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Friday, September 26, 2003
Another Lesson Learned

Never buy off-brand gummy worms. All you end up with is worms that taste like fruit flavored plastic and a sore jaw. I knew I should've bought a snickers.

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A Blah, Icky Day and updates true central California fashion, fall has gone and bellyflopped on our area. Gone is the heat (it was here for what...a week or two?) and now the fog has settled in for the long haul. If Chicago is the windy city I really think this area should be called the foggy coast. The thick grey fog envelops us in it's coolness, sticking to our skin and making it wet. It seriously causes depression in people and many in our area are affected with SAD. The day is cold, thick, wet and grey-with no hope of reversal. Yet, still I wear shorts. I wear shorts hoping that it will warm up. I wear shorts to rage against the weather and to flip-off mother nature. I wear shorts because they don't care what I wear at work. I wear shorts because they are more comfortable than pants. I wear shorts because I can.


It looks like Tess has had another bad week. Give her some love.

Chad tends to change the look of his blog more than most people change their underwear...clicking on his blog in the morning is always an adventure because I will never know what I will find...and he is a hell of a writer...check him out.

Found out from my eye doctor yesterday just how much my eye insurance sucks (I have medical eye services). There is a chance they won't pay for new contacts because my perscription didn't change enough for them...ACK!!! My contacts are $36 a box and I would need 8 boxes to last me a year. You do the isn't pretty. They would only pay $110 anyway...but it is better than paying full price if you know what I mean. If they don't give me contacts...I am going to get glasses!!!! Even though I never wear them).

What does it mean when your eye doctor gives you special reading material while you wait??? He gave me an article about the bugs in Mac OS 10.2.8...and how to work around them. We spend more time talking about computers than my eyeballs.


SNL's birthday was yesterday. My brother told her to listen to the radio yesterday because he was going to dedicate a song to her...she was listening to the radio and heard a cue to call in for a prize, but she didn't know what the prize was...she was the right caller (she always wins these kinds of things) and won tickets to see Alan Jackson in concert and a ride in the HUMMER limo up to the show. AHHHH!!!! Brat. Of course my brother is going with her...but I told her if he should fail to be able to go me. LOL. This is the same way she went to see Garth Brooks several years ago...and the same way she came to own some of her dvds. She is sooo lucky like that. BFM is that way too.


By the way, if you were wondering...Roxy weighs 35.7 lbps...and is about 5 lbs overweight...poor girl. No more treats, no more high performance dog food. Yup...she is on a diet.


This weekend looks to suck over all.

Angel starts next week...yippeee.

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A Trip To A Vet

This is a true story of a routine trip to the vet.

Show Roxy the leash...she goes nuts thinking she is going out for a walk. Gets totally excited. When I open the car door she jumps right in. I was suprised. The trip to the vet was terrible as Roxy hates car rides.

By the time we get to the vet Roxy is stressed out and whines a lot in the lobby. Then a large dog comes in and she goes into self defense mode sitting under me, between my legs, barking like mad. The other dog...huge...was so well behaved. He just sat there.

When we finally get in she gets her temperature taken. She doesn't like that and jumps into my lap and then flees towards my head. When it is finally taken she has an elevated temp of 104 (normal is 100.5 to 102). The vet comes in and is worried about the elevated temp. We explain the stress of a trip in the car...the vet balks at giving her her immunizations because of the elevated temp. Then she see her distress and agrees that she will immunize her and keep her for an hour to observe her.

We pick her up...struggle with her the whole way home and everything....Now she is very tired.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003
The Ren Faire

The theme of this year's Ren Faire seemed to be...pick on Amy day. Other than that a great time was had by all.

The day was very very hot as summer decided to get her last digs in before fall officially started on Tuesday. BFM's family always takes me to Ren Faire with them...and they all dress up. I meant to dress up this year as well...but time passed to quickly and I never did get a costume. Luckily there were no puritans at the gate this year harassing people who didn't dress up. A young William Shakespeare still wandered about the faire being bawdy and loud (and quite cute).

My astute observation is that the Ren Faire attracts and interesting conglameration of people. Some truly enjoy the era. Some are nerds who find the ren faire to be the ultimate rpg. Some like to dress like sluts and talk trash. Some go for the interesting crafts and things you can buy, food you can eat, times you can have. It is an fun time. The knights were in top this is my favoritest part. Unfortunately, I wasn't sitting at that good of an angle to get many jousting pictures.

Anyway...after taking a break to partake in some refreshment (water and a huge shortbread cookie) I went to throw out my water bottle and napkin and the almond seller hollers out to me "I see you looking at my nuts!!!! You know you want them!!" Later whilst following BFM and her family through the faire a clothing shop keeper hollered out at her parents (dressed as a king and a queen)..."My lord your servent (me) is poorly dressed! You will fetch a better price for her if she were wearing better clothes!" Their reply? "We like to keep her that way!"

My favorite thing that happened at the Ren Faire???? Because of where it is held it can get quite dusty at the ren faire. To cute down on the dust...they walk through the ren faire right before it opens and wet down all the walk ways with water. In certain areas they got a little heavy handed and they created some mud puddles. BFM was wearing flat slippery shoes that went with her peasant dress. She slipped backwards in the mud...falling on me- luckily I kept her from hitting the ground and landing square in the mud puddle. She had a bottle of water that was uncapped and it splashed my face. But she was so embarrassed that she took the bottle after she had righted herself and dumped it down the front of my shirt claiming she had to "lighten the mood" Ha. All she did was lighten her water bottle!!!

I really hope that BFM and I get to go back...we have two more tickets. We are hoping to go back if she can make it up here before she leav

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Pete made me laugh today :)

Link first posted by Pete:

The Chronicles of George. And I though some of our workorders were bad.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Another Random Bizzare Work Conversation

A student assistant and a technician are tossing around a spongy nerf-like football in the corridor in front of my desk yesterday afternoon...letting off steam at the end of the day. To make it more of a challenge student assistant (we will call him...buffalo boy) decides that he should stand in cubemates area and throw the ball over me to the next cube area to the awaiting technician- we'll call him TechD.

ME: Ahhhhh....this is my worst nightmare!!!!

Buffalo Boy: Really?

ME: Yes...I hate being in the vicinity of a ball that might inadvertantly hit me in the head.

Buffalo Boy:**snicker** I am not going to touch that one...except to say it sounded like something from that movie...the one with Alicia Silverstone....

ME: Clueless?

Buffalo Boy: Yeah!

ME: Never seen I have no idea what you are talking about.

Buffalo Boy: This girl just had a nose job and was in high school gym and the teacher wanted her to join her (enter team sport where balls are thrown...I want to say volleyball but this convo happened yesterday and I don't remember for certain) team. She said "My doctor told me I shouldn't participate in any sport where a ball could come in contact with my face" and some one said "there goes your sex life".

I found this amusing. And much like a ren faire story that I will share with you all later.

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