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Friday, May 30, 2003
I am home now...

I am record time. We left the parking lot in Vegas at 9:00 and ended up here at 5:20 is a record...of course we only stopped that was bad. This is usually a drive that takes somewhere between 9 and 10 was almost spooky. First I went to Disneyland and was there with BFM and her family Saturday and Sunday. Then Monday BFM's family left for home...and BFM and I ended up in VEGAS!!!! I swear I was thinking Santa Barbara...we had a complete was great. I had lots of fun and have LOTS to tell...just not tonight and I am beat. I enven have pictures to share and will be making a new photo album sometime next week (I am too cheap to spring for photoshop so I have to use the copy on my work machine...all in the name of education right???

I feel so out of it. I stopped by a couple of my favorite blogs and so much has happened...most exciting is that TESS got her proposal....CONGRATS...

I have a snail mail letter for tess...that I started at disneyland...augmented in Vegas but still need to finish. I still haven't been able to find you a disney shotglass...but I got you a surprise anyway...I will send it to you as soon as I can dig it up...I think my disneyland stuff may still be in BFM's parent's car. I will give you all a play by play of everything vacation wise...but it may take me a couple of days...just know...I am alive...and my one leg is a little sunburned (missed a spot with the sunblock).

I did the I'm in vegas post from an internet terminal in our hotel...but enough about that...cheers.

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BADGROOVE has a new home: You should be redirected.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

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