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Saturday, December 06, 2003
Rain Rain

Rain away until I have to go to work on Monday because I hate driving in it.

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Friday, December 05, 2003

I am in a foul mood. Why? Let me count the ways:

It is the time of year (I hate the winter months).
It is the time of month.
It is the weather (raining...again).
It is the fact that I am sick of hearing someone complain about having to come to work on Jan 2nd and being the only one here..when I myself have worked many a skeleton shift...including Thanksgiving eve and Christmas Eve Five years running.
It is the fact that I hate the clothes that I am wearing today (and tried on four different tops and two different bottoms and just finally gave up and picked the last outfit...because I needed to leave like 15 minutes ago)
It is the fact that I am uncomfortable in my own skin today.
It is the fact that I hate driving in the rain.
It is the fact that I have been procrastinating...and can't seem to stop procrastinating.
It is the fact that I just got bawled out by some raving lunatic (but this is my job and sometimes I get bawled out by loons)
It is because I wanted to just stay home from work today and play with the dog.
It is because I miss my friend.
It is because I was running so late this morning that I didn't make it to starbucks for a white chocolate mocha...which I promised myself that I would get up early and get...but couldn't because of the clothing fiasco.
It is the fact that I am hungry.
It is the fact that I don't have any food with me...except for the tangerine that I just consumed.
It is because I just found out that vacation requests now have to be approved by boss of boss and not just boss. Our unit within the department is small and this never use to be an issue. This is going to make it an issue.

Ok...I guess I am done...for now anyway.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Why is it that there is surprise that Christa was voted off?

As much as I hate to admit it I think that Johnny Fairplay has it in the bag unfortunately.

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Tasteless but Humorous

Go to this item and scroll down and check out the customer recommendations

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Your be heebed or not to be heebed.

Let's say you are at work and you are in a little cube that is split in two and shared...and you have a little door way in the cube that separates your cube mate's area from well as allowing entrance into your little area. And that you usually have your back to the doorway because of the orientation of the cube to the computer station and phone. Now let's say you work in a "secure" building. Meaning that the doors are locked at all times and only people who work in the building or people who are meeting with people who work in the building are allowed in. Now let's say you are working away like you should be. You are on the phone with someone...helping them figure out why Microsoft Excel has lost their toolbars...or why they can not connect to the campus network via their cable modem...or what to do if the instructor station in their classroom doesn't have a mouse...and suddenly from behind you are grabbed and hugged. Realizations slowly come to you:

1. What the heck...someone is grabbing me...are we under attack?
2. No...I think this is a attack hug...but a hug all the same.
3. No...none of your coworkers have gone stark raving mad.
4. Ah...this person works for student government...and has an uncommon need (want...urge...whatever) to hang out in our building...
5. Ahhh I think he is harmless...

What do you think?

It creeped me out a bit to suddenly be grabbed from behind by this guy and hugged. Now he is a student (and a little guy at that) and back when we were an open building (my building has a lot of equipment in it and we lost funding to have a receptionist because of budget we are now secure) he use to come in and hang out in our work area (to the point of irritation to me) because (I think) it made him look and feel important (or so he thought). He was in our building because he had a meeting here...what do you think though??? Should I be heebed or not?

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Tech Support Dummies

I have been having an odd problem with one of my email accounts. So I emailed their tech support. I usually get very good support from them...but dear god...they must have some real dummies working their now:

My original email (note: each of my replies included the text of all previous messages in the reply):

To: Tech Support for Email
From: Me
Subject: weird email problem

Recently I have been experiencing a problem with my email. I send email fine. However, when I am at work (on a network at work) I have problems receiving my mail. I have three different email accounts and the other two work just is just my account through your service. I either get this message (accountname cannot connect to server) or I just don't get messages sent to me for really long periods of time (i.e. 45 minutes later up to 5 hours later). This only started within the last two weeks.

Also, is there a limit on the number of times per hour I can pop my mail from this account.

Thank you, Amy


To: Me
From: Tech Support for Email
Subject: Re: weird email problem (long string of gibberish numbers)

Thank you for contacting us.

We understand you have been experiencing difficulty retrieving your email. We also understand that you need to know if there is a limit to the amount of times you can pop your email per hour.

To address the first issue, we will need more information:

* What is the name and version of the email program you are using?
* Your email settings, i.e. incoming server, outgoing server, username
* A detailed description of the steps necessary to reproduce your problem.
* The FULL TEXT of any error messages you have received.
* Was anything recently installed on your computer?

As to the second issue, no, there is no limit to the amount of times you can pop your email. Once we receive the needed information, we will be able to diagnose the problem and provide a resolution for it.

TechSupport Operator

My reply:

To: Tech Support for Email
From: Me
Subject: Re(2): weird email problem (long string of gibberish numbers)

To answer your questions as requested:

I am using Mail for Mac OS X (10.2.8).

I have triple checked my incoming and outgoing mail incoming is Outgoing is (this is necessary for work...If I am at home I change this to

The problem happens usually when I am at work on our network...I experience an inordinate delay in getting my messages...I use my account a lot to mail my stuff back and forth for work...mostly to move it from one computer to another. I never had a problem doing this until recently...I use to get them nearly it takes anywhere from 15 minutes to five hours...usually more like 30-45 minutes...however my other pop accounts (I have two others...on for work and one that is NOT a work or serviceprovider account.

When I am just sitting here and Mail is trying to auto pop my mail I end up getting an error stating that it could not retrieve my mail...however I have another pop mail account through someone else and do not get any message for that account and seem to have no trouble.

Nothing has recently been installed on this computer. Nor have any changes been made to my network settings.

Thank you, Amy

Their Reply:

To: ME
From: Tech Support for Email
Subject: weird email problem (long string of gibberish numbers)

Thank you for contacting us.

We understand you have been experiencing difficulty sending and receiving email lately and that you have not encountered this issue before.

From what you've described to us, it sounds like there might be a problem with some interference on your phone line. We have included the steps you can take to perform a test on your telephone line and see if this is the case.

1. Double-Click on My Computer
2. Double-Click on Dialup Networking
3. Double-Click on Make new connection.Change the 'My Connection' on
the top to 'Line Test'.
4. Click Next.
5. Type in your local access number with serviceprovider.
6. Click Next.
7. Click Finish.
8. Right-Click on line test. Left-Click on properties.
9. Click on the configure button.
10. Click the Options tab on the top.
11. Put a checkmark next to 'Bring Up Terminal Window After Dialing'
12. Click the Connection tab on the top.
13. Click Advanced.
14. In the top left corner, you will see 'use error control'. If it is
currently checked, uncheck it.
15. Click OK three times.
16. Double-click line test, then click connect.
17. Once the modems are done handshaking, you will see a black window
come up.

Inside of this window, you will either see a lot of unusual
characters, or you will get a prompt that will tell you Login. 18.
If you see the Login prompt, type in your login information as

Login: Type in your full email address and hit Enter
Password: Type in your password very carefully (remember, it is
case sensitive) and hit Enter. While you are typing
in your password it will not show up as you type.

19. If you don't see any unusual characters, then the line is clean.
20. If, at any time, you see unusual characters, then there is a
problem with interference on your telephone lines, and that is
causing your problem. If this is the case, you need to contact your
telephone company to get these problems resolved.

Please Note: you should perform this test several times to make sure you get an accurate result. Line interference is an intermittent problem, and may not show up the first time you run the test.

You should be able to send and receive email normally after performing this test.

We value your business and we will do anything within our capability to address your issue. Please email us if you need further assistance.

TechSupport Operator

My response:

To: Tech Support for Email
From: Me
Re(3): weird email problem (gibberish)

These directions are not going to help me- for several reasons:

First of all I am on a Macintosh using OS X....and these directions are for a PC using Windows 98 or ME.

Secondly, I am NOT using dialup when this happens...I am using a LAN connection at my work.

Thirdly, I have a different pop mail account (not a serviceprovider account and not a work account) that does NOT experience this difficulty.

And Finally- I have no problem SENDING is RECEIVING mail where I experience a huge delay.


I am still waiting on the response...but I am not hopeful.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
An Omen

I think it is an omen when you start out with a bad morning...inclusive of dropping everything in the driveway that you were carrying in your hands amongst other things. Grr.

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Monday, December 01, 2003
Petsmart's The Root of all Evil

Well...I am back from petsmart...$70.00 lighter.


Here is what I bought:

1. Very pretty purple collar (with snowflakes) for Roxy. (needed a festive collar)
2. A new christmas id is a mickey mouse christmas ornament and on the other side is her id info...for her new holiday collar. (see above)
3. A beagle christmas ornament. (this is for me not the dog)
4. A bag of cat food ($8.00 - for one of my students...who asked me to get it when he found out where I was going for lunch...he paid for it though).
5. A new rope toy. (christmas present)
6. A cat burglar toy.(christmas present)
7. A pack of tennis balls (christmas present)
8. A reindeer/tennis ball toy. (christmas present)
9. A plain green collar for Kody because they didn't have any festive christmas ones in his size. (just needed a festive collar)


posted by Amy on 12/01/2003 04:31:00 PM | link

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Santa Paws is coming to town...

Guess where I am going for lunch...that's right...Petsmart. I have to do some christmas shopping for a certain little beagle we all know and I want to try to find her a holiday collar :)

We will see what I come back with.

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Sunday, November 30, 2003
Where Did my holiday go?

All I have to where the heck did my holiday go? I had so much planned to do during my four day weekend...and I didn't get ANY of it done. NONE. ZILCH.

On the upside I was able to talk BFM into an extra day in town. :)

posted by Amy on 11/30/2003 09:31:00 PM | link

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