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Saturday, June 07, 2003

No- that isn't a is an on purpose. I am a little sad because on Thursday I found out that BFM is leaving a lot sooner than I had thought. In a little over two weeks...It makes me sooo sad. I feel like I am whining when I say that but it is true. Part of me is really happy for her...because it sounds like this new house of hers totally rocks. She will be living in Las Vegas- not in Henderson afterall...but she will be living in a gated community and they are having a pool put in and everything. It sounds very cool. I can't wait to she the pictures of the house that are currently being developed. They already have their keys and everything.

Anyone want to bet how many miles my car will have on it by the end of the year??? Seriously...let's make it contest. Whoever is closest will win a cool prize....Leave your guesses in my comment boxs..or email me at badgroove(at)earthlink(dot)com...if you want the prize you have to give me at least an email address where I will be able to get a hold of you.

In happy news though...bad groove may be getting a facelift soon...more details to come.

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Thursday, June 05, 2003
Just a normal day

So far today has just been a normal day.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Yummy food
Someone from upstairs sent a peice of cheesecake my way via my cubemate who was already sweet...both literally and figuratively. I love cheesecake...really the quickest way to your helpdesk support person's heart is through their stomach...Ha.

The meeting was ok. It only lasted about 35 minutes...which was why it was ok. If it had been any longer I would have run out of doodle papers.

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Usually our group in our department (we are only 4 including our lead) can get out of departmental staff meetings because we are small and well oiled and get along great...and the stuff talked about doesn't usually have a lot to do with our little unit. Today I have been informed that our unit must go to this it will "be more structured" and "pertain to everyone". We whined but were told we must is even in a different building. How special. I will be sure to let you all know whether or not it was any different that the usual crappy meetings that we quit attending a while ago.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Today I am resentful of my coworkers. I feel as if they aren't pulling their own weight. Seriously. I have been stuck here all afternoon answering phones and doing workorders. My cubemate was in an hour long class on OS X supposedly...she comes back at 4:15 and never even logs back into her phone meanwhile I am here with callers sitting in the queue...and our SA is beign utilized for other projects and can't help me on the phones which are really busy today. Maybe I am just being bitchy...but since the beginning of the year- I have closed 382 official work requests. This does not include phone support or anything else that I do. My cube mate has done somewhere between 34 and 230 jobs. Why I don't know her exact number is because she closed jobs under two names...her own (34 jobs) and our departmental account which has closed 216- however she did not do ALL of those...because other people have access to close under that name. She is never logged onto her phone as much as I am she works from 7:30 -4:30 and our phone system doesn't start routing calls to 8:00 am when I get in. Not to mention the fact that today she was like 20 minutes late from lunch....ACK. I just needed to bitch I think. Thanks for listening.

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Notes and such

"Carry me with your grace, Forever comfort me"- Tim McGraw

Ok so I at least I am not doing Bon Jovi lyrics anymore right? Hee.
So yesterday I kicked work ass. How? When I got back I had an email saying that I was to go through the MACROMEDIA Dreamweaver tutorial and make the tutorial webpage and put it up in my company webspace (accessible only if you have one of our ip numbers) to prove that I did it. I also was reminded that I had to have my employee self-evaluation done by the end of this month. I not only went through and did the tutorial website, I then played some more and made a another website- linking them together and publishing them so that my supervisor would know not only can I follow directions but I can also utilize them. That I had done yesterday afternoon and then started straight away on my self-evaluation- which I finished this morning- made three copies of it- signed it and distributed the copies to everyone who needed to get copies. All in about 10 hours...damn I am good.
I am working on my road log. I got about three quarters done with it and decided that I am not going to just make a mondo entry. I am going to try using dreamweaver to make it all it will take me awhile. I almost have all the text done though....which is a big chunk o' the problem.
Roxy has become a holy terror lately. I don't know what has gotten into her. She bit (snapped) at my dad...this is so not acceptable behavior. Granted he was teasing her with food- but still. She peed on the carpet. Twice. She ate a brand new feather duster. I don't know if she is just being a rebellious teenager or if she has a serious problem. I am hoping its not a bladder infection again- she never pees in the house...except when she had that bladder infection last year...oy.

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Monday, June 02, 2003
It's like I never left...

Here at work it's like I never left...except that there is a hell of a lot more work for me to do because it was piling up.

Plus it looks like I am going to have to learn dreamweaver. Urg.

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