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Friday, February 20, 2004
On The Rocks

Ohhhh...I so want this:Demeter's Sex On The Beach Collection. It smells so good. Trust me. Oooh...and I want this too. Thank goodness there isn't a Sephora around here. I could go very broke very fast.

Speaking of smelling good. Does any one know of some Mint-Scented Body Wash? I am looking for some.

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Notes and Stuff

Pete's gone to New Orleans...and again he has given me guest posting privies (go me)...for the weekend. So...look there...I am sure I will have some things to say.
I'm 67% Dixie (a definite southern score)! What are you? Odd...since I have lived in California my whole life.
I have a new blog that I love to read. Chris: RUDE CACTUS. He has been added to the reads list on the right. Stop by and say hi.
Craft Alert: I have started making another baby blanket (number three). This one is going to look just like the last one...but I am going to enter it in the county fair. Also have started my paint by numbers is harder than anticipated...but going well none the less...and BFM just sent me one because "I like to do them".
Just for the record it is wrong to eat a salad and get an ice headache because it is frozen. Damn work refrigerator.

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the friday five

"When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor? About a year ago.

2. ...went to the dentist? About two years ago

3. ...filled your gas tank? This morning.

4. enough sleep? Last Night.

5. ...backed up your computer? " About a week ago

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A Very Belated THANK YOU

Arrooo these bones are yummy!

Roxy enjoys some nummy treats sent to her by ETS. Now whenever there is a package in the mail it receives the full sniff make sure there is nothing in it for her.

PS...this was not taken with my new dad took this with his ancient Macvia back in December. See...I told you the THANK YOU was belated.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004
And Me Without My Freaking Digital Camera!

Urg!!! Why does something cool always happen to me when I do not have my digital camera. Since I bought my new one I have been guarding it safely at my home until I could get the accessory pack that came with the case. Well, during my lunch I ran over to EVIL CIRCIUT CITY and picked my accessory kit up. I then went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff...and then drove back. Now...I could go HWY 1 back to work. It is quicker. But I had some time to kill so I went my new and often preferred way of going...through the remenants of what use to be Fort Ord. The area I am going through consists of three things: 1. A brand new housing development of homes costing $750.000 and up...2. some military housing that consists of duplexes being used by Coast Guard families and DLI families...and 3. Abandoned Military housing. And when I say abandoned I mean...really really abandoned and broken down.

Anyway...I am driving through the housing that is being used...almost to the part where the housing is NOT being used...and there is a whole gangle (?) of wild least 20 -25 of them....just taking over this persons front yard, eating something. Now...seeing wild turkeys isn't uncommon. There is a little family of three that feeds under the tree right next to the building I work in...but I have NEVER seen so many together. Three of the big males where standing in the road...directing traffic I guess. Man...if I had only had my camera. Trust me it was a sight!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Currently Reading

I took down my currently reading section eons ago...because I could never keep it updated.

But I have to tell you about this book I am reading right now. It is called Carved In Rock (edited by Greg Kihn). It is a collection of short stories written by musicians. I have only read the first four stories so far...but it is great. I read a story about mental hospitals (by Kinky Friedman), a story about the Beatles (by Larry Kirwan), one about a recovering addict who helps fellow addict overcome suspicions he is under a voodoo spell placed on him by his mother-in-law (by Jim Carroll), and one by Joan Jett and Greg Kihn about a lead singer's run in with vampires. Excellent stuff so far, I am greatly looking forward to reading more.

I just wish I had bought the book at amazon where it is $7.00 instead of paying $15.95 at Borders...oh was my christmas present from my Uncle who gave me the Borders gift card in the first place.

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Ewww...WASH YOUR HANDS for Crimeny Sakes!

I am a hand washer...much to the chagrin of my poor hands which have been deprived of any moisture by the weather and an short bout with evil SOFTSOAP.

Imagine my pure disgust with the situation that just presented itself here at work. I went to the restroom. I did my business. During the time when I was doing my business (ok- I wasn't really conducting business...I was peeing) someone came rushing into the bathroom and proceeded to do the same. I come out and begin to wash my hands. Meanwhile, a lady not known to me (must be meeting with someone in the building since we are "secure" meaning the average joe or jane can't just walk in)...comes out of her stall...and rushes out the door. No hand washing (and she can't even use me the excessive hand washer as an excuse...there are two sinks and both work). Ummm GROSS.

I was then confronted with how to get out of the restroom without touching the handle with my newly pristine hands. I ended up taking a paper towel and opening the door with that and throwing it out in the trash outside. I considered staying in the bathroom until someone else came in...but it would have been awhile...there aren't that many women in the building....and judging by other bathroom encounters they wash their hands.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I still think Angie Everhart is the Mole.

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A New Worm: Beagle Worm

This Beagle Worm -(W32.Beagle.A@mm) gives beagles a bad I present to you...a (mostly) good beagle (who won't spam you or give you a computer worm):

This is just a random picture of Roxy from her photo soon as I figure out how to work my new camera...I will chase that beagle down and snap some new shots of her

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Free Giant Shrimp For Everyone!

This is the best news I have heard to date about the Mars Rover. Come on Spirit...get your wheels over to "Bonneville" and prove that Mars had water on it...NOW!!!

posted by Amy on 2/17/2004 06:42:00 PM | link

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God Bless The Capitalist Pigs

We have all heard that Starbucks is the root of all evil. I am talking about evil in the way that Borders is evil...because they are the big evil "chain" store that puts all the cute but out the ass indepentant coffeeshops and bookstores out of business.

Well, guess what? I love both Starbuck and Borders. And if shopping in Walmart weren't like visiting a third world country...I would like it to. I am sorry if your Aunt Ida's bookstore was forced out of business by Borders, or that your friend Connie's corner coffee shop went out of business because a Starbucks popped up in town...chances are I never went to Aunt Ida's store because I do my book shopping at the big evil Amazon...and I like Starbucks because I like my coffee so sweet you wouldn't recognize it as coffee. And so what if they are all the same. They aren't really. The Starbucks in Del Ray Oaks makes the best damn White Chocolate Mocha to have ever passed my lips. When I tried one at the corner shop by my house I threw it out because not only did it cost more but it tasted bad. The Starbucks in Capitola makes the best mocha frap...I don't even have to ask for extra mocha....because it is that good.

So...I am not politically correct about my coffee choices...sue me. I am still a good person on the inside...right there next to the white chocolate mocha I just chugged.

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Monday, February 16, 2004
Dale Earnhardt Jr Wins Daytona 500...Presidential Candidate Kerry proves himself an ignorant ass

If you follow my blog at all you know that I do not discuss politics very often. Well...tonight as I am sitting her listening to the six o'clock news on ABC- I heard something that proved to me that Democratic Candidate Kerry is an ignorant ass.

Sunday was the Daytona 500. Also known as the greatest American race. I have been a fan of auto-racing since I was very young. Mostly it was something that strengthened my bond with my father. I was a bit of a tomboy...fascinated by cars and long as I didn't have to gut them (and yes...I would bait my own hook). Every Sunday during race season we would watch the race...sometimes..if he had another yard work that wouldn't wait or something...I would keep him updated periodically with the many laps to go, who is in the lead, wrecks or mishaps, etc. This sunday I watched Dale Earnhardt Jr. pull into the lead and then win his first Daytona 500 (in five attempts) six years to the day his late father won his only Daytona 500.

What, you may be asking yourself...does this have to do with Kerry proving himself an ignorant ass? At the beginning of the race, President Bush came out and said "Gentleman Start Your Engines." The news quoted Kerry as saying "We don't need a president who just says, `Gentlemen start your engines,'" Kerry said. "We need a president who says, `America, let's start our economy and put people back to work.'" (source ABCNEWS.COM).

This proves that Kerry is an ignorant ass. President Bush wasn't there for a debate. He was there for a sporting activity. Presidents have thrown out the first ball in world series and done other such activities (my knowledge of sports is very limited unfortunately). However, it doesn't end up being a place where they can extoll on their political positions. They are there as a celebrity fan...not as a political figure. Their celebrity happens to come from the fact that they are political figures. It would be very uncool and poorly disregarded to be invited to a sporting event and give a political speech or statement before doing what you were invited to do in the first place. I really really hope that Kerry is not our President in 2005. If he is- you can be sure I won't be attending any sporting events.

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Roxy is a very bad girl

We have all been working hard with keep her from bolting out of an open door. We were starting to trust her. We could open the front door and tell her to stay and she would. It would be hard for her...and she would wiggle around. But she would do it. Because of this, and the fact that she listens to my dad and not to dad granted her..."roundabout time" and "paper time" in which Roxy and he would (sans leash) go and either get the morning paper or run a lap around the front yard. She loved it. When it was time to get the paper she would run to the paper and wait for him. If it was roundabout time she would try to sneak in a second lap while my dad was finishing his first.

Needless to say, after last night, all roundabout and paper time privies have been revoked. When the garbage was being put out...Roxy snuck out of the kitchen into the garage and instead of just staying in the garage like usual- she ran off. It took me fifteen-twenty minutes to find her. She is amazingly hard to see in the dark...and the only way I found her is that she was snorting. I found her across the street and down a few houses in a flower bed. I told her to go home. She ran towards me. I tried to grab she fled. I yelled "You get inside" and she bolted for the house, right into the house and under the dining room table. This is where she hides when she knows she has done something bad. She spent the remainder of the evening locked in the kitchen...until bed time. Bad Roxy. Bad.

posted by Amy on 2/16/2004 05:47:00 PM | link

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