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Friday, July 11, 2003
Happy Weekend everyone

Hope you all have a great weekend and here is a picture of roxy...the best ever picture. My dad took it in our living room with his digital has not been photoshopped at all...this is just the way it happened to come out. I mean, seriously, isn't she adorable?!?

See ya all on monday...have a great weekend. I know I will.

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BFM is in town...yipeeee...too bad she has to leave SUNDAY :(

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

I am excited because someone bought me a book from my list...but I haven't gotten it yet. I can't wait >:) THANK YOU WHO EVER YOU ARE!

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Doesn't Bode Well...

It doesn't bode well that I just looked over at my coworker and said:

Do you have Jack Daniel's phone number?

I meant to say- do you have (insert name of technician who's name sounds like dan jackson) phone number?


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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Rumor Has It...

That on Friday July 11th, 2003 (7-11), you may get a FREE SLURPEE.


You can take part in the world's largest ice cream social. On July 24th, 2003 you can get a free ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery- and help the Make-A-Wish it is all good free ice cream and a good cause...

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Assorted Notes

Thanks to the lovely fire my lunch plans have been nixed...I had been taking my book to the picnic table outside and spending a blissful hour in the sun doing nothing but reading...but now I can't do that. Sucky air quality...and I have sucky lungs that will revolt on me if I spend too much time out there. Of course cubemate doesn't care that I have asthma and has the damned door open...
Speaking of which...cubemate is also crunching. I hate crunching.
I have been trying in ernest to teach Roxy a new trick...laydown. She doesn't understand though, and when I try to get her to laydown she ends up trying running through her entire arsenal of tricks so she can get the treat. She currently knows: Sit. Sit Pretty. Shake. Shake other paw. Speak. She is so focused on the treat that she doesn't listen to what I am saying.
I am also immune from picking up Roxy poop for an entire month. How did I get out of this??? The neighbor has two grammar school aged children who really really want a dog. Their parents told them that they could get a dog if they could find a neighbor with a dog and clean up after that dog for 30 days and do a good job. So they chose Roxy. Good thing they chose Roxy too...the only other neighbors with dogs would be the one with two huge malamutes or the ones across the street who have a unruly crazy boxer mix...I would have picked Roxy too if I were in their shoes.
Speaking of Roxy...she has found a love for tennis balls. She likes to play fetch with us but she will also amuse herself for quite awhile by throwing it to is uproariously funny to watch her play ball alone. But she loves to do it- sometimes would rather play alone than with one of us. Just as long as she isn't destroying something she isn't suppose to that is all right by us.
Legally Blonde 2 was amusing.
I guess I should go now...lunch approaches and I am thinking of driving home and picking up my crocheting...I have to get this blanket done.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Forced to stay inside

I wanted to enjoy this mild weather we are having and go outside...take Roxy for a walk...but I am forced inside by this:

Moss Landing Power Plant Fire

Just glad my dad was on vacation today...he works very near there.

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Where will I be on July 27th???

I will be at the Universal Amphitheatre seeing:

Kip Winger
(of course) Slaughter...

Whoo hoo...I can't wait to go...yippee....

It is turning out to be a metal summer...first BonJovie (ok - technically that was spring...but that show totally rocked), then Poison/VinceNeil/SfR (skid's new name seems to be Skid Fuckin' Row) which was great (especially Poison)...and now this show...yipee.

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Vegas Baby I was apprehensive about travelling to Vegas alone. It is a LONG drive...and while I have driven it before, and rode it several times...I always had someone else with me. Well- for the most part the trip went fantastically. My major fear of mechanical failure of my vehicle was unfounded as I made it to and from fine. The worst part? The trip to Vegas. I was excited...I wanted to get there....I wanted to see BFM and her family...I wanted to see their house with furniture in it...I wanted to bask in the Vegas sun and see the glow of the Vegas lights...a trip that takes usually between 9 and 10 hours took me 12. Why? Because when I hit the 15 I hit bumper to bumper traffic. I was on the fifteen forever. I stopped in Barstow for lunch and called BFM...who then called me back...and told me she was going home...I told her I would be late...she called me again just as I was about 10 miles past Baker...thinking I was lost in the There must have been four to five cars with their hoods up for every call box. I was sure I too would fall pray to the heat. I didn't...but I had to have lost 10 lbs in sweat the whole way...Then I got into Vegas and got turned around (that is my sense of direction for you) ended up on LVBLVD...(not even sure how I did that because it was not the street I was intending) going out of Vegas...and got on Warm Springs Road because it sounded familiar...and had to call BFM and say..." do I get to you from Warm Springs" ...she gave me perfect directions.

The house is coming along. It is brand new...but the furniture delivery people mussed it up a bit- gouging some doors and things...all will be fixed soon. They are still waiting on some of their furniture...but have the important stuff like beds, couches and a dining set. BFM is now a licensed Nevada driver- she says the picture would have looked better but she had been there nearly four hours...and was tired of dmv ness...and I thought our dmv was bad. She is still in the hunt for a job. They are waiting on the permits to put in a pool....I can't wait for that to go in...I will one of the first ones in it...LOL. She is already accostomed to the weather and laughed when I would complain about the heat. I wasn't her only out of town guest...a former coworker was in town for the 4th with her husband so we met them at the Bellagio Art Gallery and went through the Andy Worhol show and then went for a Gelato after...and I got to here them dish about BFM's former job...a job former coworker is thinking of applying for...God I love the Bellagio. Saw Legally Blonde 2...will talk about that tomorrow...

BFM surprised me with a present- tickets to the Joint (at the Hard Rock) to see Skid Row, Vince Neil and Poison. What a blast that was. Except that the "new" skid row...can't hold a candle to the original group....and I wasn't ever really a skid row fan...but I really really really (REALLY) didn't like the singer. I don't know what his name is...and frankly...I don't care. Vince Neil however- was like 100x better than I thought he would be (although I did spend at least half of his set at the bar trying to get drinks) about a line. Poison...they always was a great show....

My trip home on Monday was good...I made great time...and made it home in 8 and 1/2 hours...much better than the trip down. Next time though...I am bringing books on cd....the alone-ness of the trip sucked. Although luckily... I got lots of calls on my phone...bfm, snl, parents (who where more worried than i about me traveling alone) was a great time...I can't wait to go back...but I am sure that my car wants a break.

The best part of the weekend was the funny dialog that only friends can have.

The best news of all is this weekend BFM is coming here...whoohoo...more fun...although I don't know what we will's not like I live somewhere where there is a lot of amusement.

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