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Friday, January 23, 2004
Friday Five

I found this over at JAY's who found it somewhere else....I was bored so I decided to play along.



That would depend on my mood. Right now it is "Your My Everything" by Slaughter. It changes by the minute really depends what cd is in my cd player in the car.


My dad's barbecued tri-tip...followed closely by my mom's teryaki chicken thighs and her spaghetti.

3. show?

Las Vegas. Also love Celebrity Mole (I think the mole is Angie Everhart), and Survivor- I am excited about the allstars edition that starts this Sunday right after the superbowl.

4. ...scent?


5. ...quote?

The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity.
Harlan Ellison

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
I love the paranoid people

AHHH...I just had a call from a customer convinced that there is a secret department on campus that monitors his internet connectivity (and his alone) and they have shut him off because his son is no longer a student but he is...and on and on...he seriously said to me: "There is a secret department on campus that is probably an offshoot of the law enforcement that is monitoring my internet connection...but don't worry...I don't think you know about this you? Most people don't but I do because I pay attention...they are funded through money received from [insert name of department of government]." Ah...welcome to monday (well welcome to the beginning of the work week...since it is technically tuesday).

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Monday, January 19, 2004
Excitement in Lettuceland

BFM arrived on Saturday for a quick weekend stay. Mostly it was to visit her Granny who was previously hospitalized...and her Mom who flew out 10 days ago when it happened. Good news is that her Granny is home and seems to be getting better. was nice to see her.

The day she came...was a busy one. New concrete was being poured for the new walkway my dad created so that he won't have to step in the mud to get to the new sprinklers he put in a couple months ago...Misty arrived and we had dinner and came home to catch up after she visited with her Granny.

We were visiting (her, myself and my sister-in-law). SIL goes to check on her hubby to see what he is up to then suddenly...and simultaneously there is a ton of sirens...a knock at the door and the phone is ringing. Phone is neighbor across the street (G). She is looking for her husband (R). At the door is husband (R). Down the street there are 6 cop cars, an ambulence and a fire truck. Not sure what is going on we are all standing on the porch. Dad and R go to check out what is going on...when suddenly G comes running out of her house towards our with her youngest son (6th grade) and her grandchild (probably about 6) stating that someone is trying to break into their the same time Dad and R and about 4 police officers go running...and tell everyone to get inside and on the we do...with the lights off. Poor kids are terrified...we are all in the house in various parts hiding ...not sure what the hell is going on. Then everyone is in the living room and all the cops go running down the street...and then later return with somebody in cuffs and march him over to the police cars...

What actually happened: The Highway Patrol were chasing someone who was not stopping...upon turning the corner he spun out and they encirlced them with their cars...they proceed to start ramming the one Highway patrol car...but in the process damage the car they were driving. They refuse to exit the vehicle so the police break out the window to forcibly remove which point they decide to flee. The cops and another neighbor apprehend the one. The other hops the fence into the backyard of the neighbor...which is what she heard to make her think someone was breaking in. Other suspect ran from backyard to backyard before being aprehended by the police. Still not sure what they did or anything...but that was excitement for the weekend. The last time BFM was here we were attacked at the mall in San Jose...she says she might have to stop coming for visits...(she is kidding...I think).

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