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Saturday, December 20, 2003
Thank you for sticking up for a stranger!

Against my better judgment, yesterday I went to the Valley Fair Mall in San Jose. It was the last day that BFM was to be here....we had just left the movies and had a few hours to kill before dinner. We figured it was early enough on a work day that the mall wouldn't be crowded. We were wrong, but decided to stick it out anyway.

We circled the ample but full lot...finally finding a lady with twins exiting Macy's. We slowly followed her. She stopped at her car and began loading in packages...and then unbuckling her twin toddlers from their stroller and carefully buckling each one into their car seats. It was a one way I placed my blinker on and sat there waiting- patiently as she took care of business. Meanwhile an older man in a huge boat of a car behind me backed out of a spot and was behind me. He tried to fit in between me and the the cars parked in stalls on my right- but his car was too wide. So he proceeded to sit there and honk at me. Ok...whatever I thought. Then BFM says "He's getting out- lock the doors" but luckily my car alarm has this anti-car-jacking feature in that as soon as the car is put in drive all the doors lock. He knocks on the window and screams "Move over so I can get out!" Well- I know my car is about 20 years newer than his but I do not have the ability to move sideways without moving forward as well...and moving forward would make it impossible for the lady with the twins to get out of her spot. He then went back to his car and I inched over a bit- but didn't want to screw myself out of getting into my spot! So he got back out and came over again and screamed the same thing- after knocking on the window again but at this point- the lady with the twins was nearly done- in the process of buckling twin number two into the car seat having left only to collapse and stow the stroller. I just looked at him...Misty leans over and says "if you can just wait a couple minutes - she is nearly done!" The man outside my window- hit my window with his open hand so hard that the whole car shook!!! I mean I flinched because I was sure that the window was going to break. He then huffed back towards his car. I looked in my rear view mirror in time to see the man in the car behind the man who just assaulted my car get out of his vehicle and approach the man and start saying some choice words to him including "Get the fuck into you car and don't you get out!" I could have hugged that man!!!! To stand up to an obvious raving lunatic for two people you don't even know was very very nice of him. I wanted to thank him but by the time I pulled into the spot and got out he had already zoomed away. It was so nice of him to stand up for us though! So I am publicly thanking the man who stood up for us at the Valley Fair Mall.

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

I dunno...maybe it was the way that it was said...but when someone who thinks they are better than me because they have a doctorate can kiss my ass. From a conversation I had (or mostly just listened to because I couldn't get a word in edgewise) with someone who was upset because they couldn't save to their server account, which I explained that they were over said person was over their diskspace quota by nearly 100 megs (and this server is dangerously close to capacity as it is and is going to be replaced during winter break):

"You technology people are here to serve me....blah blah blah...not hinder academia...blah blah blah...I just lost three pages of my review on a student's finals presentation...blah blah blah...already deleted 200 megs...blah blah blah...someone needs to come here and fix this...blah blah blah...this is not acceptable...blah blah blah blah blah blah"

The part that pissed me off the most was the you are here to serve me thing. I am not there to serve you I am there to help you and there is a BIG difference. I do not have to bend over backwards to you- and comply to your every whim. I sit here...get paid a moderate salary that hasn't seen an increase in two years because of "budget restraints" and listen to people for a living. A lot of people are usually generally happy with my service...and pleased that I can help them. Help in assist them with their problems...

My solution was to transfer them to the sysadmin (I am only a subadmin). The sysadmin...much to my chagrin caved and doubled the ass-man's quota....thus perpetuating that squeaky wheel oil theory...(one that I loathe)...and the theory that if you have a doctorate and yell at someone you will get what you want...and thus you must deserve everything that you want.

Maybe I should get a doctorate so that I can get everything I want....I want to slap the stupid right out of people...and I was to severely punish the ones that are stupid and pompous.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003 - Tiger mauls 10-year-old boy to death - Dec. 16, 2003

Would you allow a relative, who happens to have a 400-lb bengal tiger as a pet, watch your child?


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No Way!

Places I am going to do my best to avoid until next year:

1. Any mall.
2. Any post office.
3. Walmart.

Today during my lunch I spent 40 minutes in line at the post office...and spent over $50.00 mailing stuff out. One item was a care package put together by a bunch of people I work with. I got $7.00 donated to cover shipping for a box that ended up being $22.65 to ship. Thanks.

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King of the Jungle: Kelly is Crowned King of the Jungle

This is a travesty. I really think that had the final challenge with the two tigers been in the jungle: Kelly would be dead...because there would be no Doc to save her...or no trained juvenile tigers. And she just kept repeating the same old information: conserve these tigers so our children can see them in the wild (only if they are wild animal experts...have any of you actually seen a tiger in the wild?). Nothing new, nothting interesting. Adam's speech interesting and packed full of useful information. He got close to the tigers without endangering himself or his camera crew.

Bottom Line: Shame on Nigel Marven for judging with his little head instead of his big head.

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Monday, December 15, 2003
Sandra wins Survivor

I have been rooting for Sandra since Rupert got voted out. I am so glad that she won Survivor and that John didn't. If John had won...I probably would have never watched the show again...and I definitely wouldn't be here watching the reunion that is for sure :)

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