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Saturday, June 21, 2003
Guess what I just bought?

Tickets to see the latest incarnation of Rock Never Stops!!!

It will be a blast...and I am not so sure that we don't have front row seats...

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Friday, June 20, 2003
weekend plans

I don't really have any....BFM is having a garage sale on SUNDAY so I told her I would help her with that...

Might see a movie...might not. Will fill you in later.

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I feel like I am rotting!!! My office couldn't be any cleaner...I mean couldn't. Also- I gave it some spice for the 4th of July. I am bored outta my gord here and the worst part is I have to stay until 6:00 when everyone else has gone MIA. This is the part that working 4/10s sucks...I mean even cubemate left 10 minutes early...and no one has seen boss since 11:00. Urg...I hope I find something interesting to do with the next hour and a half of my time.

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Friday Friday

Happy day- today is makes me wanna do a dance of joy.
Today I am freezing my ass...well, let's just say I am really cold today. It is sunny looking outside but don't let it fool is really cold.
This morning I was seven minutes late for work. That's ok though...there was no one here to notice. I still felt bad though.
Despite having no more money work was able to squeeze out a couple of books I wanted out of training funds. I got:

Learning Unix for Mac OS Xby Dave Taylor and Brian Jepson


Mac OS X Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools by Rael Dornfest and Kevin Hemenway

I am still trying to motivate myself into diving into one of them. I'll probably do Unix first since it is shorter.
Tess has started making me a blanket. I am soooo stoked. I can't wait to see it.
I have a huge hankering to watch Almost Famous but someone borrowed my copy of the DVD and didn't return I am out of luck...unless you all wanna buy it for me??? It is on my WISH LIST at amazon. I could also use a new copy of the soundtrack because mine is missing in action- I think it might have been one of the several cds I lost when I lost my cd case at McCarran Airport a couple of years ago. It bums me out.
I tell you, after checking my statistics for my page- it is a little disappointing to learn how many people do not use macs...sad sad sad.
Oh, and I calmed myself down last night...I figure the cleaning people would probably find me.
I think I am going to redecorate my office. I need a change.

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Thursday, June 19, 2003
Morbid Thought

A rather morbid thought suddenly came to me...I wonder how long it would take for someone to find me if I were to suddenly drop dead whilst here alone in the evening???

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June 19th 2002: A year ago today has been a year. A year ago this morning I dislocated my knee. I am still not even sure how it happened. All I know is that I have never felt such pain and I layed there and prayed to pass out. Seriously. Let's just say the paramedics gave me morphine and I didn't even feel it when I accidently ripped out my IV because I had an intense cramp in my leg that felt like my leg bone would seriously snap in half at any moment (apparently the cramps are your muscles trying to put things back where they go...but mine wouldn't go back). It was my first ride in an ambulence (over rated), my first visit to the emergency room (the ceiling looks just like it does on TV). It took the doctor two times to get it to set...the first time it popped right back out. I was in a stiff legged brace for four weeks...I was in a soft brace for two months longer...I was in physical therapy for six weeks.

I hope never to repeat the experience.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003
A quickie

I spent most of the day working...techincally I have to work for 16 more minutes.

The 4/10s are working out well. I like the thought of not working on Monday and I am not as weary as I thought I might be getting to work and hour earlier and staying an hour later.

I haven't gotten any good snailmail lately...grrr.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003
BTW- Some notes:

The new design seems to load slower...but if you use: it seems to work just a little faster.
Boy are 10 hour days long!!!! I am now working 4 10 hour days instead of 5 8 hour days...and I get three day weekends every weekend. I like the extra weekend day...I don't know how I feel about the 10 hours is long....but it is only for the summer.
I am still enjoying listening to ST. Anger by Metallica...I don't care whatchya say.
I am starting a new book: Picturing the Wreck by Dani Shapiro.
I have just now decided it is weird to be here alone after 5:00...creepy and lonely. I would be scared if our building wasn't locked up like fort knox.

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I am back from Vegas with a new look

First I would like to thank Shanni for the great new design. Donchya love it? I do. THANKS SHANNI!!!!

First of all BFM needed to rent a car to go to Vegas in because her new Civic was using power steering fluid like there was no tomorrow. So she got this Mitsubishi Gallant as a rental as part of her warranty with Honda Care. So we drive Friday night to Barstow arriving about 11:30 or so and stay at the quality in Barstow...never stay was the filthiest hotel room I have ever stayed at in my life. But one thing I have stay about it is that the showers has so much water pressure that I felt like I was in that movie A Perfect Storm. We leave Barstow at 5:00 am because we have to be in the BFM's house in VEGAS by nine and we aren't sure exactly where it is. We get onto the fifteen. We stop in BAKER for a quick breakfast...then get right back on the highway. The gas gauge when we left the Dennys in Baker said just over a quarter of a tank. We no sooner get on the fifteen and the gauge is past E and the fuel light is on. Gee....thanks for renting us a car with a faulty gas gauge enterprise. So we are able to make it to the above call box where we call for help. 40 minutes and $65.00 later we have three more gallons of gas and are back on our way. We make it to BFM's new house right at nine...because we got a little lost thanks to my brilliant sense of direction. Her new house is in a lovely gated community called Russell Ranch. The house is ablsolutely huge and absolutely empty. We unload the Gallant (which also had a transmission problem that caused it to buck like a horse upon acceleration)...then I get the tour. You walk into the front door and off to the right is a little tiny living room type room. On the left are the stairs. Straight back is a living room (larger with a fireplace and lots of cool niches) a dining area and a kitchen and the sliders to the back yard. From there is a little hall way that takes you to a half bath, the laundry room and the downstairs master bedroom. Off the master bedroom is a huge bathroom with a separate shower and tub, two sinks and a water closet. Also the biggest closet I have ever seen in my life (walk in). If you go upstairs you are in the huge the right of the loft are two smaller bedrooms and a small linen closet that is prewired to be the hub for high speed internet piped through the house. On the left is the upstairs master bedroom and bathroom that looks just like the downstairs one. There is also another full bath.

Anyway...we spend the first half of the day waiting for the delivery people. Then we go shopping where furniture is ordered. Beds, tables, couches etc. Then we decide that we are going to need a good nights sleep so we rent a room in Jean (because it is cheaper than the rooms in Vegas because of the RODEO at the MGM Grand). We unpack some of the stuff...hang some of the clothes...go to the hotel in Jean (the gold strike....rooms were great for $29.99 a night but the people working there were kinda rude). We sleep. We wake up and drive back into Vegas...where we do some last minute house things...and then drive home. All the way. Towards the middle of the drive home we make a game and bet at what time we would be home. BFM said 8:30 - 8:45. She won the dollar. Of course she sped a little too...

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