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Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Fun in the sun

I am outta here until the 29th of July folks...I know you three people will be sad and blue without me...whatever will yall do?

Seriously some of my friends...and come back on the 29th to see what I have been up to.

PS...I hope the trip home was smooth for EastCoastCheese.

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BADGROOVE has a new home: You should be redirected.

Monday, July 21, 2003
Assorted Notes (Of Vultures and Pirates)

So today I decide to to to Target to pick up some last minute baubles for my trip that I need. I am driving down this road, window down, wind in my hair and what is that in the road in front of me??? A big freaking Vulture. Seriously. Of the variety Turkey Vulture I believe. He appeared to want to the recent roadkill in the opposite lane. It was a fresh squirrel...not dead yet...sqawking its little heart hope hoping to be saved from the Turkey Vulture. Somehow I don't think it worked.
Why is it whenever I need nailpolish remover I can't find a bottle of it to save my life and must go to work with three different colors on one hand because I was testing some new ones...however when I don't have any nail polish on at all I can find all three bottles of remover that I own?? Why?
So I am leaving on Wednesday to go to Vegas and Hollywood to see Whitesnake on the Rock Never Stops package and party like there is no tomorrow because it is someone's birthday. It should be fun...and then I pack up on Monday- and come home. WhooHoo.
What is it about GOLDFISHES that are so delicious? They are though...I have a couple of handfuls of them swimming around my desk as I type this.
Beware...thar be Pirates of the Caribbean spoilers ahead..... I saw Pirates of the Caribbean for the second time on Sunday...this time with my parents. As I was watching I took particular note to the end of the movie...specifically the portion of the caves...because this area was of great debate when I saw it with BFM. Clearly...if you are watching closely...and both BFM, My Mother and I have seen this--- at the point when Johnny Depp is suffering from the curse and is flicking the gold medallion through his fingers...he steps out of the moonlight and regains his actual form- cuts his hand-bleeds on the coin and then tosses it to Orlando Bloom who does the same thing. This coupled with the fact that earlier in the film- when Depp's Jack Sparrow was talking with Rush's Captain Barbosa- it is said that he was marrooned on a deserted island and given a name...then later on When Depp and Rush are discussing the terms of Depps "Parlay" Sparrow wants to maroon Barbosa on the same island and give him a name. So this makes me think that "Jack Sparrow" is NOT his real name. I believe that there is an obvious relationship to him and BootStrap Bill Turner...if that isn't Depp himself. All this is opening up for a big sequel that will no doubt be called something to the effect of "Pirates of the Caribbean: the Legend of BootStrap Bill" or something like that.

Oh...and isn't Johnny Depp HOT???? I thought so.

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