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Saturday, May 17, 2003
Happy Saturday I am posting on Saturday morning. Going on a day trip up to San Jose with BFM...will be blogging later this evening or night most likely with some interesting news...interesting to me come back...ya hear???

Oh...and tonight I will fix the permalink that tess so kindly helped me with for the post below...

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Friday, May 16, 2003
An awesome piece of blogging...

Please go to A PLACE TO STAND and read Night Flight (May 16th). It is incredible writing...enough said. There is no permalink this is just a link to the blog...a new discovery for me and added today to my list of reads.

Have a great weekend all...see ya on monday for sure...but hopefully sooner.
Thanks tess for helping me with the permalink :)

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The Wild Life

I actually left during my break today. I normally don't even take a break...break...I don't need no stinking break.

Anyway...this story actually begins to take place on my way back to work from lunch...I was running late...way 15 minutes late...thanks to two tractors and a produce truck...all on different points of my drive back from lunch. I turn the corner on two wheels I notice that there is a fresh road kill victim...a little squirrel. Nothing to really cry over...this place is overrun with the little suckers and they always tend to play kamikaze with the cars anyway...I saw the little squirrel and said...hmm that looks fresh.

Then I go on my break and I go back up the street and as I am pulling up onto fresh little road kill squirrel...who is probably no so fresh anymore...a giant red tailed hawk..comes swooping out of the sky to carry it's little carcass away to where ever it feels safe to eat. Red Tails are beautiful creatures...and HUGE...did I mention that??? They are also very graceful to watch when swooping upon road kill. other nature news...while driving home from work yesterday I saw the biggest of jack rabbits go running across the street full speed. It was on an often unused or very lightly travelled road...and I wasn't on that road...but I saw it run across the street. I haven't seen very many of those that close to civilization...only the second one I have seen since 1995.

And that's Amy's wild california episode for who knows how long....

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CAUTION: Contains strong language not usually used in this blog...but often comes out of my mouth in real life (except at work).

I don't know how one person can make so much noise eating but it is annoying the fuck out of me (ok...I said it...the F word...I actually say it a lot in real life so sue me). I think I have mentioned it before but today it is just out of freakin' control. I mean I sit not four feet from this person for eight hours every day...arghhhhh....vent vent vent vent. This person should not be allowed celery, apples or this person can not chew without waking the dead.
Also...I just got the fuckwit of all callers minutes ago. I work at an UNNAMED STATE UNIVERSITY. I sit here and am at the beckon call of students, staff and faculty who are having issues with their computers. I only support certain applications..but can try to help you figure out problems with others provided there is no one in the call queue and I feel like it. I often feel like it because I like to learn new things. Anyhow...



"Are you looking for the phone number to UNNAMED CAMPUS THEATER THAT HAS PLAYS AND MOVIES?"

"Um no...I am looking to buy tickets over the phone or internet to GALAXY theater (a movie theater a couple of towns over)".

"Well, have called the computer help line at UNNAMED STATE UNIVERSITY..."

Fuckwit lady interrupts me and says "yeah I know...but can't you help me with this? You know...tell me how to find tickets to the movies on the internet."

Now theoretically I could...but:
1. She shouldn't have been so snotty with me.
2. It is not in my job description to help idiots buy tickets to see X-Men or THE MATRIX ReLoaded. I mean seriously...don't you think I have better things to do???

My solution: I said "well I would open a search engine and type in the words I AM AN IDIOT..."

Ok...I didn't really say that...but I felt like saying that. What I really said was "Well, I would open a web browser and go to my favorite search engine and type in Movie Tickets Online."

I really think she wanted the number or website for FANDANGO (which I use A LOT and it works quite well...I recommend it)...but if you are a fuckwit you have to pay the piper.


At least today is wonderous friday.

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

I have been tired lately...but I have also been sleeping my usual amount...what is with that?
Also...why can hugely big bears pull off wearing a tutu in public when a fat woman can't? Is it the hair?
I will try to return to my normal posting self tomorrow....

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

See...I no sooner post the last message and my Tess has emailed me...see how cool she is? She rocks.

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Assorted Notes...again

I was working on this a few minutes ago and then all of the sudden I became stupid and closed the web browser and lost it...what was I thinking?
What is it about people not following directions? I give people very explicit instructions about how they go about updating their service requests with additional information and they invariably end up emailing me the information instead of updating the workorder. GRRRRR.
I have been suffering from horrible headaches lately. I think that they are induced by the season...meaning that they are discing and ploughing the fields by my house...which gives me horrifically hideous headaches (just call me alliteration girl).
Excuse me...I am going to go to the front desk and grab a cookie before they are all gone.
It looks like Greg is deploying soon.
Matron will be filming the WEAKEST LINK soon...GOODLUCK...knock 'em dead...not too dead though or you might not get your money if you win :)
Since Monday (when my dad bought his iBook) it is like I leave work only to go back to father is petrified of "ruining" the machine. He is sooo pc minded that I have to think of all these things like: "an alias is like a shortcut" or "the dock is kinda like the start menu" kind of things to say. At least yesterday he went out and bought MACOS X for DUMMIES book. I hope this curbs his questions of me. I really really do.
*** I am just feeling grateful and I just want to thank Tess and my new friend Rik. Tess just because she is always if I go missing she comes looking and she is always there :) Rik for giving me recent encouragment and words of wisdom...they are both very appreciated.
BFM brought me goodies from her house hunting mission in Vegas...BlueMan goodies because she was staying at the Luxor while house hunting.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

BFM just called me...she is back...whooohoo. Yipee.

I am soooo stoked.

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My first Quiznos

Quiznos seem to be popping up around here like there is no tomorrow. Seriously. I lunched with snl and decided to try them. She had been there before and had raved to me about them.

Me...well...not such a fan. They are more expensive then my subway...and it could have just been the sandwich I had but I would rather have my Honey Mustard Ham or Honey Mustard Ham and Turkey anyday. And their seating is not optimal...tall tables with tall chairs that mock short legged people like myself. It was nice to have lunch with snl don't get me wrong...I just am not a big fan of tall tables and tall chairs...probably why I don't hang out in bars as much as I should.

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Tragically Tenacious Tuesday

Today just seems to be poking by...why? I really have nothing great to say mostly because I have had a real boring time lately with BFM out of time and SNL has been working so I have nothing to do except sit around and play with my dad's new laptop. He has the 14 inch iBook. It looks like a giant to me. Since he is waiting for his DSL stuff to come I brought it to work and updated the software for him. It took me like two or three would have taken him nearly all night on dialup.

I need something new...I dunno what...a new friend? a new book? a new cd? Something new...

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Monday, May 12, 2003
Just another freaky monday

Keister. That is my new word and I have been blurting it out at inappropriate times all day.

Anyway...these are the good things about today:

1. Went to lunch with SisnLaw.
2. Dad bought an iBook.
3. Got a voicemail from a friend
4. Got to work the switchboard for over an hour

These are the not-so-good things about today:
1. It's Monday
2. I had to work
3. I got about 17 phonecalls this morning from my father who was fretting about an iBook.
4. BFM is out of town
5. It's Monday.

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Back with head still intact head never blew up incase you were wondering. Not that it didn't feel like it was going to. I really wish that Claritan didn't become over the counter. I use to be able to get a big fat perscription of it for $5.00 now I have to pay nearly $10.00 for 15 tablets. URG. That sucks.
I am disappointed with the outcome of Survivor...I really wanted Matthew to win. Oh well.
My dear father has called me about 16 times in the hour and a half I have been here at work. My grandma wants to buy him a laptop for his birthday and he is considering an iBook because he already has a pc and he can learn about he has all these questions. I think I probably convinced him to drive up to the apple store in San Jose and bug them about it.
I didn't do too much this weekend. Very low key for me.

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