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Friday, May 09, 2003
Not here today

I will not be here today as I will be laying bed waiting for my head to actually explode.

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Thursday, May 08, 2003
Lots o' Notes patient with me because today I have a whole list of things to talk about...seriously...I wrote them down and everything!!!

As always-the season has left me in a quandry. I am not sure what they heck has happened to Conner- except that he was suicidal at the beginning of the episode and then apparently ANGEL took the Wolfram and Hart deal and now he is a normal kid with a normal family...only Angel and Lilah remember him...everyone else is like "who's conner?" Bah I say.

***GOT MILK?***
How funny is this: I always watch ANGEL at BFM's house. Last night she realized she was out of milk and it was a must have. So at 10pm we go to the grocery store and she grabs the milk and I notice that of the four people in line...three of them are buying a gallon of whole milk. I felt like I was in a commercial or something.

I have been running all over the office today trying to buy a stamp off of someone. No body carries stamps anymore??? They all look at me like I am weird or something. Why is it that whenever I have four things to mail I only have three stamps left?

***How long is too long?***
When a coworker emails you to tell you they will be out of the office but to please listen for their phone which is suppose to ring with a very important phone call (non work related mind you) and asks you to tell the person calling to call her at long is too long to wait for the call? It was suppose to be around 10:00 but it never rang...finally I went on my break at 11:00 because I couldn't take it anymore.

***Hot Water Man***
Today a new water man came to give us water. He was way hotter than our usual guy. I nearly said "hey will you be our new permanent water man because you are great eye candy." Then my supervisor walked by and I pretended to look busy.

I would like to introduce you to Brian The 80's Metal Dude. He reminds me sooo much of myself at his age...except he can actually play guitar. Not to mention he gave me half a cookie on a hard eighties metal question I got semi right. yeay me. His blog will soon be listed over there where all my other usual reads are listed :)

***I'm not sure why...but I relate to this...***
Rik...I love to read his blog. Anyway he has a great post there today about who you actually are vs who you project yourself to be. I could relate to it...and it is so eloquently written it. Go on...

***Kindergarten Photoshop***
Tess gives me little projects...sometimes it could be hunting down something on the web for her...or whatnot...and I love to do them...because frankly sometimes I have a lot of time on my hands. On Tuesday she gave me a little project to draw her something in photoshop. Now this is ODD because I feel I have zero artistic ability. I am sure this is the least with drawing. But if you want to see the picture...and read about how she was wronged by an evil dumptruck man...go HERE.

***That's all folks***
I am done for right now. Sorry so long...hope I didn't bore yall.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

If you haven't guessed already...I have ingested an inordinately high amount of caffeine today as I was exhausted...something about getting home at 12:45 am and getting up at 6:00 am to come to work that really takes it outta you (not that it wasn't worth it or anything). I think it is finally starting to kick in.

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Scary Drivers part 347293

I nearly get to the show (see entry below) I had to drive some distance. Now I go a bassackwards way going down the old monterey highway and then merging onto the 101 only to then catch the 280 to the Guadalupe Expressway. Anyway...while on the onramp from the old monterey highway to 101 I was behind this older silver jeep cherokee. He seemed to misjudge the sharpness of the turn and put two wheels off into this big mud puddle...flinging it everywhere. Then he seemed to recover and merge successfully onto the highway. From there he started driving very eradically in his lane...drifting here and there. Going the speedlimit and then hardly the speed limit...I finally had had enough of his tomfoolery and decided to pass him. I told my friend to "give him a look" (meaning glare at the crazy bastard for me while I navigate traffic). However, we both glanced over at him as I passed him to see a man who was nearly asleep at the wheel. It was about 4:30 pm or so so I don't know if he was sleepy, ill, or intoxicated...but he seriously looked as if he were going to go to freaking sleep...needless to say I passed the crazy guy...who got off the freeway a couple exits later...I hope to sleep or get medical attention or something.

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You know me...

I am truly a rock n roll girl in my heart. I always have been. My mom jokingly likes to tell people that when I was born I came out talking and I said "Turn the lights down, the stereo up and if you hit me one more time I am telling." I think I perplex my parents...because while on a daily basis I listen to several different types of heart has always been with rock. Hard Rock. I have seen Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Tesla, Robert Plant, Henry Rollins, Poison (several times...they put on a great show), Bon Jovi, Slaughter (also several million times) plus others live and would give my eye teeth to see Metallica. My father is a die hard country music listener as is my mother (who also loves her do-wop and bruce springsteen)...and you can imagine their surprise when I told them I was going to see TIM MCGRAW and the HP PAVILLION in San Jose (formerly the Compaq Center- known to native californians and hockey fans at THE SHARK TANK). Mostly they seethed with jealousy...since BFM won the tickets so we just had to pay for drinks ($7.50 for two diet cokes!). Well...let me say...I was extremely pleasantly surprised.

The meet n greet thing was your standard preshow radio Meet n Greet...we were all lead deep into the bowels of the shark tank to a place I envision is where the hockey players usually psyche themselves up before going onto the ice. Tim seemed very nice...but a little shy. Of course I think we surprised him. While they were lining us up for the MNG they said when he came out to be sure to clap for him to welcome him to San Jose...and well we did...and there was some hootin' and hollerin' (not by me mind you)...but he shook my hand and said "it is nice to meet you Amy" and then the security person took our picture and he patted me and told me to have fun of course being a completed doofus I said..." too...thanks"

Then we went topside to look at the merchandise...and it was very reasonably priced (way cheaper than Bon Jovi's was less than a month ago) and I bought my dad a hat for his birthday next week. Then we got the aforementioned cokes and found our seats. Now the tickets where comp tickets so they weren't that great...but that is the wonderous thing about the Shark Tank...there are no really horrid seats there. The people sitting next to us were also from the same town and won tickets on the Radio (from the same station) but they didn't get to go to the MNG.

The show was great. It was high could tell that Tim and all the members of THE DANCEHALL doctors really enjoyed being there. They only played a couple of songs I wasn't familiar with too. I tell you...that Tim McGraw can hold an audience. And he isn't hard on the eyes either. Neither is their keyboardist (Jeff McMahon)...who I think had the most spirit of all the people there...besides maybe Tim. All in all the show was really great...and I would go again!!! It is worth sitting here at work overly tired, overly hungry and now overly poor because sodas cost all my lunch money!!!!

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003
Message to TESS

I have finished it!!! I had to send it to your other email account though because like a dork I emptied my mailbox...doh!!!!

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Why oh why is the morning creeping by at the pace of of an elderly snail????

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Tim McGraw

Today BFM and I will be going to see Tim McGraw because she won tickets...and backstage passes. WHOO.

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Monday, May 05, 2003
What I did this weekend

Well it rained and was cold and blustery nearly all I didn't wash my car...which desperately needs some tender loving care. It also needs an oil change...but I can't find my free oil change coupon and I am too cheap to pay for it.

What else???? I went shopping...didn't buy too much because I am hit with mother's day and father's birthday this month...grrr. Whoops I take that back...I bought a pair of socks (I have a total addiction to socks) and some SEE'S PURE CAN SUGAR TWISTS...they are the best...well the best non-chocolate goodie. I bought a whole 7 oz bag of them and put them in my candy dish here at work. They are very popular.

What else???? Hmmm...I played a lot of THE SIMS UNLEASHED. My damn people are pissing me off though because they never do what I want them to do. I hate to turn off free will...but...I may just have to. I am going to be building a new house soon. While on the subjects of video games...I am usually so NOT a gamer...well except for THE SIMS but last night my brother and father were in the computer room while we were all waiting for dinner and I decided I needed to see what was so fun about BLACK HAWK DOWN. Now I totally suck at those shoot-em up bang-em up kind of games...and I usually find them rather boring but I did play a few rounds with them...despite their teasings about how much I sucked...however they seemed to be stuck on the same level so I don't know how good they are.

OH!!!! Roxy cornered a gopher in the backyard!!!! We were inside enjoying the barbequed chicken and ROXY came running in all we went out to see the newest hole she dug and it was trying to get into the garden. Now I had been hearing noises at night when I would take ROXY out for her last potty go before bed. I guess it was this gopher. Roxy tried to dig into the garden to get it so my dad ran it out of the tomatoes with the hose and they my brother stepped on it (YUCK)! Oh least it is gone and I know what those noises were at night...

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