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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Bored Today

Am excruciatingly bored today. I just finished my book (DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY). Have been playing games on because I have nothing better to do.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
The Color of Money

The color of money apparently will no longer be green but green and melba...according to this article at cnn money. I kinda like the new $20.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Amy the uber-goober

Just found out that I am an extra uber goober. The goober of all goobers. Right here. Yours truly. What did I do to deserve such a prestigious title??? I had lunch today with my SNL. She came and picked me up. All was good and well. She dropped me off and carried on to her dentist appointment. I carried on at work and have been working my little heart out all day. Minutes ago I received a phone call from my brother...

Brother: "Hey Chicken Shit (lovely pet name he has for me, isn't it?), are you missing anything?"
ME: don't think so.
Brother: "Your keys are in my wife's car!"
ME: (various expletives) How am I gonna get home??
Brother: "We're on our way..."

Do you doubt my qualifications for ubergoober???

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Notes 'n Stuff

It is Tess's birthday today...stop by and wish her a good one.
bEnTgUy goes to the Valley of Fire...but there are no churros.
Matron goes to London to see David Blaine...she is bored but takes pictures just in case he dies.
Jay's become engaged. Go congratulate him.
Chad's letting a friendship go...but sometimes it's all for the better.
Learned the hard way that HairOff removal mittens are just fine sandpaper for your legs...and cause rashes. Good thing WalMart is cheap.

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Roxy killed my phone...and my morning omen

Last night I was talking on the phone. I have a wired phone (no cordless number for me). Anyway....Roxy somehow became entangled in the phone cord...freaked out and took off for her safe spot...(under the kitchen table) my phone is ok...but my phone jack and the splitter are all bad. No phone for me. Wah.
Is is a bad omen in the morning when you realize that you have just poured your bath gel on your head and you shampoo on you body pouf???

posted by Amy on 10/07/2003 04:42:00 PM | link

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Monday, October 06, 2003
Dupped by Little Debbie

Today I was dupped by Little Debbie!!! I wanted to go to the post office during my lunch but I ended up going to Target because the line at the post office was sooo long I would have spent my entire lunch there in line and no doubt endless frustration.

So I went to Target because I needed some things like shampoo and other important things that I get at I went there. And somehow I ended up in the snack foods isle. I was looking for my all time favorite: Gummy Worms...(they have to be worms not bears). But they seemed to be mysteriously missing. So I walked down the isle and I saw that there were these Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes...that looked like the Hostess ones (complete with white curly stripe o' frosting down the middle). Since Tess and I were talking about these the other day- I thought...yum. So I bought a pack. Oh...they were so not as good. She dupped me...with her perfect white curly frosting strip down the middle. Urg!

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Sunday, October 05, 2003
Survivor and ER.

I have been an avid Survivor fan since the very beginning and I can not remember a year where one team was so completely dominate over the other team. I mean Drake is just killing Morgan consistently. I love it :)...

I really do think that Morgan made a grave mistake in voting off Lil...she seemed to be one of the hardest workers on that team.

I guess I was the only one who was actually convinced that Dr. Kovac was dead. Hmmm....I was surprised.

posted by Amy on 10/05/2003 09:52:00 AM | link

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