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Friday, June 13, 2003

I actually proclaimed that not minutes ago! One of our student assistants said "Is there something that you aren't telling us over there?" I laughed. Why did I proclain that you ask??? I will telll you why...because when I launched BLOGGER it looked totally completely different. I am so shocked that I forgot what I was going to say today...dear goodness. Let's just hope it works better. is 3:40 and in an hour and 20 minutes I am going home and then I am driving with BFM to will take us like...7 and a half hours...I am a little worried about the long least we aren't ballsing it all the way to Vegas in one night...after working.

Will try to update Sunday or Monday depending on when I get back.


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BADGROOVE has a new home: You should be redirected.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Assorted Annotations

First Some Lyrics for you:
I've worn out always being afraid
An endless stream of fear that I've made
Treading water full of worry
This frantic tick tick talk of hurry
---from FRANTIC off of the album St. Anger by Metallica


1. The meeting monkeys were more sinister this time. The meeting lasted nearly an hour. I was mentioned twice by name within the first 15 minutes...once regarding training resources requests and once regarding self-evaluations.

2. I am still waiting to here about my flex hours. I want to work 4/10 with mondays off. We'll see...I think I will find out very soon. I hope I do because of number three.

3. Where will I be this weekend? Las Vegas. I leave on friday night and come back on Sunday. It is all business. BFM has to be there to receive some furniture and stuff and I want to see the house. I can assure you that there will be NO weekend posts this weekend. There won't be time for it. I will be sleeping on the floor by the way. I will tell you all about her house when I get back.

4. One of our student assistants is reading: The Da Vinci Code and it sounds fascinating. I have added it to my amazon wish list.

5. There is a fun web quest you can do regarding the book. You really only need to have read the book for one small part so I will post the web quest for you and if you get stuck on the part that refers to the book ask me via email or comments and I will give you the same hint I got (it worked because I solved the code). Find the web quest here: The Da Vinci Code Web Quest

6. I have been getting an abnormally large amount of hits from people seaching google for ANGRY GUMBALLS. Weirdos.

7. I am going to dinner tonight. I haven't decided where yet. Probably Mexican. Possibly Chinese. Still thinking...

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The Meeting Monkeys are at it again

It looks like the meeting monkeys are at it again...requesting my presence at another staff meeting. It looks like these are going to be weekly meetings. Ode to Joy!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003
Let sleeping Beagles sleep

If you don't let a sleeping beagle may get a dirty look:

This is a picture of Roxy I took on her birthday (april 27th, 2003). She wasn't pleased that I woke her. Isn't she a cutie though???

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Monday, June 09, 2003
Another REALLY stupid driver and St. Anger

I violently flipped someone off today. Note, that I don't often flip people off at all...I will raise my hands occasionally...I usually curse blue streaks a mile wide. But this person not only got flipped off...but I felt the need to stick my arm out the window and direct it at them to make DAMN sure that they knew they were the target. But I am getting ahead of I am driving back to work after lunch. I turn onto one of those roads that go through the is two lanes. I can see in the distance that there is a school bus pulled over to the side of the road (on the oncoming side) with its flashing red lights know the ones that mean all traffic must stop. So I start to slow...but just as I do that the lights go off and the bus pulls off back into the street. So I again begin to accelerate. Just as I begin to reach the appropriate speed a stupid ass comes flying around the school bus into my lane, to pass the bus- towards me in my lane. I slam my breaks on and he cuts the bus off hard getting in front of it and back into his own damn lane. I shoved my hand out my window and gave him the one finger salute to stupidness. He was stupid. At the very least he endangered his life, anyone riding with him, and my life...or he could have caused an accident with a bus full of school kids. Nice guy huh?

***St. Anger***
I have had in my possession since Saturday the new Metallica album...St. Anger. I was in the bay area on Saturday and it was sitting there in the store...even though the official release date is tomorrow I think. Anyway...I bought it. First of all...the cd is in a softpack...which I am not a fan of...mostly because I tend to be hard on my cds and occassionally step on cases strewn about my car. Secondly...I was fascinated to find out that the cd also came with a DVD in the same softpack. I have been listening to the CD on and off and I must say that I really like it. BUT be forwarned: Metallica fans use to overproduced albums be wary- this album is RAW with a bit of punk thrown in to the mix. My favorite song on the album is the first track: FRANTIC because that is what it is- frantic and fast paced. I have also just started watching the DVD that accompanies the is a live (as the band rehearses) track by track of the is interesting and fun to watch...although a little to busy for work...of course...I probably shouldn't be trying to watch a dvd and work at the same time now should I??? Some other bands should take a hint about releasing a was a fun surprise.

It may seem weird to some of you that I can go from quoting Tim McGraw lyrics in one post to talking about the new Metallica album in another...but what can I say...I have broad tastes.

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