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Friday, November 14, 2003
See what happens when I am bored stiff

I see an article like this one and think that Wil Wheaton has lifted some sort of ban on dancing.

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I hate days like today

I hate fridays when it is dead slow and I swear that I am the only one here...I hate that.

Why can't I go home early today...I NEED IT.

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I can't wait until Dec. 2nd

On December 2nd I can cancel my Compuserve account that I NEVER use (and I mean never).

I think that Compuserve is the root of all evil and I will NEVER ever recommend them to anyone.

I have been paying on this account for three years but can not use it because it crashed my mac everytime I try to use it. I have spent countless hours on the phone with their customer service...reinstalled the CS software several times, reimaged my mac twice...trying to get it to work.

So FYI...STAY AWAY FROM COMPUSERVE and any deals that may require you to sign up for an internet service fore three years to get a discount on a computer. It sooo isn't worth it.

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Thursday, November 13, 2003
Why I love where I work

It's all about the perks. One being I get a laptop (my iBook is work issued). My iBook monitor died the was a slow flickering painful death by the end of the day I could only have it open in one position (the fully open position) and be able to see the screen. When the technician looked at it today he said that he knew that the cost of fixing that problem (broken wire to the monitor) was usually a costly one. He then got the barcode and serial number of my iBook and left...I expected him to tell me that they would be boxing it up and sending it away to be fixed (we don't do in house laptop repairs) or worse yet...that we couldn't afford to repair it or reissue me a laptop (budget issues). I was sad...but prepared for the worst.

I prepared for this...including having a talk with my boss who said he might be able to get me a tibook as an indefinite "Loaner" or that there was an elderly G3 powerbook that was just laying around collecting dust...I could use that one. He then gave me an old firewire drive and I began to back up all my files...and delete my personal information.

15 minutes later TechnicianE came downstairs with an apple suitcase (the boxes the laptops come in). He says "Here...this is for you. I'll need the extras because I keep them for spare is brand new. It doesn't have a campus loadset on it- the box has only been cracked to have it inventoried. It is now yours. Let me know if you want me to clone the old one or if you want a campus loadset on it (I don't). I will need the old one back when you are done...and all the extras. You can keep the new ones if you want...but as long as I get the extras."

This is why I love working here!!!

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What does it say?

What does it say when the truck that advertises and delivers your favorite beverage (DIET COKE), cuts you off on the back to work from lunch?

Food for thought?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Is it just me...or is this dirty?

A workorder received minutes ago...this is the problem report:

Printer seems to need lubrication. Makes a loud screeching noise while printing.

Maybe the printer is just really enjoying what it's doing.

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Monday, November 10, 2003
Tell Me A Story: Heart of Rock and Roll

A round robin...without the coherent story. The previous entry is: Echoesofadream:Workin' For A Living

My love for music started as a very young father had an old acoustic guitar and I remember him sitting on the edge of my bed playing it to me as I sat there on the floor- fascinated. The only songs I remember him playing were "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "House Of The Rising Sun." For all I know they were the only songs he knew. My mom loved country and "mushroom" dad was country and rock and roll)

When I started third grade, I started it at a new school. The group of girls that I became friends with were very into New Wave Music and immersed me in it as well. I tended to listen to whatever was popular with my peers at the music and musicians were often a topic of discussions in playground banter.

When I hit junior high (1987) though I was thirteen...I was rebellious and friendless (many of my friends had either moved or where sent to the other junior high in town). I suddenly hated school (I went from the town's smallest elementary school to the towns largest junior high school) because I had trouble adjusting to the thought of seven teachers...and suffered from the constant fear of getting lost. The music that was on the radio was old and tired to me. Liking new wave wasn't cool any more. I didn't really care about being cool...but frankly new wave was all starting to sound the same to me...and it wasn't about anything I could really relate to.

I fell into a group of kids...they were mostly the outcasts...they all wore denim jackets decorated with buttons and passed around tapes during lunch. One boy...who's name I don't remember asked me if I wanted to borrow a tape. I said "sure." He handed me a Poison tape. I took it home that night and really liked what I heard. It was was was something my parents would hate...I loved it. It gave me identity. I fell full-on into the glam scene...Poison, Cinderella, Great White, Ratt, Danger Danger...I could go on and on. I then found that there was more to rock than glam and branched out into loving rock in general.

I still do to this day...although in my old age I find my tastes branching out further and further but the heart of my music's a heart of rock and it's still beating (to paraphrase Huey Lewis).

" If you ever get lonely you can just go to the record store and visit your friends." ---Penny Lane in Almost Famous

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Since When?

Since when does everyone get two days off for Veteran's day? sucks to be one of the chosen few who actually work on Veteran's day. It sucks.

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Sunday, November 09, 2003
The Voicemail

The fifth and final of at least three tidbits from my recent trip.

This trip contained several firsts for me...including my first trip to a smoke shop.

It is the day I am leaving. I have had my fair thee well breakfast...and been sarenaded. I have seen Utah. I have yelled at tow truck drivers. I saw gene simmons spit up blood and paul stanley buying sundries. I went to Mia Tyler's wedding. It was quite a trip. It is 11:15 am and I am about to pull away from my friends house in Vegas and go back home. I turn my cell phone on because it had been charging. Immediately it registers that I have a voicemail.

I call into my voicemail and this is what I hear.

My his deep I-am-a-manly-man-and-must-portray-this-as-I-leave-a-message voice:

Yes...Amy...if you get this before you leave there is a cigar (except he pronouces it seegar)shop on the strip that makes their own hand-made cigars (seegars). It is somewhere on the strip across from Circus Circus and by the Harley Davidson Store (did he mean cafe or the actual harley dealership) on that side of the strip. If you can find it would you stop buy and buy me $20 dollars worth of cigars (seegars). They are about $4.50-5.00 four would be good. Thank you.

SHIT! Should I go get him his seegars? Or should I pretend I didn't get the message. BFM walks out of her house to follow me out because she needed to go to the post office.

"Hey, do you want to go find this cigar shop so that I can find these cigars that my dad wants?"

"Sure. I didn't know your dad smoked."

"Well he hasn't since I was like 8...but then it was a pipe. I dunno. These are suppose to be special cigars."

So I drug the strip looking for this cigar shop. I actually found it...across from the to where Condomania use to be in the early 1990's. Don't ask me how I know this. Anyway...this little escapade cost me valuable hours on my trip coming home and I ended up not getting home to nearly 10:00. I was exhausted.

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