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Saturday, August 02, 2003
Saturday Saturday

So today I did this so far:

1. Went to PetSmart to buy Roxy a new bed. She really really needed one. Of course I ended up buying her a ton of goodies because I spoil that dog...who can resist her.
2. Booked a flight...and yes I hate to fly...but driving is not an option.
3. Watched some videos that I haven't watched in YEARS and got nostalgic.
4. Enjoyed being Tess said I would.

What I still have to do today:

1. Go mail a very important package to a friend.

What I want to do...but may not actually get to do:
1. Go to the mall.

Along the way I have made two calls to Las Vegas to BFM, Received one call from Las Vegas from BFM and I have received three disconcerting hang up calls. BITE ME whoever you are.

Oh and last night I caught BLUE CRUSH on STARZ...what a great summer movie.

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Friday, August 01, 2003
Hot Pokers in the eye

My network connection here at work is sooo sloooowwww today that ramming hot pokers in my eyes would be more fun than waiting for my webpages to load....

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Note to parking light inventors

What is the purpose of parking lights on cars? I mean really! Were they just put on cars to annoy me into saying YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSE TO DRIVE WITH ONLY YOUR PARKING LIGHTS ON MORON...on a near daily basis (except to those people with WASHINGTON plates...because for some reason in their state it is cool to drive around with your parking lights on during dusk and when they come to California...well then I just call them ignorant...but that is another story).
Just a week is my last week of flex. I can't decide if I am sad about having to work 5 days a week now...or happy that I don't have to get here at 7:00 the four days I did work. Ahhhhh.

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Thursday, July 31, 2003
Sand In My Shoes (and assorted notes)

It had been a long time since I experienced the grit of sand in my shoes. Yesterday I was having a blue that being said I decided that I would take my camera down to the beach and see what I could see during my lunch hour. For a foggy wednesday the beach was crowded...but enveloped in a cool blanket of fog- isolating it from the rest of the bay. The picture above I took of some unsuspecting man down the beach quite a waways from me- and grayed out by the fog. I identified with this picture...and for some reason it is my favorite of the lot. I think the fact that he was enveloped in the heavy gray fog was how I felt yesterday. I thought going to the beach would make it better. It didn't. I took 99 pictures in 40 minutes. Most of them were terrible and have since been deleted. Much like life...the few good moments stand out and the rest are deleted.
You may not have noticed but I added not one, not two but THREE new photo albums...yeah!!!! There is the rest of the beach pictures. There is Vegas 2003 pictures and there are Roxy's Birthday pictures. My favorite pictures in the Beach pictures: the Flower, The Horizon, and the Coast. And in the Vegas 2003 pictures- my favorite is of the Rock Never Stops billboard- mostly because it is an odd thing to take a picture I think. Soon I will see about possibly getting an album of Slaughter photos up or something. I dunno- I will think of something.
Speaking of Rock Never Stops I still have not found out the true answer to the Bumper music question...too bad because I think I would be the winner and I could really use the $20.00. LOL.
I just got back from checking my mailbox at work and found a letter from Dutch- our temp who was originally a student assistant and then got shipped off because of the reserves. We sent him a group care package...and then after he was actually shipped off to Kuwait I sent him some off-roading magazines and a note. I was thrilled to get his sounds like he is doing ok. I hope it continues...I am going to send him some more magazines tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Bumper Music

You know what I am talking about when I say bumper music??? You know...the music that leads into this case a concert?!? Anyway...I was discussing the Whitesnake, Warrant, KipWinger, Slaughter show with my friend who atttended with me...and I remember distinctly hearing two songs on their (Slaughter's) bumper music that caught my attention and we have money on this... One was Purple Haze...and I swear it was sung by Blando...the other was THE BOYS ARE BACK...and I am positive that was sung by Mark..but I have no way of proving I guess we will hace to call it a push...damn. I like being right and I am pretty damn sure that I am. Not to mention the fact that I would pay a pretty penny (or an ugly one...whatever) to have a copy of each song...ACK. I hate it when I know that something is out there somewhere but there is no way to get my hands on it.

I have been listening to my Best of DEF LEPPARD cd...I don't know why...but I have been and it completely rocks.

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Happy Wednesday...Assorted Notes

Happy is payday and I didn't even realize it. For some reason I thought I got paid tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a full paycheck. There are rumors floating around that we might only get paid minimum wage until the state budget is passed because we are considered state employees. I don't think it is fair...and I wonder if I will be able to get my on minimum wage. We'll see at three thirty when the checks arrive.
I just saw and played with the cutest little terrier mix puppy. What a little sweetie. Of course she isn't as cute as Roxy...but then again...who is??? Here is a picture of Roxy...isn't she a cutie???

That reminds me...I still have to put together some new Roxy and Vegas2003 photo albums don't I??? Don't worry...I will get working on it.
Good news...I am nearly done with my trip laundry.
I bought the best tasting gummy worms on my a Shell Station on Main Street in Barstow, CA. They were tasty and fruity tasting. Good.
Lately I have been craving Hawaiian Punch. I don't know why. Probably the same reason I occasionally crave orange soda...and then when I drink it I am invaribly disappointed.
I saw Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life while I was gone. It is a good movie...but then again- I liked the first Lara Croft movie.
I have been away from work and yesterday and today find myself plagued with a million popups...and IE new ability to aparently be able to launch itself and provide me with the most lovely popups featuring pictures that make me blush and ads promoting concoctions to enlarge anatomy I do not have. Lovely. I guess I will have to intall a popup blocker...which I don't want to do...but I have tried nearly everything else...including running adaware and spybot.
According to Jiffy Lube I shouldn't need an oil change until 9/30/03...hahahahaha. I laugh in their I am already 100 miles over the oil change mark. I will have to take her in soon. She needs a bath as well. Two lengthy road trips makes for a very dirty Rav4.
For dinner tonight??? TACOS...yum. I love making tacos.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Six Days + 1064.46 miles = Tired Me!

DAY ONE/LEG ONE- MILES DRIVEN: 493.38 miles ESTIMATED TIME: 10 hours 4 Minutes ACTUAL TIME: 9 Hours 28 Minutes

I left an hour later than I wanted to because of alarm clock glitch. Drive is long, hot and boring. I have decided that traveling alone completely and totally sucks. Unfortuntately it is a necessary evil. Too bad there is no such thing as frequent driver miles. The drive is pretty smooth. At some point I get caught in the midsts of a massive military convoy. They are slow and hard to pass. Luckily I lose them at a truckstop along the way. Or so I thought. Apparently I only lost the last half of the convoy and catch up with the rest later in the trip...again they are holding me up. At this point the only think I can think of is that BOB SEGER song that Metallica redid:
on a long and lonely highway east of omaha
you can listen to the engine, moanin out as one long song
you can think about the woman, or the girl you knew the night before

and your thoughts will soon be wandering the way they always do
when you're riding sixteen hours and there's nothing much to do
you don't feel much like travelin', you just wish the trip was through-
"Turn the Page" Garage INC--Metallica

When I finally get to Vegas nine and a half hours later...I walk in and collapse in mental exhaustion and am glad to be at my home away from home. Am, as always, welcomed with open arms and hearts. I enjoy a cool beverage and being carted around on any necessary outtings...just as long as I don't have to drive.

It is the day of the great birthday party. Fun fun fun.

Birthday fun is continued as I treat the birthday girl to fun to come soon.

The big concert: Slaughter, Kip Winger, Warrant, WhiteSnake. Show 1...the first rock show at THE ORLEANS Amphitheater. The place is nice and clean. Seats are completely awesome. Am on the floor level Five Rows back. YEAH. Was taken completely off guard when Slaughter took stage without drummer Blas. In his place was drummer Bobby Rock. Was very disappointed to find no explanation of the missing drummer. Would have thought the worst if I hadn't actually been going up to use the rest room and actually saw Blas in the audience. Hmm. Should have asked him -- but decided not to. Left show early for several reasons...main one being that we were seeing the same show the next day as well.

DAY FIVE/LEG TWO- MILES DRIVEN: 273.08miles ESTIMATED TIME: 4 hours ACTUAL TIME: 5 Hours 35 Minutes
Lesson learned: If possible- never drive to LA (specifically North Hollywood) from LAS VEGAS on a SUNDAY. Traffic sucked. We arrived in Hollywood just in time to check into our hotel, freshen, change clothes and go to the Universal Amphitheater. Birthday girl bought these tickets and picked them up and will call. I have seen several shows there...and these were the best seats I have ever had there. I mean we weren't within 5 rows like the night before...but it was PERFECT. Decided that it was odd that Slaughter started the show- even though KIP WINGER doesn't play as long...or with a full band. Mark seemed to be having major microphone problems that night and seemed be switching them out often. "SPEND MY LIFE" was was harder and faster. Spotlight operator didn't follow him into the audience...but their show was good...but they were still sans Blas. Kip Winger was solo ... that had to be odd. Being the only one onstage. Probably really sucked during the first song when the stage was still half dark. He sang anyway. Brave. Warrant...well what can one say about Warrant. They were pretty good too. I had never seen them live before so I enjoyed that. It was a great show and I felt they did a great job sprinkling their set with those power ballads...while still playing the rocking tunes too. Whitesnake was good...never been a big fan...but they were good.

DAY SIX/LEG THREE- MILES DRIVEN: 295.0 miles ESTIMATED TIME: 5 hours 58 minutes ACTUAL TIME: 4 Hours 50 Minutes
Was glad to have someone to accompany the rest of the way home. It almost seemed odd to have someone in the car. But thankfully I was no longer talking to myself or screeching along to the radio to keep myself entertained. Plus...anytime the BirthdayGirl wants to visit with me is a good time.

So that was the trip in a nutshell blog entry. This morning the birthday girl left to go home with her family who were already up here waiting for her. So her journey still isn't done yet. I had a complete always. Now I am sitting here at work with just under a half hour left to go...and I can't wait to go home!!! I am caught up in the work department and the email department...and the work email department...LOL. I didn't think this whole trip thing would wear me down...but it has...tonight I look forward to sweet sleep.

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I am finally BACK!!!!

I am back...and catching up on nearly a weeks worth of work and emails. I should be able to provide an actual update about my newest adventures by early this evening (try back around 6:00 pm Pacific Time). Until then I would like to leave you some lyrics:

Had to write this letter to you, 'cause this emptiness won't go away
Every day I shoot for something, sometimes I'm running from the ricochet
When the pressure gets too high, I like to think about you standing by my side
Saying, "And I need to hear you call my name, and I'm begging you to sing"

Wouldn't you sing for me one time?
Wouldn't you try to look my way and rescue me (rescue me)
Wouldn't you sing me just one line
Wouldn't you try to touch my hand and rescue me, rescue me, yeah yeah, yeah

Got the letter late one morning, every word I read was ringing true
It could have well been me talking, I know how tough it gets out there, I do
When the pressure gets too high, I like to think about you standing by my side
And you were saying:
"And I need to hear you call my name, it makes me feel I could do anything
And I need to know you feel the same, and I'm begging you to sing"

Wouldn't you sing for me one time?
Wouldn't you try to look my way and rescue me (rescue me)
Wouldn't you sing me just one line
Wouldn't you try to touch my hand and rescue me, rescue me, yeah yeah, yeah
- "Rescue Me" from the album Strength In Numbers by Tyketto

Quick BLOG NOTE: My bravenet counter has gone byebye. You will see a new counter from Free Stats because I would like to track things that frankly bravenet seems to have turned case you were all wondering what happened there.

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