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Friday, August 22, 2003
Friday afternoon drags on

Today work has been really busy. My equal has been out today on vacation so I have been single-handedly answering the phone, processing workorders AND rerecorded our voicemail tree messages. You could say it has been a day. I have still however, been able to keep up with my cheesemails for the most part...until she escaped her work early today to see a flick. Lucky girl.
Place to stand has a wonderful post about approaching fall that I just love!!!! Go read it...
I need some Roxy at lunch I bought her a six pack of tennis balls at PETSMART...her new obcession is playing ball ya know. She loves it.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003
My next read

I have decided to read DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY by ERIK LARSON next since the other two books are mine and this one is BFM's book. My goal is to have ti done by August 29th...but I don't think it will happen. BOO.

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I also got two calls on my cell phone yesterday on the drive home from my father who was stuck in the mucked up traffic. I ended up going the long long way home. Took me 40 minutes to get home instead of 20. Grr.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Thanks Mom :)

Thank you Mom for calling me and letting me know that the evil construction is still going on and I should go home a different rock.

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More updates than you could shake a stick at

I am now finished with Harry Potter. It feels good to be done. Now I can move on to the next book in the stack o' books that await me in my special book stack.
Apparently my letter to Mr. PopUp man didn't work...and I now have a mortifying story to tell about it. I have two computers at PC and my Mac Laptop. I was working on my mac laptop and my pc (which has been infested by Mr. PopUp Man) was on as it always is...but I was ignoring it and didn't really pay any attention to it because I was busy here...when my boss (a man) walks by then comes back and says "Are you surfing Porn?" I said no and looked up at my PC in time to see the lovely hard core full-screen porn pop-up on my desk top. I have since installed a popup blocker that isn't helping with the popups. Evil.
I have ordered a Brian Vander Ark cd because Tess says it is a killer cd. It will be personalized with: To Amy, a very cool person :). Am I a nerd or what???
I was so ticked at lunch today I honked violently, flipped someone off and yelled "I HOPE YOU GO TO HELL" at her...right before she pulled into a church parking lot. Something tells me it just isn't my day.
As if the worm wasn't bad we are having problems with the SoBig email worm. Even though the university mail gateway is innocolated against it...people are still getting bounce back emails because of spoofed accounts...and they just don't get the fact that they are not virus means that someone with their email address has the virus. And that they just can't grasp that. Urg. YOU ARE NOT INFECTED...YOU WILL NOT BE INFECTED....JUST HIT DELETE AND CARRY THE FUCK ON.
Have a good day.

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BFM is still in town. She may be leaving for home today though. She still wasn't sure last night...
BTW, BFM is soon to be employed by American Express as a Financial Advisor. She has to take a course first though. Sounds cool.
I am almost done with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is just like everyone has been telling starts out dark at the beginning but it gets really really good. It is true.
In like a week and a half I fly away....but I am worried my luggage is too big. We will see. Tonight I will go home and measure it.
Roxy- who is usually fairly good at the front door if it is open, nearly took off after a malamute the other day. Luckily she is not trusted 100% around an open door and I was able to get her back.
I have new look to the commenting system...I upgraded to the pro version.
I don't have much more to say. Sorry...

UPDATE: BFM is still here and here for yet another day.

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Monday, August 18, 2003
Notes and stuff

This weekend was spent with BFM here...she stayed with me. However, it was due to family illnesses and hospitalizations (yet multiple ones) so it wasn't a great fun time (not that fun times were not had because they were).
I have decided to make a doily. I bought all the stuff. I read the instructions. They are greek to me. I have no idea how to work it. I will ask my SNL to help me. She is great at these things. In the mean time I have found a project that I am going to keep under wraps...because it will be a gift to some people who read this...if I ever figure out what I am doing.
This section should be entitled: Amy and her very bad drive back to work from lunch

It started off with a small dog running out in front of me in a residential neighborhood. I slammed on the breaks so freaking hard that it felt like the back of the Rav actually picked up. It didn't but it felt like it did. It was close but I didn't hit the little booger who was exploring his neighborhood. He was unleashed...and looked like a run away. I had to come within a foot of nailing him though. He started off my bad drive back to work from lunch. I hope he finds his way back home safely.

Then I was cut off by an ag truck...luckily I tend to give the ag trucks lots of room because I have seen it time and again where the ag truck trailers aren't hooked up correctly and their lights aren't working. I did throw up my arms at him in a "What the hell" gesture though. Then approximately a mile later...same ag truck that cut me off proceeds to let loose some major mud clods which happen to bounce up and nail my grill and windsheild. Which wouldn't have been a big deal exept that I recently discovered a lovely 5 inch crack in my windsheild. Grrr. It didn't seem to make the crack worse though...thank goodness.

Next I run into road construction....that wasn't there 45 minutes ago. Grrr....damnation....luckily I wasn't late.

It has to get better, right????
Roxy, as many of you know, is a beagle...beagles are used in hunting and tracking and my father begged me to let him take her hunting with him. I refused- not because I wanted to deny Roxy the thrill of tracking and hunting and having a good romp in the brush. I denied my father (but didn't refuse my name....sorry nerd humor for you) because I didn't want her to get beagles have such a strong desire to track that they will follow their nose until they are lost. However, when my father returned yesterday with his kill she was in scenting heaven....hee. And we now have a very full freezer.
I will end this with a saying I saw on a poster at
There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.

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Tell Me A Story: You Let Her Read THAT?

A round robin...without the coherent story. The previous entry is: Echoesofadream: Fear

The first werewolf I ever saw (outside of episodes of Scooby-Doo) was in the movie TeenWolf with Michael J. Fox.

Having been a huge Family Ties fan, it was a given that I would go and see Teen Wolf when it hit the theaters. I believe I was in 5th grade. I don't remember being the movie wasn't that scary of a movie...but I do remember then becoming fascinated with Werewolves ... I read every book the school library had on werewolves....which probably numbered about 5 (it was a small school). That summer I branched out to the public library where I eventually found Silver Bullet by Stephen King...which then opened a whole new genre of fiction to me.

I began to read nearly every Stephen King book that I could get my hands on...and thus was born a fan. I spent many a day or evening curled up with Gypsy Curses (THINNER- my favorite to this day), a girl who could start fires with her mind (FIRESTARTER), a classic car with a taste for blood (CHRISTINE) and an evil hell hound-like dog (CUJO). As soon as I finished one...I would go the library and check out the next one I could find. Since King's books are popular- sometimes I would have to wait for awhile until one I hadn't read had come in. I even tried to read some of his fantasy stuff- but quickly found that I preferred horror.

That summer, we went on our usual trip up to the far reaches of Northern California for a week staying in a rustic cabin on a small lake that was owned by the company my father worked for. There was plenty to do...but swimming, fishing, and chasing lizards eventually gets boring. I noticed that a new Stephen King book was out...IT. I begged my mom to front me the allowance to purchase it (I don't remember the price, but it was the longest book I had ever read at the time). She fed my addiction to reading and purchased the book for me the week before we left. My grandparents would usually meet us up there and stay with us at least part of the week we were up there.

I was sitting on the bench in the afternoon on the porch of the green cabin, reading my new book- happily devouring the pages as terror wreaked it's havoc on Bangor Maine. My mother and grandmother sitting on a different bench across the porch from me. My grandma was doing her ever present crossword puzzles and my mom was reading a magazine she borrowed from the laundry room (which was also a makeshift library- where people left their summer readings for other others to enjoy). When my grandmother- noticed what I was reading, she looked over at my mom and said "You let her read that kind of stuff?"

My mom looked over at my grandma and said "I let her read whatever she wants. If she doesn't understand something she knows she can ask...I am just glad that she is reading."

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