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Friday, September 19, 2003
Survivor 7 episode 1

In this 90 minute episode the survivors find themselves with 100 Balboas to their tribe name. No one is allowed to take ANYTHING with them this time. No luxury item, no change of cloths. This was a pitty for the guy in the armani suit who later makes shorts out of his suit pants.

Anyway...I am really enjoying the Drake Tribe. I was glad to see them win the first immunity challenge. It looks to be an interesting season.

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Thursday, September 18, 2003
Can I just say I am stoked?

Ok...I know reality tv is the root of all evil...but you all can't be serious right? I have been dying for Survivor 7: Pearl Islands to start...I have been looking forward to tonight with such great abandon that I can not wait...WHOOOHOOO.

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Is it just me...or is this person an idiot?

At every university I have ever been to- they have these yellow emergency call boxes. You press the big red button in the middle of the box if you are having an emergency and then you are connected directly to 911 operators. An instructor at a university pressed one of these emergency because he was locked out of a building. Then said instructor got upset because he was issued a ticket for a false emergency. If you were at home and you locked yourself out of your house would you call 911 unless you left something buring inside or something like that??? I mean is common sense people!!! Crimeny.

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BADGROOVE has a new home: You should be redirected. - The $100K SUV: A 'fearsome machine' - "Please sit and get comfortable, because we're going to talk about money. Specifically, we're going to talk about $100,000. It's for a car -- a sport-utility vehicle. Actually, this SUV is only $96,000 and change, but as it manages 13 miles to the gallon, it's best to keep gas money on hand." you are probably aware...I am not stinking rich...I am not even slightly rich. I am soo not rich it isn't even funny. I have seen this is cute...but I have to question the sanity of anyone who would pay $96,000 for an SUV that only gets 13 miles to the gallon and then takes it off road (because that is what suvs are for you know). What if it got a scratch???

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
My Little Bandita

Roxy has turned into quite the little thief as of late. Little darling booger dog that she is.

On Saturday she helped her self to a chocolate chip cookie (I know...bad). We had a bunch of people over for a little neighborhood shingding and there was a lot of food. Roxy was baby gated in the kitchen during this because she can be a pest when it comes to food and to our neighbors (because she loves them and love their attention). mom and I were the only ones left and we let her into the living room because she hates being locked up and we were watching her. My mom cleaned off the table while I went to the bathroom. Well...the plate of chocolate chip cookies was fogotten and while in the bathroom I heard the tin foil crinkle and knew exactly what that I ran out there. Knowing she was in trouble she grabbed the cookie and ran outside (me chasing her the whole way) adn hid behind the rosebush and ate the cookie.

On Sunday she stole the plastic doorstop and chewed it to pieces.

Yesterday, we had pizza for dinner. It was yummy. The pizza was on the dining room table (much to high for a little Roxy)...but the booger dog jumped onto a dining room chair and stole two pieces of pizza. I heard the commotion (of her dropping them onto the floor and then her jumping off the chair) and ran in there in time to get the pizza away from her...and their went the last two pieces of my favorite of the two pizzas. Damn that little dog.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Tell Me A Story: Peeping Dad and Mom

A round robin...without the coherent story. The previous entry is: Echoesofadream: No Access!

There is an irish blessing that goes something like this: Dance as if no one is watching. Sing as if no one is listening. Live as if each day is your last.

This is impossible for me to do...and I will tell you why.

As a child music was always a big thing in our house. One of my first gifts that I remember the most was one of those yellow (some were red) plastic turntables made for playing those little books that came with records with them so you could follow along. Remember those? Well...I quickly found out that you could get the lid off the record player and play real records on them. Full length LPS. Granted the sound quality wasn't the best...but what five year old cares about that???

My mom gave me a bunch of her old LPS...the Jan and Dean one being my very favorite. I use to put it on and dance around my bedroom and sing. Of course I had the bedroom door closed when I did guard my privacy...but I would sing and dance and dance and sing...for hours it seemed like to me. It was great fun and I absolutely loved doing it. It was one of my favorite things to do when I was alone.

Then it happened.

One day, whilst deep into my Jan and Dean dance routine I turned around towards the window...jump-rope in hand (hey it made an excellent microphone...complete with cord)...and to my horror I saw both my parents standing outside my window looking in at me and laughing. Now granted they were probably laughing because I seemed to be having so much fun and was absolutely adorable...and was just dancing and dancing without any thought...just moving to the music so to speak. But deep in the heart of the five year old dancing around her room she was sure they were laughing at her. Startled I screeched and jumped backwards...tripping over my lite-brite and breaking the bulb in it. Since my lite brite was my very own neon marquee...I saw my budding career as a dancer and singer broken too. I stopped dancing around my room them. But I never stopped listening to music...

Now I really don't care...when I drive I tend to squawk along with whatever I am listening to...the radio, my cds, the radio station call letters...whatever. People laugh at me...I know this because I see it. I don't care. For all they know I have the voice of an angel...I don't...I probably sound more like a dying cat...but I don't care.

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Just found out

That my coworker is at the hospital having her baby...I hope everything works out. I am hoping for a healthy bouncing boy!!!!

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