matthew is a great guy. I hope he wins.

***{{When Taken Out of Context}}***
Sometimes...conversations can seem soooo...dirty when taken out of context. This one, perfectly legitimate, when taken outta context sounds excruciatingly dirty:

Me: I have changed his password three times and it isn't taking.

Supervisor: Change it to sunshine.

Me:**change his password**

Supervisor: Now try to log in as him (I do and it is futile). Hmmm. Log in as you. (I can just fine). Hmmm. Did you finger him?

Me:'s all there.

Supervisor: Go to Secure shell. (i do) Now finger yourself. (long pause) Well that looks right. finger him again. (I do)....well...we'll have to have an engineer look at his account.


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Thursday, May 01, 2003
slightly offended

I went to target during lunch today and happened by the books (dangerous because I ended up buying two of the them). While in the books I stumbled across a section entitled: Women's Literature: Chick Fic. I was slightly offended. Not enough to not buy the two books, one cd and conglomerate of doggy toys.

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Angel and Assorted Notes

Angel was disappointing this week. Yikes. I mean really...Conner suddenly became a non-shiny happy person and supposedly has been so all along because he always saw Jasmine for what she really was? It was hard for me to believe because even just last week he was overboard with the shiny happy person frustrates me. Also...was I the only one who was disappointed that Jasmine's real name wasn't something cool like "she who consumes all energy"? I mean I would rather her real name be the devourer or something than just a bunch of mumbo jumbo...who does she think she is...the artist formally known as prince? I was also very disappointed to see Lilah is back from the presumedly dead. I mean didn't Westly chop her head off or something? It is too bad because Lilah drove me up a wall and now next week she offers Angel control over Wolfram and Hart? All I can say is that the best part of the whole episode was when Conner (Jasmine's only freewill follower) killed Jasmine. I was happy about that. I just know that the season finale (possibly the series finale) is going to end up with everything astray and asunder and we will be at a loss again for what the hell is going on...which rather sucks...especially if the season finale ends up being the series finale.

***{{Almost Famous}}***
Yesterday I felt famous because Benway openly thanked me for helping him test the MAC users chat RIK says I am his type of gal...the world just keeps getting better and better I say.

Roxy turned one on Sunday, which I know I mentioned did she ring in her birthday? She defluffed a new fluffball toy, destuffed a squeaky stuffed quail, tore up her plastic squeaky flower, got into a scrap with Coty and ended up with a bloody ear, and fell asleep with a full belly. be a beagle. Last night she played o'possum hunter...and had one cornered in the front yard on returning from her walk. Luckily she was on her leash or she probably would have tore into the poor little possum. She has also finally mastered the trick of sitting and staying at the front door even though it is open and she really wants to bolt out and explore....that was a hard one.

It is good to know that Greg is still stateside.

I guess that's all for now.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Today has been good so far

Today I feel famous because BENWAY thanked me for helping him test his new chat interface!!!
Also today was that is always a good thing.
I had a great lunch at Subway (Honey Mustard Ham) with BFM.
Tess gave me some random acts of the warm fuzzies via email...which were also greatly appreciated.
Rik asked me about the asparagus festival...which was nice of looks like he had loads of fun at the LA TIMES BOOK FESTIVAL
Angel is on tonight...which is always a good thing.

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Love, Asparagas, and Kevin Bacon

***LOVE...because I got some via email***
I love it when I log into my email in the midmorning and get a little email love...especially one spreading wednesday love....thanks Tess...I needed that.

***ASPARAGAS...for rik because he asked***
On Saturday I went to the Asparagas festival in Stockton. There I saw:
Kids on a crazy skateboard ramp
Crazy dogs with frisbees in their mouth
Those wannabe fosters farm chickens
Goslings swimming in the pond still all fuzzy
A beautiful german shepard police dog on duty (complete with badge)
A friend who lives in Modesto that I haven't seen in a long time. She is actually a friend of a friend...but she is really is her boyfriend.
Aspararitas....I wanted one but refrained.
Asparagas and steak sandwiches...I didn't want one
Rose Royce singing "Car Wash" among others
The Nelsons singing lots of songs

Things I didn't like about the festival:
The crappy parking in the middle of a hideously muddy dirt field
The lack of seating
The fact that I didn't bring my camera
The weather that could have been sunnier

***KEVIN BACON...because I was bored***
My six degrees to kevin bacon:
I know BFM who has met Nancy Wilson of Heart (and the Lovemongers) who is married to director Cameron Crowe who directed the movie SINGLES which starred Kyra Sedgwick who is married to Kevin Bacon.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Slight changes to the blog.

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This is a surprise???

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How to scare the bahgeebez outta me

Don't laugh but that is a hand drawn picture of the layout of my office. I am the big pink square. The purple one is where my coworker sits when she is here. The red T means telephone. Anyway...coworker was at lunch and I was talking over the cubicle wall to my superviser is is over the wall on the coworker side. I was fixing an account for someone who was in my supervisors office...when I was done I said I was finished and the person (the blue lines and X) then talked to me from right behind me and scared me. I nearly leapt outta my chair...I hate it when that happens.

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Monday, April 28, 2003
To the bitch driving the red Ford Expedition this evening:

Dear Bitch,

Thank you for ending my Monday on an up note. Like you, I was on my way home. I know you saw the sign that said "Do Not Pass" because that's about when started to speed up to pass me. Did you not know that those arrows pointing towards your lane meant mine was ending? Luckily the shoulder of the road there is nice and wide or I would have ended up in dirt...if we had been on the other side of the road and you pulled that stunt I would have ended up down a freaking doubt upside down in a field of freshly harvested lettuce remains. How nice of you to try to pass me in a no passing zone, nearly run me off the road and then slam on your breaks and let me in when you noticed that there was a cop two cars in front of me. Too bad he didn't see you run me off the road minutes earlier. Just because you are driving a bigger more expensive vehicle means that you have the right to bully your way through traffic.

You must be alone in the world because how would you feel if your child, sibling or parent had been the one shoved off the side of the road? What if they had been on the other side of the hill and shoved off the hill down into a field? I drive this road every monday through friday and I have seen this happen before. Did you notice a little further up the road the cross adorned with plastic flowers? Someone died there on the road because of a careless driver like yourself.

Sign me pissed off.

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How to make tech support not love you

Call at 4:55pm
Esoterically explain your problem
Get pissed when you don't like the answer that they provide you because you can't get instaservice.
Ask to speak to the supervisor at which point they will gladly pass you on and log out of the phone system as to not get any more of your calls.

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Why do monday's suck sooo much???

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Tess has me all jealous because she's seen a man apart!!!
Because I am bored-I got this from UNCONCIOUS MUTTERINGS, it is a word association game:
  1. Slob:: Oscar
  2. 60:: 40 split
  3. Personals:: white trash
  4. Famous:: almost
  5. Cancer:: deadly
  6. Internet:: need
  7. Previously:: on er
  8. Moonshine:: white lightning
  9. Ants:: disgusting
  10. Check::bills

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