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Thursday, July 03, 2003
Boss of Boss Rocks...

Boss of boss just came down and told me to call two of the field techs that were still out and tell them to finish up what they were doing and leave...and then tell me I can do the same thing...


I am soo outta here. You all probably won't hear from me until Tuesday because I will be taking my first ever SOLO road trip to vegas...wish me luck.
I wish Echoes a great time on her trip...

See yall around next week.

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Tell me how...

Tell me how I can order:

1 kids burrito meal and a cheese quesadilla (with no sauce)

and then they read it back to me right...

And I actually get:

1 kid burrito kids meal, 1 regular taco, one chicken quesadilla...with sauce???

Unfortunately I get it in the drive through and don't notice the mistake until back at work too...grr.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
I could so...

I could so have a big pepperoni pizza right now...yummy...

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ARG...I lost the freakin post...

I had this long and lovely post written...but I lost it and now I don't feel like recreating ...too bad for you.

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Things to remember to do before Friday
1. Go to Target and pick up some things (wrapping paper, etc).
2. Go to BFM's Grandma to pick up mail and hangers for Misty.
3. Go to star care to pick up something for Misty's Dad.
4. Pack fast-acting inhaler-even though I use it maybe once every three years.
5. Fold down the seats in the Rav.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Anxious for news...
BFM called me this morning to tell me two things:
1. There is this job that she really really wants and is going to apply for.
2. She was going to go down to the DMV in Vegas and try to get a Nevada State Driver's license. She hopes the laws aren't too different...she isn't even going to study. I can't wait to hear how she did....I hope she did well...I have been sending her good karma all day.

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I have been MIA from here...sorry. I think that my brother and SNL decided that they would spend the weekend amusing me since BFM has gone to the desert oasis known as Las Vegas.
I have a headache. Maybe you can give me some asprin huh?
This weekend I watched THE FAST and THE FURIOUS just to see VIN DIESIL in action. I completed admit it and look forward to A MAN APART being released on video and ppv.
Speaking of BFM- her family caravan down to LV was a complete disaster. There was an over heating truck (needed a new radiator put in), a flat tire, a last minute hotel, a hotel reservation that wasn't able to be filled, a thumb caught in the door, angry movers, chunks out of the door frame, and the heat...I think that thinks are finally starting to settle in down there now...finally.
I am planning my first solo road trip. SCARY THOUGHT. I will be leaving very early July 4th and driving all the way to Las Vegas...alone. BFM wants me to call her every time I stop. Mom wants me to call every two hours no matter what (this is annoying- I hate to talk on the phone and drive). My brother wants to come with me. ERG. I am still trying to decide which way to are my options:

1. hwy 101 south to 46 east to 99, to 58 to 15.
2. hwy 101 north to 25 east to 152 to 5 to 58 to 15
3. hwy 101 south to 10 east to 15

Anybody got any suggestions.

posted by Amy on 7/01/2003 01:04:00 PM | link

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