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Thursday, November 27, 2003


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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
My this-and-that entry.

Just some business that needs to be taken care of...
If you want to read my Thanksgiving post it is entitled "Longing for the adult table"
In case you didn't notice I posted my photo album from the utah trip. There are some great pictures here. You can also read about my trip of firsts here, and here, and here (and I am still angry about that one), and here, and finally here.
I still really need a new pop email account (reliable and free or dirt cheap)...suggestions welcome.
ETS had a horrific potty experience that I am sure we can all relate having done it ourselves.
Chad claims to have done some odd things to a blow-up cowboy...but we want pictures man!
Pete's best third quarter post is about guttersluts.
Cute Doggie picture here. Note: that is NOT roxy
And don't forget that Survivor is on tonight instead of Thursday and Angel isn't on at all this week.

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I love my blankie

Awhile back someone promised to make me a blanket for my birthday.

This someone asked me my favorite color and toiled and toiled and the other day I finally got the gorgeous results:

Thank you ETS...I love my blankie!!!!!
Even if Roxy is afraid of the blanket monster

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Longing for the Adult Table

I have been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving, since it is nearly here. I remember going to my grandparents (or sometimes we had it at our house). I can see it plain as day:

All the food is set up on the table...smelling delicious and yearning to be dug into. But there are only six chairs and there are 11 people. What do you do? It is impossible to squeeze the last five at the table because, frankly, do you want to get an elbow in in the ribs each time Cousin X cuts a piece of turkey? Not to mention that the 5 extras happen to be children.

This is a predicament in many households all over the United States, and has been for years. Somewhere along the line someone invented "the children's table". Usually located in the next room and stationed on a card table...the "children's table" was where all the children sat during Thanksgiving. I, too, was a victim of the children's table. I was usually one of the older children at the kids table...and would look longingly towards the doorway to the kitchen as the cousins and brother argued over what to watch on TV while we ate. They seemed perfectly happy to be sitting in the living room watching TV while stuffing their faces with turkey and mash potato casserole. Not me. I would try to listen in to the conversations at the "big" table...only to give up because I couldn't hear over whatever was on for the sudden and usually very gregarious bursts of laughter happening at "the big table." What were they laughing at? What adult humor could be so funny? Where they laughing at me...knowing that I was stuck at the kiddie table- when all I really wanted was to sit with the adults.

One year...I begged my mom to allow me to sit at the adult table. " could fit one more chair! I just don't want to sit in there with them." My mom answered that it would be completely unfair to everyone else if I got to sit with the adults. Right. I knew that the real reason was because she did want to have to curtail the discussions. I was sure of it.

Time went on and some of the cousins, for certain reasons, started not coming to Thanksgiving...they were with other relatives...or perhaps they were celebrating with families of so's or families. As this started happening...I knew it was only a matter of time before, I too, would finally get that coveted prize of being allowed to sit at the big table. I yearned for it...hoping against hope that this year would be the year. Then it happened. My one aunt...the childless one....went and had a baby. The baby was premature and was spoiled rotten. She was coddled. Well...first she was allowed to sit at the big table because she was a baby and needed to be with my aunt because she needed to be fed or whatever. But then...even as she got to the age where she should have been kicked the to curb forced to sit at the kids table....she was still sitting there at the adult table. When she was four...I had had just about enough of this favoritism. I asked my mom...what was up with that? It was my turn by god. I had seen my two older cousins get to sit there at the adult table...damnation...why does my little - much younger cousin get to sit at the adult table while I am still forced at the kids table? I asked my mom...and her answer was...that because my cousin was so much younger than all the other cousins, they were worried that she would feel uncomfortable out there.

Arg!!! How completely unfair!

This year Thanksgiving will be held at my brother and sister in laws apartment. She (my snl) begged my parents...she wanted to try her hand at it. So we will be gathering there....I wonder if they will make me sit at the children's table??

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Monday, November 24, 2003

I am in desperate need of a free or really really cheap (but preferrably free) Pop email account. Something that is very reliable. It doesn't need to be more than 10 megs... Any ideas anyone??? Leave them in the comments section or email me at


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This sucks

Blogger has been down and I have been trying to post.

I hate that.

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