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Saturday, August 09, 2003
A bad day...tomorrow will be better

Today is a bad day. I was hoping to have a mother daughter day today but she decided instead to have a mother / mother's friend day instead...

At least tomorrow will be fun.

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Friday, August 08, 2003
Off to the back landing...
Where I will spend my lunch in the sunlight, reading Harry Potter.

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Happiness is...

  • friday.

  • getting unexpected cool email in your email account..

  • knowing that my order finally left Fernly, NV and is on its way to me (and I can't wait to receive my Slaughter Remasters, the book I ordered for BFM and the coloring book on the titanic I ordered for BFM's brother all contained in the lovely amazon box that will appear at my door sometime next week)..

  • meeting up with BFM in Bakersfield...for the first of our "SATURDAY IN BAKERSFIELD" fiesta (hopefully to become a monthly thing)..

  • somecheese's round robin bloggin idea..

  • having a beagle curl up next to you in the morning to say HEY..

  • making someone else happy..

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Thursday, August 07, 2003
CHALLENGE!!! (or Love times three)

Ok...somecheese...this is war :)

I see you your ed harris beefcake with Spike Angel tagteam beefcake:

courtesy of via link noticed @ Dumber than a Box of Rocks

And I raise you some Blando beefcake:

courtesy of THE PURE ROCK SHOP.


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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Tell me a story...

In my nearly daily emailings with somecheese I expressed my lack of inspiration today...and her response was "tell me story" I thought and thought about stories to life isn't that full of great stories-- grandpa...there was a man who could tell stories...and I never tired of them...even though I probably heard most of the ones he had to tell...stories of hunting as a boy, stories of life on a ship, boxing as a navy man...stories of fighting the japanese and seeing the Arizona sink. Mostly he told stories of situations that made him laugh. The time he took my brother rabbit hunting the first time and thought he had killed a rabbit so he threw it in the back of his truck to head back to camp, telling my brother that his rabbit would make a good stew...only to then look in the review mirror in time to see his stew trying to escape the bed of the truck. Why this particular story sticks out in my head right now I can't tell you...but with my grandpa it wasn't necessarily the content of the was how he told was all in the delivery. The faces he made, the sounds, the laughing-til-his-face-turned-red part at the end of the story. I often told my parents that my grandpa (whom I always affectionately called "sweety pie"...if my brother said to me "which grandpa are we visiting?" I would answer "sweetypie" whenever I referred to my father's father) reminded me of a white Bill it was all in the delivery...the faces, the noises, gestures and movements...and then the laughter. It was always a laugh at the end. My mom told me recently that she didn't think my brother and I made out very well in the grandparent department...with her stepfather didn't know how to relate to children and thus antagonized us...and we grew to not like to go over there. There we were mostly expected to park it in front of the TV while the adults visited...or read or play with whatever we carried with us. It wasn't very father's parents always kept a box of toys in the closet to play with...and we were expected play with them...they'd give us paper to draw on...tell us to get outside and play... we never watched tv at their house...mostly because whenever we would visit the only thing on their tv would be golf (my grandparents didn't have cable when I was younger), And then, after dinner came the stories...(and sometimes during dinner too). On holidays when I was banished to the children's table I would always insist on sitting at the seat nearest the biggest table so I could listen in better. I miss those stories. I wish I had written them down, or tape recorded them...or even better video taped them...because I miss my grandpa and his stories.

Whoa...somecheese's suggestion worked...but also...I thought I would go with her second suggestion which was "If nothing else...POST BEEFCAKE." So here is some beefcake too...

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
By the way...A Note to Mr. Popup ads

Excuse me Mr. Popup Man...but I don't have a penis to enlarge, need a home loan, want to use your shifty search engine or buy your product. I definitely don't want pictures of disturbing lewd acts to suddenly appear on my computer screen when I am not there. I don't know what you installed on my machine...but I know that adaware and spybot can't kill you...don't force me to reimage my work computer...because I will oh I so will turn this cpu around and freshen it up.

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Back to work back at work. My last short week-since flex time is over for the summer. BOO.

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Sunday, August 03, 2003
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Was never a big U2 fan...but couldn't think of another title.

Didn't do much of anything today except sort some papers that I have been meaning to go through in a long was uneventful...except that in the process I found some stuff that had been lost but is now found.

Woke up entirely too early this morning and thus am tuckered and it isn't even 9:30. Not a good sign.

Gave Roxy a bath. This is a stressful time. First I had to coax her into the house because the moment she heard bathwater running she went a running.. Then chase her around the kitchen. When I finally did pick her up she peed on the floor. Then there was the struggle to get her into the bathroom. And if that wasn't bad...the struggle to get her into the bathtub was worse. Once she was in she was sounding much like a child being killed. It is truely awful. I mean really it sounds like I am killing her. So out she goes and gets dried off and then remains thoroughly pissed at me the rest of the day and sulks for the most part of it in her new bed...until I can coax her out to play chase the tennis ball...which is her favorite past time. Well third favorite pasttime third only to eating and eating the tennis ball fuzz. I came away from the mess with a scratched up midsection from her trying to escape as I carried her to the bathroom and a scratched up shoulder from when she tried to use me as a ladder to escape the evil of the tub. Next time I am just going to buck up and spend the $15.00 to the Groomers at would be so worth it to have her hate them and not me.

Tomorrow am making something new for dinner. I forgot what it is called but will give you a full report of that tomorrow. :)

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