Cast of Characters

This is a list of characters...incase you are new to the site...people whom I may refer to.

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ROXY- my beagle, the most gorgeous dog out there! She is also known as: Beagle, BEAG, Monkey, Monk, and Roxy-you-little-shit. (and will answer to all these as well as KILLER as she is called by my neighbor). Her full registered name is Roxy Carmichael Quicksilver.

BFM - My best friend-recently relocated to Las Vegas, we have known each other since junior high and are still best friends.

somecheese- Tess, aka Echoesofadream with whom I knew as penpal in her preblogger days...Tess rocks!!!! And has endless inspiration for me...has also been referred to as CheeseCake.

Slaughter- AKA...ok they have no other name but here's a link to their website...the band I have loved for forever...even though they haven't done anything in three years...except this short RNS tour.

CUBEMATE - coworker with whom I share a large cubicle like desk area...we are the same classification but she has worked here longer than I.

SNL - Sister In Law

Brother - Self explanatory

Boss - my direct supervisor

Boss of boss - my direct supervisor's boss

Don't see it??? Just ask :)


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