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Friday, October 03, 2003
Angel Episode 1

Caution...contains possible don't read if that'll piss you off, m'k?
Hmmmm Angel.

I love the show and I am sooo glad that it is back on and that my brother and his wife are kind enough to let me go over to their place and bum the WB off of them. Other than that I would have no way to watch ANGEL. I would be stuck wandering down the block aimlessly calling out..."Anyone watching Angel??? Can I cop a squat???"

He was in top form last night...I was especially fond of the opening scene where he was like "Crouching Vampire, Hidden Soul" or something...I liked mucho.

I didn't like Eve at all. She annoyed me. Like the team needs someone to sit on their shoulder and play devil's advocate. Usually Wesley had that role (sometimes Fred). It bothered me...and I really hope that character meets with an untimely gory demise soon.

I can't decide about Gunn being uber lawyer boy. I like the fact that he was able to come in and use his brain to save the day, but I am sure that this uber-lawyer power is going to have a bad side (because haven't we learned that no power comes without some sort of cost...look at Cordelia in previous seasons).

I also didn't like that they waited until the end of the episode to bring Spike back. I liked that Joss Whedon wrote this episode because I find his writing to be superior to the other writers- and I usually get quite a kick out of those episodes. I hope this trend continues.

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Paradise Potty

At work there are 9 woman who work in this building. Of is on maternity leave and another is a technician so she is never in the building. There is one woman's restroom for the building...and this restroom has four stalls (three normal stalls and one HUGE handicap stall). If you do the math....It means that as long as I have worked here there has never been a line...or a waiting at all to use the restroom.

This being said...there is a very interesting phenomenon that happens in our restroom. All users vie for the same stall---the handicap stall. It is very very spacious. I mean one could put a full-on love seat in the stall and still have plenty of room for a wheelchair bound person and the potty part...did I mention it is HUGE? This stall has the only window in the room way above it...allowing for the only natural light in the entire bathroom (because we are trying to conserve energy we don't tend to turn the lights on---not that a potty-goer couldn't...some me). Other than that the potty looks like a much grander version of the others. Same standard toliet. Seat gaskets, toliet paper, trash bin, hand rail, and the same greenish walls and doors...same locking mechanism. Hook in the same place as in the other stalls.

You may be asking yourself, why then do all female workers in this building vie for the same coveted toilet stall? The answer is simple. The handicap stall is now the Paradise Potty. What do I mean??? Let me tell you. When you enter said stall and arrange the ass-gasket to your liking and then rest your bum on or near the are not looking at blank wall in front of you...instead you are looking at a gorgeous poster of Bora-Bora, one of Moorea, one of a school of albacore, one of a serene lighthouse and one of a sea otter. It is paradise in a bathroom stall. If it didn't look bizarre I would go potty with my camera and take a picture of it...but how weird would that be??? They would really start talking...."Amy had her digital camera in THE stall...and she actually took a picture...I mean I saw the flash and everything...what do you think she was doing in there???"

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Thursday, October 02, 2003
You know you want to...

Tess needs your help. Go read this entry about fan mail...then write her your own fan letter....

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How to eat a Hostess SnoBall

I love Hostess SnoBalls and have since I was a kid. The other day I was the gas station filling up and decided to go have a looksie in the store...and what to my wondering eyes did appear??? But a Hostess SnoBall in bright orange. Actually techically it was called a GloBall with Scream filling because it is the halloween edition...but I am digressing.

The proper way to eat a hostess snowball. Take said snoball and turn upside so you can see the cake on the underbelly of the snoball. Ever so gently peel off the marshmallow coating- extra to not tear the Marshmallowy goodness that is covered with coconut. Extra points if you are able to extract the cake without tearing the marshmallow!!! Set marshmallow/coconut cake shielding off to the side (on a clean surface). Take cake and tear in half. Use tongue to extract yummy cream filling. Eat Cake. Drink beverage of choice. Get mallow/coconut shield and fold in half. Fold in half again if possible. Shove whole mallow/coconut covering in mouth and proceed to chew. Careful not to choke.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
A Plea...

Is there anyone out there who would be kind enough to tape Angel for a friend of a friend for me??? PLEASE??? If you get it on tape let me know. THANKS. The only person I know with a vcr and the wb had her vcr die a couple weeks it would be greatly appreciated.

Not to mention you would be guarenteed to be loved for the tape by at least three people...

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Funny Work Order

Today I got this in the problem description of a workorder:

I think I have a virus. When I am on my computer a little guy in his underwear pops up and asks if I want to have sex.

Am I the only one who wants to go to this lady's office and take a look at this little guy in his underwear????

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I love LAS VEGAS and Angel

The city...but I am really talking about LAS VEGAS the television show. It intrigues me. It's on on Monday nights and it is great. I can't wait to find out what happens with these characters. I worry already that it will be cancelled...mostly because I like it...and when I tend to like shows...they tend to get cancelled.


Tonight ANGEL returns. I am sooo excited. I will be going over to my brother and SNL's apartment to watch it because we don't get the WB on the satellite (we have evil DirectTV...after I lobbied sooo hard for DISHNET). We will be doing pizza and watching Angel. WhooHoo. Most exciting is that this season premeire was written and directed by Joss Whedon...who's episodes are always way better than ones written by they other writers.

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Monday, September 29, 2003
Tell Me A Story: My First Jobs

A round robin...without the coherent story. The previous entry is: Echoesofadream: Famous Fakers!

My first job was babysitting the two little boys across the street. The youngest one was 8 months old...the oldest one was I dunno...five or so. I was in high school and they had just moved in across the street. I loved babysitting them...they were great kids despite the fact that the first time I sat for them the 8 month old cried the whole 90 minutes his mom was gone. They started me off on 90 minute stints...checking me out and seeing if I was a fit for them...luckily I was...and I got more steady gigs...longer hours.

Then my mom gave my name to a friend of hers from work who had 3 kids. She wanted me to sit for two and a half hours one afternoon...I took the job. It paid bad...she wasn't as generous as the neighbor...not to mention the fact that the kids were holy terrors. When the lady asked my mom to schedule me for some more dates I declined. NO way.

One spring break a little girl that my mom knew needed someone to watch her from 8-5 M-F for a week. They live four blocks from my house so I was able to easily walk there every morning. I was off that week too. It was an easy $75.00 I was so excited to make that much money.

Then as the boys across the street got more active, they needed me for babysitting less and less. Usually only occassionally for night time excursions they were taking. Somehow I got recommended to another lady...she had a 7 year old girl and a 4-month old boy. I had never taken care of a baby that young before....but I was up for the challenge...and I fell in love with their family. I ended up working for them for years. During the summers I worked for them on a daily basis...and I tried to work my school schedules around them. I loved baby sitting for them. I watched the little boy grow from a baby to a toddler to a young boy. There were a couple of occassions that I even spent babysitting over weekends and the such. I saw them through three different houses...and even when they moved miles and miles away I was still there to babysit...they would either come get more or I would drive out there. She ran a home business so sometimes I would work and the mom would be job was just to keep an eye on the baby...I loved that little boy. I often wonder what he looks like and what is going on in their lives. I know the girl hit junior high and turned into a terror for her parents...but I wonder if she worked through that??? I wonder what the little boy looks like now...would I recognize him...would he recognize me??? It was while working for them I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. Even though several people tried to talk me out of it (odd considering one of those people was my mother who herself worked at a school).

Of course, once I got my BA and entered the teaching credential program at the college I was attending, I decided within a week that I DID NOT want to be a teacher and I dropped out of the program...I still wonder what would have happened if I were to have become a teacher. It is a scary thought to me...that 20-30 children would be left in my hands to be shaped, molded and taught...I am so glad I am NOT a teacher.

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How I knew it was Monday

I hit the snooze button three times before rising this morning.

Instead of opening the back door for Roxy this morning I opened the garage door...she looked at me like I was insane..."you can't seriously want me to go potty in the garage" was the look she gave me. I didn't even realize what I had done until I was going to the bathroom and heard her whining at the door to be let out so she can do her business.

When I was getting dressed this morning I accidently punched myself in the nose (HARD!) trying to get my damn bra on.

I left 15 minutes early for work because of the fog and got here 20 minutes late.

My day is off to a swell start.

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